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“What Do Women Think of Breast Jiggle in Games?”


A discussion amongst female Japanese gamers sees them united in loathing breast jiggle in games, denouncing it as “unrealistic,” “gross” and “like aliens.”

From an exchange on Twitter:

As I’m a woman, I find the breast jiggle in games to be unnatural and disgusting. It’s also nasty to see people having their breasts cut, and what about shoulder strain? What are bras for again? Oh I’m sorry, am I being realistic and not a romanticist about this?

It’s especially gross seeing them bounce around like bags of water or jelly – like some creepy alien. What do other women think of breast jiggling in games?

I agree! The jiggling is just there to appeal to men. It is gross seeing breasts bounce around like bags of water on some alien!

Breast jiggling is nasty. It just seems the demand is there.

Whilst I think this stuff  is totally impossible, we might as well preserve the dreams of men.

I don’t like it. It’s unrealistic and gross. What about their bras? Also, give me a break from all those strangely pert nipples.

If they really flew about like that you wouldn’t be able to move for the pain.

Is the reason I don’t feel that is out of place because I’m a fatty?

The way they jiggle doesn’t look like they are fat, more like they are water balloons… with fat you’d expect to seem them ripple a bit with shock but not to keep bouncing around.

I see a lot of cases where it’s like they are a different organism…

If they introduced a serious system, it would have to depend on character breast size and type of underwear.

It’s a game – shouldn’t you be able to change a setting for it? That’s why we have config menus.

I could tolerate a switch for it. But having to pick male characters in games with jiggle pisses me off.

Maybe if it varied on size and was actually realistic. It’s unnatural so it’s gross.

When I see them swing about in fighting games I’m left wondering if they are spring mounted.

Huge breasted women have to wear bras to avoid rupturing blood vessels and their mammary glands, all extremely painful. Also they will stretch with age and sag badly eventually. But it’s a fantasy world so that’s all OK!

The gratuitous breast physics hall of fame:

Japanese companies apparently lead the way in this area – something western gamers stuck staring at Morrigan’s rock solid cleavage can only lament.

The issue is actually a lot more complex than it might at first seem – firstly, adding breast physics is still a technologically intensive process which needs some return on the effort involved, explaining why such physics are still conspicuous by their presence and not their absence (similar issues surround hair, clothing and body fat physics).

Additionally, media portrayals of jiggle do tend to be unnaturally statuesque – implants tend to behave unrealistically, and films and TV often do their absolute best to ensure performers are firmly strapped down for reasons of censorship.

The issue of realism is also a double-edged line of criticism – clearly a lot of female characters in games are not wearing sports bras, and may be wearing clothing which could not possibly give any support or living in settings where no such bras exist, suggesting they should actually be jiggling even more if the game is to provide a realistic body image, rather than giving the impression breasts are lumps of bone or plastic.

Finally, from the comments above it seems many Japanese women apparently have no idea how naturally large breasts actually behave (i.e. essentially as bags of water), and it must of course be noted that Japanese women are generally not known for being well endowed themselves – possibly this colours their attitudes to seeing busty female characters in video games…

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  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but fat is mostly water. Breasts are mostly fat. Few are made of more breast tissue than fat. That tissue is much firmer and holds its shape better. It’s up to genetics/pregnancy on how much you have of tissue vs. fat.

    The large ones I’ve tried in real life were just like bags of water. Very loose and able to move about.

    So, coupled with the huge, huge sizes in anime, it seems realistic enough. After all, it isn’t aiming to be correct, it’s aiming to draw attention to them. Exaggerated size, jiggle and shape. All exaggerated for effect. Like huge eyes and bright hair color and muscles on guys. Motion, size and color are things your brain is programmed to look for.

  • Anonymous says:

    If large breasts DIDN’T jiggle I’d think something was wrong. Bras were made to stop that from happening, so if you aren’t wearing one…

    The larger ones really do seem like bags of water or pudding in my experience. As a guy, I’ve tried B’s to DD’s and I can say that they all move around fairly freely. The day I get to play with JJJ cups I’ll report back on them. Might be a long wait though.

