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China Menaced by Exploding Toilet


As if exploding chairs were not enough, now China is apparently being tormented by exploding toilets.

The incident began in an apartment in China’s Zhejiang province, where a woman had a toilet with in-seat heater installed in 2004.

Residents of the apartment building reported hearing a large explosion, and a plume of black smoke coming from the window of the room in which the toilet was installed.

Reportedly the toilet was completely destroyed – the toilet itself was split in two, the seat was reduced to ashes and even the water tank was charred and broken.

Fortunately, nobody was using the toilet at the time.

The local fire department speculates that water leaked into the toilet’s electronics and caused a short circuit.

The maker of the toilet is not specified, although if it were Japanese it seems unlikely the Chinese media would be reticent about reporting it.

As one observer puts it, “Is there anything in China which doesn’t explode?”

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