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DPJ Backs Manga Ban


The Democratic Party of Japan is reporting that its legislators in the Tokyo metropolitan assembly have agreed to support the looming ban on the sale of unhealthy anime, manga and games.

Masaki Ito, a DPJ Tokyo assemblyman, reports all the cliques in his party are in agreement that will support the Tokyo government’s efforts to restrict the sale of manga, anime and games featuring fictional sex crimes:

We will support it, with the addition of a supplementary resolution […] which requests the prudent application of the law.

Naturally, there is no objective standard for what is “prudent application” of a restriction on the sale of “harmful literature,” and no legal process or independent assessment of what should be banned.

Doubtless governor Ishihara would now be delighted to see the pesky manga industry disappear completely; indeed, it could only help sales of his own rape novels, which are exempted from any sort of restriction, along with films – so conspicuous an exemption that many cannot help but conclude the law is aimed solely at persecuting the anime, manga and game industries.

The whole fiasco also exposes some rather alarming deficiencies in the publishing industry; in most democratic countries a coalition of publishers would have little trouble protecting their interests from the marauding populism of a single local politician backed only by a zealous PTA, but Japan’s major publishers seem to have failed to secure the support of a single major party even at a local level in the national centre of the industry.

Ito goes on to politely explain how much public opposition to the bill his party has received, and how he will be ignoring it all completely:

We’ve received lots of mail about this. I haven’t had a chance to read it all, but I’ve seen much of it. Maybe we haven’t fully addressed your concerns, but I am grateful you have displayed such passion towards the Tokyo metropolitan government.

It would appear the Democrats will support the ban despite unanimous opposition from mangaka and publishers, a petition with 150,000 signatures opposing the law and what appears to be overwhelmingly negative public opinion – Japanese democracy at its finest.

Due to the self serving nature of politicians, the shady backroom nature of Japanese politics, and the complete lack of reliability in mass media reporting in Japan, it is difficult to say whether this member’s public statements will reflect how matters play out – previously parts of the DPJ were said to be vehemently opposed to the bill – but it certainly does not sound promising.

The actual vote is due on the 15th of December, and efforts to dissuade politicians from supporting the ban continue – vainly, it seems.

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  • every one needs to stand up and fight im sending a Letter of complaint and email to the DPJ and find others to to the same if any one does check there website for there address and email if the ban passes its pretty much the and for anime and manga as 80% of it has at least 1 type of crime in it so every one must chip in to try to stop it and dont say wait and see what happens first because if it does pass it will be harder to get rid of the ban.

  • they’re gonna kill japan and its people if this is passed “Anime” is one of their “Highest Export” but since its “Politics” we can’t do much about it. If there was a terrorist organization that would get rid of any “Stupid” Politcian. On that note the “First Lady” spent so many money just to travel see how fucked up the U.S. as become, it’s like the recently elected politicians are trying to fuck up their own country not like its already been fucked up for the past few years.

  • The general affairs committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly will vote on the government’s revised bill to amend the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance on Monday. Bill 156 when then go before the full assembly for a vote on Wednesday.

    The current ordinance already prevents the sale and renting of “harmful publications” — materials that are “sexually stimulating, encourages cruelty, and/or may compel suicide or criminal behavior” to people under the age of 18. Bill 156 would require the industry to also regulate “manga, anime, and other images (except for real-life photography)” that “unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate” certain sexual or pseudo sexual acts. Another section of the revised bill would allow the government to directly regulate the above images if the depicted acts are also “considered to be excessively disrupting of social order” such as rape.

    The assembly already rejected an earlier version of the bill in June. As a result of Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara and his government’s support of the revised bill, 10 manga publishers announced on Friday that they will boycott next year’s Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF). The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is part of TAF’s executive committee, and Ishihara also serves as the chairperson of that committee.