    Video games exaggerate less than anime, so they don’t seem that crazy to me. The only problem is they’re basically one object, like a round piece of soft rubber or a balloon. Water/fat moves in waves, not as one solid object.

    Picture putting two grapefruits (or oranges if you prefer) in a shirt and bouncing it up and down, that’s what they look like when done wrong. But a bag of pudding loses its round shape pretty easily when it shifts or lays flat. They’ll get more and more realistic as time goes on. It’s really technology that’s holding us back, because I’ve seen some sophisticated examples of 3D animation where skin and fat moves more lifelike. Games have yet to catch up.

    For now, I see games as simplistic ideals so I can’t complain. I still get a sense of what I want: there’s bouncy, soft bundles of fun underneath those shirts.

  • Anonymous says:

    boobs do move, but I do think they move too much and if I was doing boob jiggle I would try and make it as accurate as possible, especially with animation. boobs do ripple more then fully bounce which is done as a easier way of showing motion.

    But with bras they do bounce a bit but the boobs do seem to bounce so high.

  • As a well-endowed woman I can say from personal experiemce that breasts DO bounce a lot (I mean big-sizsed ones, I, myself, am a DD cup USA standart, by Eurpoean it is E cup and no, I’m not fat :P) during sport activites – running, jumping, so on, so more or less that boing-boing thing is rather inevitable. Of course there is certainly the fact that in most games and animes they’re represented quite unrealistically (esepceially when they’re balooned to ginormous proportions). Still, the coments of the Japanese women are kinda funny XD…. especially since most of them are rather flatish (so perhaps it’s some sort of slight jealousy too). But I do agree that breasts are made to look like they’re not natural (they look like breast implants to me – silicon boobs act quite similarly to that) and that is kinda irritating, though everyne with his/hers preferences ^^

    P.S. I have to bind miself tight enough when I’m training so that to avoid that very same appauling bounce effest (elastic bandages, sport bra and an ordinary one all at once) – perhaps it’s appealing anough to men, but it’s painful as hell so if we’re to be completely realistic, those game/anime ladies should avoid that as much as possible (but anime defies laws of phisics anyway) ^^

  • Anonymous says:

    “Whilst I think this stuff is totally impossible, we might as well preserve the dreams of men.”

    This is either a guy pretending to be a girl OR a very very understanding women(a rare, endangered species of females on earth).

  • The OP is a retard. They over-exaggerate breast physics in games for obvious reasons, idiot. They don’t ACTUALLY bounce that much. I suppose it makes sense that you’d have no idea how breasts behave in real life. :/

  • The fact that so many people are attributing this to jealousy makes me think you’ve never seen female breasts. If you ever see a girl’s breasts bouncing like that, tell her to stop trying so hard and to put on a bra because she’s doing serious damage to her body. You’re doing her a favor, so punch her if she duckfaces at you.

  • “I could tolerate a switch for it. But having to pick male characters in games with jiggle pisses me off.”

    Clearly we need more dicks bouncing around when the men fight. Big ones. But somehow I don’t think she’d enjoy that.

  • Comics, whether it be Japanese or American, have always portrayed heroes and heroines with what is considered the ideal for the culture. They are an idealization of beauty and a kind of art form, more specifically, a type of pop art. Thus, in American comics, even male characters not known for their super strength are toned, muscular, and sexy.

    The world and characters are supposed to be larger than life and beautiful, whether male or female. So, for Japan, girls will have incredible bodies, look very young and adorable, and wear short skirts and have huge moving breasts because that is the fantasy and ideal of the Japanese male.

    On the other hand, Japanese women DO NOT like overly muscular men. They find them disgusting and make fun of body builders. Thus, in comics and animation, male characters are young, intelligent looking, good at sports, tall, and only slightly muscular because that is a Japanese woman’s FANTASY!

    Art is about the ideal of beauty, and it has often been represented in the human body. Manga and anime are just the Japanese representation.

  • I’d be annoyed to no end too if I always saw arm-sized penises jiggling about in games and such, so it’s not like I can not relate to the feeling.