    The Nico Nico Douga website will stream a live panel on the ordinance amendment bill on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in Tokyo (midnight EST). The scheduled panelists will include:

    Manga Ronsoh journalist Takashi Hiruma (panel moderator)
    Assembly legislator Yoshifu Arita (Democratic Party of Japan)
    Assembly legislator Katsuhiko Asano (DPJ)
    Manga/anime creator Yoshitoh Asari (Space Family Carlvinson, Evangelion co-designer)
    Erotic novelist Aya Kaida
    Translator Dan Kanemitsu (Black Lagoon, Love Hina, Patlabor movies)
    Freelance writer Yoshiyuki Nagaoka

  • I believe that major comic book artists, such as Rumiko Takahashi (creator of Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, etc.) have pointed out the ambiguity of such bills and the limitations such things put on freedom of expression.
    The statements have been so vague in the past that it could be applied to paintings of a spring day.
    Japanese comics have always dealt with difficult and mature issues and it is a kind of social commentary and art expression.
    That every major publishing company is boycotting the issue should be a sign that the bill is not in the best interests of the economy nor freedom of expression.

    Maybe they should start looking at the porno magazines with underage girls in them first? Just a thought.

  • I guess Politician Lobbied the DPJ. If not, How would the PARTY of people just agree the back up one politician’s arguement while they protest the whole government? something smells…

    well I hope they can find out what that is, and I hope they wouldn’t ban the industry.

    People, understand that if this is banned, anime, Manga & games are as good as bankrupt. it won’t be instant though

  • politicians are always and continue to be complete dumbasses, no matter the era. Also, it shows democracy is a fraud.

    It’s like saying, “Vote and support to destroy your national economy and GDP”. The anime and manga industry also helps the PC game and video game industries, which means less games as well.

    btw, did anyone write Ishihara a deathnote yet…lol…

  • The ironic thing is, this won’t ban the hard core lolicon manga.

    It’s supposedly aimed at anything kids could buy, so ‘adults only’ titles aren’t affected (yet). Of course, this is also worded so broadly that it basically leaves it up to some small group of narrow minded bigots to censor anything they don’t like.

    So basically older teens are being treated the same as 7 year olds and a good chunk of the anime/mange industry will die or have to start publishing hard core loicon to survive.

    Great move Tokyo.

  • why no loli love?

    as long as there’s an age rating what more can you possibly do? instead on focusing on these things they should focus on other problems. um you know the shitty justice system, economy problems, decline of birth rates or so.

    Due to the ban of sufficient materials that have satiated our lusts for more than 20 years have now been banned, I proposed to have all of us get out of our closets and rape any child of any member of DPJ, whether they be their daughter or grand-daughter. This is so that they may know that anime and manga serves as a fallout for our “incurable afflictions”. Also any anime and manga fan will do not to vote DPJ anymore during the next elections.

    Thank You and may God forgive us…
    Sincerely Yours… djmaca

    P.S. Priority targets are any female in Shintaro Ishihara’s and Masaki Ito’s family. Destroy them!

    • PPS…
      From Facebook:

      “The Democratic Party claim themselves to be revolutionary in that they are against the status quo and the current governing establishment. The Democratic Party argue that the bureaucracy of the Japanese government size is too large, inefficient, and saturated with cronies and that the Japanese state is too conservative and stiff. The Democratic Party wants to “overthrow the ancient régime locked in old thinking and vested interests, solve the problems at hand, and create a new, flexible, affluent society which values people’s individuality and vitality.”

      Read the last sentence? They said LDP’s regime is “inefficient”, “too conservative” and “saturated with cronies”…. My GOD! I want to go to Japan and hunt for Ishihara!

  • Self-destruction seems to be rapidly becoming a hallmark of Japanese politicians and politics nowadays. I’ve never seen another country where the Prime Ministers can’t keep their positions for more than a year, and now this.

    By the way, I wonder if this nonsense would even happen if Taro Aso was still in charge. 😛

  • Since neither the Government or the Media can be trusted in securing the ideals of the populace. The only option I see is for some rich bastard or anime publishing CEO to run for Governor himself and also start a public news channel. If the anime industry wants to survive in the next decade they’ll need to band together and create this sort of solution.

  • It’s sad to see my fellow otakus and hikikomoris are not doing anything for their love of all things anime and manga.

    Call for a petition. Go in a protest. KILL A POLITICIAN’S FAMILY , ANYTHING!. Spineless cowards you are , you’re still supposed to put up a fight. COME ON!!!!! KAMIKAZEE YOUR WAY IN THE DIET BUILDING!!!!!!

  • Apparently, despite companies like Kodansha and Shueisha having a crapload of money, they failed to buy a few politicians for emergency purposes.
    Idiots. It’s hard to believe they’re Japanese corporations.