    “…possibly this colours their attitudes to seeing busty female characters in video games…”

    It’s not a Japanese exclusive phenomenon though. I can recall at least 15 different times from my high school days when I heard groups of girls calling other girls ‘cows’ due to the size of their racks… jealousy dripping words, I recall.

  • I can’t say I like extreme breast jiggling myself, honestly. A bit of it is fine but when you have two gallon-sized sacks flopping all over the place at the slightest provocation it gets hard to take seriously.

  • Its understandable some would be offended, but I know plenty of women that dont mind and are straight. Fact remains if they didnt well have some motion to them, they would appear fake and by gamer standards unrealistic characters are a minus.

  • Sorry, but you clearly don’t have a girlfriend with large breasts. They do not jiggle that much when jumping up and down, they will bounce a little bit, unless wearing a sports bra, but they don’t look like jelly.

    As a lesbian though, I do find them interesting to look at in video games. Though occasionally distracting.

  • I sort of agree with some of their opinions. While breast jiggle is kinda cool, the way it’s been done is much to unnatural. Sure anime art style is about exaggerating the good points of an action, but to much exaggeration kinda ruins the effect.

  • Personally I don’t really care. It doesn’t really bother me a lot, although I do find myself going “OW! That’s gotta hurt!” a lot. From my own personal experience, yea games and a lot of anime tend to pretty inaccurate. While bigger breasts tend to jiggle a lot, it’s how they portray them jiggling that’s wildly inaccurate. They tend to show breasts jiggling wildly even from very small movements. This is not how they work. Slow movement only makes them jiggle a bit, barely visible if your wearing a bra. Where as you only get the large jiggles during jumping or running. What bothers me most is the portrayal of breasts violently thrashing side to side and in all directions. Breasts mainly only move up and down, especially with the support of a bra. They don’t go in all directions imaginable swinging along wildly. That would hurt like hell and just makes me shutter to think about. While these portrayals bother some women a lot I personally don’t rage about it. Maybe it’s because I’m rather well-endowed myself and already know how boobies work, and that games aren’t gonna mirror reality. Of course some of the girls complaining are scorned DFC, but I wouldn’t assume all of them are. Some are just girls who hate the inaccuracy. I guess being a gamer myself and being rather large in that area has put me at the disposition of “don’t really care”. Men are gonna have inaccurate visions of female anatomy, just as women are gonna have the same inaccuracy of male anatomy. Games don’t really have to be 100% accurate anyways.

  • saying just one thing because I’m a woman, and a E-cup: IT FUCKING HUTS WHEN THEY JIGGLE.
    I don’t find it that disturbing to see in videogames/anime (I’m busy enough looking at male character’s asses) BUT I swear that, even if maybe they can even jiggle like that, it would hurt too much to allow anyone to keep on moving after such a shacke.

  • I find myself pressed to challenge the assertion that it remains a technically intensive process and that it’s more noticeable by its presence. Jiggle physics have been around in largely the same since the PS1. Games that don’t have them tend to minimize the focus on female character’s chests as naturally follows the gameplay, like Dragon Age, Oblivion, etc where the only good look you get is while talking to someone. Looking at many (western) open world games now, you’ll see jiggle physics even on pedestrians that can exceed several dozen on screen at once with no slowdown. Clothing and hair physics are more essential for immersion, but it seems that these actually do add a lot of processing overhead as it’s much more rare to see extras with good clothing/hair physics. For example, WoW has quite noticeable jiggle physics on its females (and fat characters) but no clothing or hair physics to speak of.

    Rather than a technical reason, it’s more a cultural difference with Western companies somewhat understandably not wanting to pander to our immature male desires in exchange for alienating a large amount of female gamers. I understand the female complaints that it’s not realistic with boobs often bouncing for several seconds after movement should have stopped. At the same time, these women don’t seem to understand the physics of their own chests. I myself used to be quite a heavy guy, and my fat moved pretty much like the bags of water that were described.