  • Here’s an abridged series of quotes from a “Wired” article:

    “The free access which many young people have to romances, novels, and plays has poisoned the mind and corrupted the morals of many a promising youth; and prevented others from improving their minds in useful knowledge. – Reverend Enos Hitchcock, Memoirs of the Bloomsgrove Family, 1790

    The Waltz
    “The indecent foreign dance called the Waltz was introduced … at the English Court on Friday last . […] So long as this obscene display was confined to prostitutes and adulteresses, we did not think it deserving of notice; but now that it is … forced on the respectable classes of society by the evil example of their superiors, we feel it a duty to warn every parent against exposing his daughter to so fatal a contagion.” – The Times of London, 1816

    “This new form of entertainment has gone far to blast maidenhood … Depraved adults with candies and pennies beguile children with the inevitable result. The Society has prosecuted many for leading girls astray through these picture shows, but GOD alone knows how many are leading dissolute lives begun at the ‘moving pictures.'” – The Annual Report of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1909

    The Telephone
    “Does the telephone make men more active or more lazy? Does [it] break up home life and the old practice of visiting friends?” – Survey conducted by the Knights of Columbus Adult Education Committee, San Francisco Bay Area, 1926

    Comic Books
    “Comic books and life are connected. A bank robbery is easily translated into the rifling of a candy store. Delinquencies formerly restricted to adults are increasingly committed by young people and children … All child drug addicts, and all children drawn into the narcotics traffic as messengers, with whom we have had contact, were inveterate comic-book readers.” – Fredric Wertham, Seduction of the Innocent, 1954

    Rock and Roll
    “The effect of rock and roll on young people, is to turn them into devil worshippers; to stimulate self-expression through sex; to provoke lawlessness; impair nervous stability and destroy the sanctity of marriage. It is an evil influence on the youth of our country.” – Minister Albert Carter, 1956

    Video Games
    “The disturbing material in Grand Theft Auto and other games like it is stealing the innocence of our children and it’s making the difficult job of being a parent even harder … I believe that the ability of our children to access pornographic and outrageously violent material on video games rated for adults is spiraling out of control.” – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2005

    Trust me, politicians and experts have been trying to pin the corruption and downfall of society and youth on various things and pissing in your metaphorical cornflakes for much longer than you think.

    There are three constants in the world:

    1. The establishment never learns

    2. Each generation views themselves as the paragons of virtue, morality, and ethics.

    3. History vindicates liberals and makes fools of all conservatives and fundamentalists.

  • There should be lots of people around here with contacts in Japan. Maybe it would be a good idea to rally those people into resistance. I’m just saying. Ultimately it’s the Japanese who decide the outcome of this.

  • Why are people surprised by what they see that airs during midnight? If you’re offended by late-night Anime, then don’t watch it. Increased fan-service shows means there are demands for it, whether you like it or not.

    Hell, why are people offended by anything that’s not real? Why do people fear writings and illustrations? If you can’t tell the difference between 2D and real life, then you needs serious mental help.

    In which case, all the politicians in Japan needs a mental health check.

  • Normally I’d be happy that corporations or special interest groups aren’t able to lobby their way around government. This case is ridiculous though. It’s ridiculous how companies are the ones defending against thought crime. Where are the people? The government probably thinks they can get away with it precisely because there haven’t been any protests. Signing a petition is just above complaining on the internet along the activism scale.

    • Or a missile strike, depending if they pissed off some Russian hacker otaku… I say one on Ihihara’s sons, preferably the elder or the youngest one, will be enough for him to “keep with the flow”….

  • 2chan goers should form a large scale protest. 10s of thousands quitting their job, and parading naked through the streets would certainly bring attention to the cause. Perhaps said companies losing their employees would be able to influence the politicians.

  • I’m just hoping they revoke the ban if it’s ever passed when they realize that without hentai, their economy will collapse. Or maybe they’ll revoke the ban when they see the public’s angry reaction towards it.

  • I fail to see the logic in blaming a whole country for the actions of a few politicians, by that logic all Americans are idiots because of Bush, in the article itself it’s stated the public is against this, though the article seems to want hide that among it’s vague words.

    And you all really need to stop playing chair-economics, really? A whole country will collapse because they can’t sell ONE item, because there is nothing else to buy in Japan? There ARE other forms of entertainment available to them and many other necessities that have to be paid for that go ahead of entertainment, maybe if any of you had to buy those things you’d realize that games and anime are not the most important shit in the world.