  • got a few survey to the topic(ladies, if you may)

    1.) are you insecure that one of these days your bf/husband or simply your “guy” leave you just because of a jiggle game? if yes, state why and if no proceed to no. 2

    2.) if you are not insecure, why do you want to change a norm? do you think it will make a difference? if yes, state the reason and if no proceed to no. 3

    3.) then why bother with it? are you living alone and longing for someone? yes? or no?

    • I don’t feel ‘insecure’ about idiotic looking boobs, I just think they look dumb.
      While I think boobs are nice to look at, I want to look at boobs that look like boobs if I’m going to look at boobs.
      I don’t give a shit about my own boobs. I think a lot of guys just assume that girls are obsessed with their own boobs and how big they are and that they get jealous of other girls boobs because…really, we don’t. At least me and every other girl I know doesn’t. Guys just like to fantasize about that I guess. Although I suppose a really flat-chested girl who wanted bigger boobs might get jealous, but not all flat-chested girls do. Alot are fine with their size.

      I said boobs alot in this post.

  • from experience with my xgfs, I can vouch for the jiggle being true specially on natural C breasts.
    I know w/ B there is some jiggle, and A cups are hardly noticeable. I don’t really like more than a D, so I have no clue. I guess implants aren’t as dynamic but I wouldn’t know on that, either.
    These last two may be too heavy to jiggle naturally so I cannot tell about those.
    So as far as boob jiggle on games is concerned, I don’t think of it as out of place. Even if it is exaggerated at times, it gives a feeling of realism, IMO. The lack of these physics would make it too 90’s…

  • All of their comments though are retarded. I’ve talked to quite a few female gamers, and most of them don’t really have a complex with breast jiggle.
    These women though sound like they’ve been scarred for life by having small or sagged breasts themselves.

    And what’s with the bras? Rofl. Yeah, like adding our reality’s clothing into every fantasy will make it look more appealing.

  • the thing about watching boobs jiggle around like that is that, at a certain point, all a chick can do is wince, no matter how hot they might have found it otherwise. boobs are sensitive, you know. though i’ve always thought mai’s boobs bounced around pretty realistically. and the jiggle physics in nmh2 weren’t bad either.

  • This is soooo funny xD

    Most examples on the first video look pretty natural to me, and i do know about this -i’m around C or D (sizes are different in my country so i’m not sure)- but i find the first animated gif to be a bit unrealistic; some if those movements look…wrong >.o

    Is also damn obvious most of these female characters never heard of the word “bras”, seriously.
    Sure, they’re targeted at males, it shows.
    But instead of complaining as the gamer girl i am, if i like the game i would just play it, put my best “yeah right” face everytime some big artificially looking boobs pop out of nowhere bouncing around, and keep playing ._.

    Actually, is totally normal for relatively big breasts to jiggle like that, even by just walking normally. Is annoying as hell, but normal.
    The only major problem i can think off is when they over do it, more not always is better :/

  • ~If i have to say something is….

    1.- im a girl
    2.- im very proud of being a B-cup and loving girls body a LOT (and boys body too xD)
    3.- jiggling boobs are funny to watch because thats the intention isnt it? (apart from the pervs ideal of deliciously soft boob-o-rama) and besides is not real.
    4.- seriously why do some people here take it so personal? is not their boobs we are talking about here! duh! if u need to let go some issues, go to another place to argue?
    5.- I respect all woman C-cup and beyond, besides they look gorgeous if they know how to dress hot, but in anime we can laugh a little about that with exagerated features, just for the lulz (i feel stupidly entertained by them at times, makes me wonder about the Laws of Anime)
    6.- Sometimes i see that only makes part of the personality of the character more evident, the ones who watch closely with non-perv intentions will know what im talking about (i think).
    7.- let the boobs spread free on the internetz, anime/videogames or whatever! a-cup to DD-cup, share the love and big softy hugs =D is better having them arround.

    ~~Aerandir Carnesir~~

  • So much of anime and manga excesses is actually drawn by actual females is of course amusing.

    But I find the tit jiggle in most games even surpasses the stupid level of anime. And that takes some doing.