    Not only that the articles themselves contradict each other, “All these new shows suck! They’re nothing but sex!” and then “No you suck for taking away the sex and fanservice!”, make up your damn minds, One show has sex and it sucks but Panty & Stocking have sex coming out the wazoo and everyone loves it, one minute you have love and the next minute you hate it with a burning fury, if you have such little faith that you believe this bill will actually pass then you might as well kill yourself because of all those “Death Panels” popping up over the US and the “Socialist” systems being passed by the Obama administration, don’t believe everything you hear people.

  • That might end up being good for everyone, except the publishers, once it’s no longer possible to publish the content on Japan they might as well move to digital distribution with a overseas hosted site.

  • I like when morons on 2ch complain that people overseas are grabbing scanlated manga and are trying to fight the “good fight” against foreigners from obtaining Manga. When they have issues at home that prevents them from obtaining Manga in their own backyard. They should be fighting to keep Manga around! Thats one thing we should all agree on.

  • Banning production does not make demand disappear overnight. If the jap govt is heavy handed on its censorship, true artists will be forced to distribute their work over the internet. And the old industry will move online.

  • the day when schoolgirls and uniforms are banned in Tokyo is the day when the internet will weep.

    I find it hard to believe that a ban on loli material has failed but total ban on ero anime, manga and games might pass? what the fuck man?

    if this keeps up japan will end up like America and it’s puritanical political climate.

  • Pathetic.

    Freedom dies on the 15th, I guess.

    I only hope that whatever appeal process Japan has will declare this law unconstitutional (which it seems it is based on what I know of the Japanese constitution).

  • While the Porns are ok, Manga and Animes are Unhealthy? It is quite Stupid. I really Daresay Japanese brains are getting smaller and smaller each day. Laws and regulation, People would be delighted if they don’t Ban the whole thing but set a Limit.
    Where do the Manga and Anime industry makes it unhealthy? Murders? Rapes? I bet it, if you check their whole mentals, they are mentally abnormal.

    “2d and 3d is different!” they didn’t say it for show off..

  • So the Democratic Party of Japan is just the same as the Democratic party in the United States, a bunch of spineless cowards that let the minority tell the majority what they can and can’t do.

  • This turn of events is extremely displeasing, but not overwhelmingly unexpected. There is no telling how much money some loons will spill to see their own moralities pushed onto others, violating the recipients of said morality in the process due to their odd(and grotesque) thoughts of entitlement.

    At some point I’m waiting for some groups/companies/studios to migrate to less oppressive creative production areas in the world.(Or some quality anime outfits get started in other parts of the world.)

    • This is just about Tokyo, not the entirety of Japan. Even if they ban sales in Tokyo one can still order it from outside of Tokyo. And I’m pretty sure that the industry will move their ‘questionable’ activities outside of Tokyo if the law restricts them too much.
      Of course it will hurt of 25% of the population will have restricted access to their products, but the industry wouldn’t go belly-up because a part of their portfolio is restricted in a part of the country.

  • People don’t realize that the people backing this shit also comprise the backbone of the junior idol industry, which exploits *real children*.

    It’s the classic red herring: “Threaten something empirically harmless with shit that’ll never be enforced in a sane society and pretend like we’re giving a shit while doing something more horrifying!”

  • Take that example to know the absurd of this law:

    If Law and Order: Special Victims Units were midnight ANIME, It would be banned.
    But LaO:SVU is not a anime, cartoon, comic, manga or game. So this wouldn’t be banned.

    • Animated series are for kids, even in Japan. At least when you go by the opinion of the majority of its population.

      And that is part of the issue, if it’s animated it’s generally seen as made for people who are not yet adults (physically or mentally, heh…). And therefore you see widespread support for the bill as the politicians want to cater to the largest groups of voters (middle aged working class with family and retired people) – who are coincidentally not interested in anime, manga or games that feature explicit scenes featuring, possibly under-age characters. And those people don’t want their kids or grandkids to have access to such things either.

      The mainstay for most publishers will not be affected anyway, as the big shounen shows are not usually featuring any ecchi scenes.

      • “Animated series are for kids, even in Japan.”

        And you’re a tard. Guess Gundam and Evangelion are “for kids” too right? You’re confusing the Japanese Anime market with the American cartoon market. a large deal of anime is broadcast late at night, so yea, it’s “made for kids” when it airs at 2 AM.


      I hate international conspiracies too. What’s with America’s Tesla experiments during the Iraqi War, China bribing Japanese Politicians and the disarming of East Asian Countries to render them defenseless!

  • That’s it, lolis were getting less and less each year, with this we’re absolutely, positively, perfectly sure won’t get any more lolis, especially those who aren’t “18 years, but looks like one”.
    Hell, I think my reason to live is just about to come to an end. Good bye, world. An unnamed lolicon wrote his last words here.

  • One has to remember that this would only affect the Tokyo Metropolis, which is only one prefecture of Japan. If it does pass, it would spell the end of Akihabara as we know it. However, the Anime Industry will still continue by moving operations in neighboring prefectures or other cities in Japan. Indeed, it would be a black void being the biggest city in Japan bard from showing any type of anime on TV, Movies, or print; but it would cause a boom in other services including Internet streaming video to fill those voids (or basically more Piracy).

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  • What’s more, I can’t forgive Ishihara easily because he used his powers to destroy anime, manga and games just to draw people’s attention to buy his idiotic, stupid novels.

    I dare him to ban all entertainment around the world, and let’s see if he’s ready to live without it!

  • What an idiot. I’m pretty sure these politicians are gonna regret this.

    I mean, banning anime, manga and games just because of a stupid crime? These guys are really one-sided: ban anime, manga and games, but television and movies not?! That’s discrimination!

    I dare them to ban every entertainment of the world, and let’s see if they can live without it!

  • I’m not very surprised by this. Even if the ban is still rejected, those pushing for it will simply try over and over again. One doesn’t need to be a genious in statistics to realize how that’s going to end eventually.

  • Don’t DJP watch the news? Ban Hentai and you will get the riots that England and Europe is having since unemployment will skyrocket with all people having anything to do with Hentai is let go. Shit this is just like Library Wars…without people dying yet

    • Just so you know… most Japanese look on hentai as something bad. It’s a minority that actually likes it, and thus, you won’t be getting any significant opposition to a ban on hentai. A few crazed otaku in the streets won’t get anything done. They’ll probably get themselves arrested instead.

      A ban on anime and manga in general, however, could get the general public riled up. Many Japanese are at least casual consumers of those, which could cause serious backlash against the politicians supporting the ban.

      In the end, it’s hard to say where this’ll go, though I’m betting it’ll fail. Again.

  • I still don’t get it. If it’s a manga, it’s “harmful literature.” If it’s a novel or a movie, then it’s ok? What the heck?! >:C

    Moreover, doesn’t “democratic” mean that you’re against censorship and other stuff that affect freedom of expression?

    • Something like this, is frankly all that’s needed to help put a stop to it.

      It would be a rather big scandal if Governor Ishihara were to be caught engaging in Enjo-kōsai with say a schoolgirl attending Middle School.

      And that this were to be reported by a concerned father, who has found e-mail correspondence by his little Princess and the Old Goat, both to the cops and to the press, especially those members of the press sympathetic to the other party.

      After all, she’s an innocent girl and cannot be charged for prostitution, the Johns, even if a Governor on the other hand…

      “Bye Bye Ishihara-guy.
      Drove my Honda to the levee,
      but the levee was dry
      And that good old boy was drinkin’ sake till the bottle was dry
      Singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
      “this’ll be the day that I die.”

  • Manga and Anime are starting to be recognized all around world and the Japanese’s politicians have to mess it up?

    What will happen next? Protests against the Japanese government all around the world in other to save the manga and the anime as we know and love today…

    Am I on a different dimension?

    • About the last 1,5 years it became way easier to buy some interesting mangas in Germany in the bookshops (not just Bleach Soul Eater, Naruto, Fairy Tale, One Piece) but Anime is not that popular though, at least a bit harder to get if not ordered from Amazon or the like.
      But the overall majority in access and variety increased quite good. Even if it is just a minority subculture.

      And i too, do want to buy anime dvds from durarara, Bakemonogatari, Shiki in the next time and some other animes too, but i dont know if they have subs (but i think so) and how and where i can order them online. and the biggest factor, how much more will it cost to get it shipped here ._.