    Yes they’re females and they have tits. But making them move that much just to draw attention to the fact that they are not guys I think just makes games look dumber than they need to look.

  • The realisticness of large jiggling breasts can be argued; big ones will react to the slightest tremor, but not actually move about like gainax boobs.

    In reality, that shit is FUCKING PAINFUL. You see a girl with boobs-a-bouncin’, and girls don’t think “that’s hot”, they think “oh fuck oh fuck OW OW OW OW OW”.

    I’m just a C-cup and jumping braless on a trampoline will make me hit the floor in pain. It’s a fact of life.

    A little jiggle never hurt anyone, but a little bounce is like ripping the chest off.

    • But we’re talking about game …

      About some fuckin’game …

      What does the pain of bouncing breast,realism and such have to do with game …

      Are you thinking of what the polygon and pixels must “endure” or what …

      Omg… what is more creepy than exaggerated jiggling is how people can be such-
      …Bah i’m not even gonna say it …

  • It always seem to me like “gross” the is the favorite word of Japanese women .

    Seriously, if i could receive 1$ each time i hear the word “gross” coming from one, i’d be billionaire !

    breast bouncing =gross
    little girl =gross
    girl prettier than them =gross
    low income man =gross
    game not made for them =gross
    guy liking something they don’t =gross
    guy that think they say gross for nothing =gross (probably)

    And lol at people saying it is not “realistic”… Need reality ? Go outside, i assure you you’ll find what you seek .

  • Fuck them, seriously. Fuck the ones taking something like this so seriously. They’re idiots.
    Its just fun and service for guys and lesbians, its harmless. They’re mad for stupid reasons like being jealous. If they can’t deal with other people being happy and freedom they suck.
    Don’t mess with freedom.

  • I agree it’s stupid… I like them as comic relief once in a while, but the level it’s gotten to a lot of times now is just not appealing – it’s silly. DoA 1 wasn’t sexy, but it WAS freaking hilarious watching those volleyballs eternally struggle to find a resting point, lol. (DoA2? Ok, IMO that was sexy. :p)

  • Although some games do look unrealistic I think most often the physics are pretty good. Though even I am not as big as some of those girls and it hurts just to move a bit without a bra makes me hurt to watch.

  • Oh the drama!

    It is all about context, its either for pure comedy purposes or e r o t i c f a n t a s y ! That’s what it is great about anime/games/art.

    All breats can jiggle to different degrees related to size, but those comments take the meaning of the word jiggle and derail and apply it completly into literal form as if males/man/boys can’t seperate reality from fantasy, and apply all their judgement based on that alone. If you ask me, that is just disgruntled arguments from young woman.

    Picture this, can you imagine if instead of the old jiggly breats the trend was having breats all b/c cup and swell in size when sexually aroused to D+ cup, do you think we’d see man discussing about how unrealistic and gross that would be? On the contrary, men would be discussing how that would be hilariously funny, not how unrealistic it was (Du’h!) or gross…oh cry me a river.

    Pointless discussion from insecure woman afraid man having troubles discerning reality from fantasy and would their judgements would reflect uppon them not meeting the jigglyness found in games/anime.

  • As a girl, I guess I understand the dislike for jiggling boobs ’cause… well yeah, knowing how painful it is makes it a little unnerving.

    However, I still like jiggling boobs in video games. Big boobed game girls are the breast– er, best. I’m all for pantsu too. It’s just a fantasy world. <3

  • Dude(s)! I’m a 36DD and even MY boobs don’t jiggle and wiggle around like that. If I did half the shit anime chicks with big tits did I’d have broken something!
    It’s anatomically wrooooooooooooong!

    I mean, with the size of boobs and the woman’s body, most characters who are so skinny couldn’t actually handle THAT amount of weight on their chests. They’d be leaning forward and eventually have hump (more figuratively speaking, not scientifically…). They’d be in too much pain and it would just be an out-right imbalance.

    Makes me wonder, have any of these game designers/graphics people felt a woman’s boob before?

  • There WAS an example of boobs jiggling in US Game – Vampire The Masquerade : Bloodlines. Most visible with female Malkavian vampire. And there was also a console cheat for breast enlargement. 😀

  • Why the fuck do all these pretentious twats care so much? Anime also has unrealistis eyes, noses, mouths, hair, etc. Why heap all the attention on this particular part?

    Same goes for all the pussywhipped male wimps that keep going on about this for some reason. I know a bunch of them personally. It’s pathetic.

    It’s a fucking cartoon! There’s lots of different stuff that’s not quite real.

  • “Finally, from the comments above it seems many Japanese women apparently have no idea how naturally large breasts actually behave (i.e. essentially as bags of water)” Errrr, no. Just no. They don’t move around like they do in a lot of anime and games, because if they would, it would hurt like hell. When women have breasts that are that big, they wear really good bras for a reason. I have nothing against big breasted women in games, but seeing them jiggle that much is the same for me as seeing a man get kicked in the nuts for a guy. It just makes me flinch.

    • “When women have breasts that are that big, they wear really good bras for a reason.”

      The reason being they do actually move around like that in an unrestrained state? So from a realism standpoint, they would either flop around all over the place at game-size levels, or the character would have to be wearing a bra, which many clearly are not.

  • “If they really flew about like that you wouldn’t be able to move for the pain.”

    THIS CANNOT BE OVERSTATED. You guys have no idea!
    While I love boob jiggling just as much as any other gynephiliac, seeing more ridiculous versions of it just pisses me off. Delicious jiggling while someone is walking or doing light jogging: FUCK YES!
    Boobs that look like they might rip off while in an intense fight: the game makers are retarded and need to be forced to have huge saline breast implants for a full year.
    I would love fan service sequences to be added to games, where it’s all about the jiggle, while the fight/intense sport bits of the game shouldn’t be any less realistic than for a male player character. Yielding a giant sword impossible for mere mortals? If the male version of the player character does it too, then sure. Vigorous boob jiggling that would have left a real life woman shrieking in pain: Not unless they make sure to give the guy character as much breast-flexing as Niconico Douga’s Aniki (I’m thinking of games where they have more muscular adult characters and not twiggy boy heroes) or the like.

    One thing most of you don’t realize, is that the bigger the boobs not only the less does it take for them to jiggle, but the less sudden forceful moving the owner can do without support. E.g. an average sized healthy female with e.g. a C-cup size doing jumping jacks is just fine, but someone almost identical to them but with a DD-cup size doing jumping jacks = WORLD OF FUCKING PAIN. I speak from bitter experience and “bad” genes (I love all sizes of boobs on other women including huge, but on myself I hate big breasts, as I love sports).

    So in summary, I would like to see smaller boobs if the game makers insist on having them do fighting etc without any support, or the more fun option: make the male heroes have as vigorous flexing powers :-3
    Or commando trouser physics… x-3
    (yes, I am bisexual.)

    • ~<3 Oh hi

      I was blessed with pretty awesome genetics. Mine really dont hurt me, and Im into quite a few sports (hockey, BMX, climbing, running).

      I can definitely understand frustration with seeing heroines constantly having massive chests and being very active, although I personally dont mind it. A nice thing to have in games would be more anatomical variances period.

      Its why I really liked Aion, you could really play with the body types in that game.

  • Does none of the women who answered have any breasts? Because breast do jiggle. And they jiggle a lot. Especially without a bra. Like a pudding, hehe. ^^

    I don’t mind breast jiggling in games, I think it’s more natural than rock solid breasts.
    Of course, some of the moves in some games are exaggerated and with games like that I tend to think something like: “Ouch, now that would hurt. >..<" But with other games, healthy amount of jiggling is quite natural and it's nice to look at, even for me as a woman.
    Moreover, it's just a fiction. There's no need for fictional character to wear a bra/be 100% realistic. It's not like it would get saggy breasts/health problems because of it.

  • Well as a girl, I like it if it ain’t like stupid looking type jiggling.
    Ya know the type that practically punch the girls in the face with every tiny movement i.e.: Mai in Ftal Fury the movie.