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    Even though 80% of anime is annoying BS right now, this law can only harm the soul of the media. The exposition that manga and anime have had in these last years, reveal the artistic freedom they had since the 60’s.

  • Are these politicians so blinded by their passion that they cannot rationally think things out? These politicians probably could not acheive the goals they wanted with more important issues so as a scape goat, they target fiction and make a whole big fisaco about it. These guys like I said before are fucking quior boys!

    • Well, the general public certainly sees anime, manga and games in a different light than novels, movies and tv. Obviously restrictions on questionable porn (or close-to-porn) will go well with a large part of the electorate. Working adults and retired people are the largest groups there. And those groups certainly aren’t the prime consumers or proponents of anime, manga and games either.
      And then again, we’re taking about a democratic process here – no matter how skewed the Japanese political system may be. If the mangaka, anime studios, publishers and their customers do not agree they should take to the streets and demonstrate… or vote for a party that does not want to restrict the products they are making/buying.

      Maybe it’s a good chance for the creators and publishers of anime, manga and games to focus on quality again, rather than the amount of panty shots and jiggling boobs.

  • Since the biased media already reports all otakus as serial murderer rapists, I don’t see why all otakus wouldn’t do the stereotypical things to the politicians and their families. Go ahead and pass the bill. And look for your granddaughters’ jizz covered severed feet in the mail.

  • “We’ve received lots of mail about this. I haven’t had a chance to read it all, but I’ve seen much of it. Maybe we haven’t fully addressed your concerns, but I am grateful you have displayed such passion towards the Tokyo metropolitan government.”
    -Are you serious?You’re ignoring them because they’re passionate towards the political nonsense you slap on creativity aka anime?

      • How about think of all the damn money you’re going to lose? The porn industry in the US is a trillion dollar a year industry..! Imagine what that’s like in Japan, or south korea for that matter!! I guess if they’re stupid enough to get rid of such things they deserve to lose their money..

      • loli in a box says:

        Uh, this is serious shit.

        But how can we do something from overseas?
        How about you make a suggestion Artefact, I’m serious. I just can’t think of anything we could possibly do if they ignore a petition with 150,000 of their own people and not to mention their own publishing industry disagreeing.

        • a… petition


          *facepalms the epic idea fail*

          petitions do nothing. and when i say that.. i mean that petitions do NOTHING. i have seen many many many MANY petitions organized on the net.. some reaching up to a million signatures. guess what it did? not a damn thing. it was not even acknowledged. NONE of them did anything. not one. not in any country. not toward any organization.

          in fact, doing a “petition” is known among many peoples as being what someone does when they are too afraid to actually do a damn thing.

          you want to do something? move there and organize a rally. and try as hard as you can using (almost) every possible means to GET THE MEDIA’S ATTENTION! get your word broadcast throughout the country. get people to voice against censorship on while on the news. organize CONSTANT rallies and protests.

          either do that, or accept your own powerlessness. petition is only a fools belief, nothing more then that

      • “…indeed, it could only help sales of his own rape novels, which are exempted from any sort of restriction, along with films – so conspicuous an exemption that many cannot help but conclude the law is aimed solely at persecuting the anime, manga and game industries…”

        if this keeps up I wonder who he’ll target next? pretty soon he’ll start saying “it is illegal to be gay” or something

        personally I think old man Ishihara “bought” his way into politics (unless the local populace in Tokyo actually agree with him) my biggest concern is if this will be taken to a national scale?

        • @Risui
          “Doubtless governor Ishihara would now be delighted to see the pesky manga industry disappear completely; indeed, it could only help sales of his own rape novels, which are exempted from any sort of restriction”

          Oh he’s a pervert alright.

        • ugh. Seriously, some of the most original concepts I’ve ever seen have been from Anime and Manga. They are an art form, and as such, should be free to write about anything they wish. This hypocritical homophobic filth who make US politicians look like SAINTS (and I thought that was impossible) is a bane to society and its culture. He doesn’t even have the scruples to try and hide it. What he needs it to be kicked out of office without pension for a GLARINGLY bad display as one of Japans leaders, because so far, I see him as a worse politician than SARAH PALIN. Seriously, this guy sounds more to the tune of NORTH KOREA or MAO ERA CHINA than Japan.

        • Risui-“So Anime as we know it is doomed due to an old geezer who, despite being japanese, isn’t a pervert old geezer, that suxs.”

          Oh he’s a pervert alright. Just hasn’t been caught yet as a hypocrite.

        • So Anime as we know it is doomed due to an old geezer who, despite being japanese, isn’t a pervert old geezer, that suxs.

          Still we can’t put all the blame onto him, its their ppl who voted for him thrice. Mebbe Japan’s society really wants get rid of “harmful” manga/anime but just to what end?
          I just don’t get it.

        • i wonder when sex became so taboo, sex feels good because it is something that has to be done to reproduce. i just dont get when boob and panty shots became bad, but decapitation war and death were ok to watch

        • Well well, looks like it’s time for otakus in Japan to stand up isn’t it? I mean, I’m sure there are millions of otakus who could stand against this silly censorship which clearly is only politically motivated. If only the otakus in Japan had spines and actually stood up for what they believed in. But they might yet. I hope they do. They shouldn’t just leave something this important to the publishers.

        • @Darkrockslizer

          I think what you said couldn’t be more incorrect.

          It’s not your fault that your friends are prudish. I show my MOM this stuff. I watched Panty and Stocking with her to show her the animation. I even showed her Ore no Imouto and Index.

          I don’t see what the big problem is with all of this. Of course it’s just a fad. It’s what’s in right now. Animation changes. Likes change. Your friends just need to man up and pull their penises out a little more often.

        • PSG *is* a joke. It’s *meant* to be a joke about fanservice. I mean, it’s covering every kind of fanservice, from beach episodes to mechas. It’s so “meta” it’s hard to catch at times, but there’s no plot at all – merely a bunch of jokes. Now, Shinryaku Ika Musume is very lovely and has no ecchi – even if it relies on most characters being females.

        • The content of late night anime is really nothing compared to what young people can experience from other media, and indeed in reality.

          I hardly thing the youth are going to be “corrupted” by seeing a few steam-covered nipples and rainbow-censored boners.

        • You obviously are not watching newer series then.

          If one were to actually pull up the current airing schedule then you’d find only about ten shows out of the forty are heavy on sex & fanservice, and it’s especially hypocritical considering Panty & Stocking, one of the most beloved shows on this site, is nothing but sex and bad jokes so this site really can’t make any comments on sex.

        • I think it’s an extreme reply to an extreme tendency in all late night anime lately.

          I mean, I gave some of the newer titles to a friend of mine who’s a musician and has always liked the anime, ecchi too, however his first comment after watching was “there was too much exposure, really.”

          I have always been proud to be a fan of Japanese anime however the series released lately, I cannot even show them to many of my friends due to the overly suggestive content. It goes overboard, making the whole industry into a porn.

          I think we have now come to a major turning point in the history of anime. It might end with a sane compromise, or the anime and manga makers would go underground and continue to work in secrecy. We’ll see how it ends.

      • “Your national pride should be based on schoolgirl tentacle sex”

        -> It’s not like there’s much of anything else in Japan that’s worthwhile.

        The politicians are correct that Japan has been basically stamped the world’s capital of weird cartoon porn. Where they go wrong is that they assume it to be a bad thing, instead of the country’s main selling point. Boring, dickless entertainment we can get anywhere.

    • I support the ban vehemently. Forcing the industry to abandon the easy profits of porn and ecchi anime and thus eventually focus on serious themes and deep topics will either heal the anime industry or condemn it. It depends on how many capable authors are left in japan.

      It’s a last resort, but at this point, as someone who truly loves japanese entertainment culture for its freshness and ingenuity, i support the BAN which will make a dent or two in the MOECCHI cancer that has been killing it.

  • Honestly I hope they have success.
    Why? anime and manga editorial houses/production houses/etc has been stuck for years in the same model and the paradigm dont work anymore, is tired, repetitive. there is a big creativity and quality hole.

    The system become older and need to die to reborn in a better system.

    • I agree but in a different way than shinryou.

      I think the Japanese have to get seriously angry in order to get motivated to change the status quo.

      Great art is often made by extremely pissed-off radicals.

      Horrible emotional devastation can lead to genius – or utter destruction.

      Currently Tokyo has hikkis in a holding pattern.

      Imagine a crowd of hikkis wandering into the streets, watching in disbelief as their favorite manga store moves out of its old location in Akibahara. Imagine what would happen when the hikkis stop being comic book readers and start being radicals.