  • “Finally, from the comments above it seems many Japanese women apparently have no idea how naturally large breasts actually behave (i.e. essentially as bags of water), and it must of course be noted that Japanese women are generally not known for being well endowed themselves – possibly this colours their attitudes to seeing busty female characters in video games…”

    This made me laugh so hard it felt as though my kidneys ruptured.

    • Yeah, except it’s written by a chauvinist pig.
      Don’t discount their opinions: they’re cultured just as much as any other international female population, if not more so.
      I am SURE they see foreigners, and at the least understand the physics behind breast movement.
      Trust me, games don’t reflect it. These women are right.

      • Why is this rated down?
        Do people honestly think the breast physics are realistic?

        I know nobody cares about realism….my issue is that it just doesnt look remotely attractive. If I wanted to look at boobs, I’d find a game where the boobs look like boobs. Ie they jiggle, like boobs, and not like they’re some creepy organisms trying to rip themselves free of the girls torso ala High School of the Dead.
        As someone who quite likes boobies I find such depictions insulting. Not because it ‘demeans women’, but because it is an insult to breasts. >:

        • I didnt say it was the lack of realism that was bad but the lack of aesthetics. There are nice boob jiggles but it sounds like the ones the girls have issue with is the really wtf ones that are so far removed from boobs I don’t see the appeal. I mean, it’s boobs we like, so if they don’t look like boobs, it’s not weird to not like them and demand something more boob-like.
          Jiggling crazily isnt necessarily bad as long as they still resemble breasts. I’ve seen games where the boobs looked like they were made of freaking slime and it’s a total turn-off.

        • Because in games and anime jiggling boobs are awesome perhaps?
          I dont want realism, unless Im playing some kind of sim, like Falcon 4.0 or something like that.
          For realism, I already has the real life.

  • As a woman, I think it’s hilarious a lot of the time. Especially when it’s is extremely unrealistic. Like in High School of the Dead when Takashi is shooting the gun off of Rei’s chest and Saeko is like dodging them Matrix style and the way her boobs dodge them in this one shot. I couldn’t stop laughing at that. xD

  • Sometimes I think it looks really uncomfortable, but I don’t know how realistic (or unrealistic) it is, seeing as I’m a DFC (and damn proud of it). Heh. I think people need to realize that there’s more to attractiveness than just gigantic jiggling boobs, though.

    • I agree, attractiveness is not just about breast.
      And yes it really can be unconfortable. I don’t go out without a bra because just walking down stairs feels pretty unpleasant when your breasts are jumping up and down, let alone running when I need to catch a train or something. And I’m not even that big, C cup.
      However, lot of movements in games and anime are really unrealistic. Some are really like ballons with water and some jiggle really excesivelly. Such movement is either impossible or would be at least very painful in real life.

      • Fact of the matter is breast giggle in games is a necessary step for the evolution of Manscience.

        Lets face it, we’re not gonna find a girl that can/will move in the necessary ways to further our research.

  • *sign*, I don’t see what the big deal is, okay, yes, on somewhat rare occasions there are unrealistic jiggling of a female’s breast in a game but nowhere near every jiggle is unrealistic even in the slightest bit considering certain factors…

    Basically “The Article itself explains the reason for what the article is talking about all by itself quite nicely if you ask me”…

  • While I do think it’s realistic for game breasts to jiggle, I only complain about it when they go insanely overboard. Some games make a girl’s boobs go nuts from just WALKING. Dude, I have a C cup and have seen much bigger girls without bras. Things do move alright, but not to the insane degree they’d like to think.

    Also it’s just a pet peeve with me, but I HATE when anime and games show a girl’s boobs move in two totally different directions. They always move together, never will you see one flying up in their face while another is bouncing against their stomach.

  • Breasts in real life can jiggle, considering on the size and type of clothing being worn.

    Personally, I love in-game jiggle. I think that its pretty cute. Then again, maybe the people complaining are jealous flat-chests?

    (Its not the size that counts, but the shape <3 )

    • Yes, very large breast can jiggle. But look at most athletic women, whose acrobatics and physical conditioning most video game heroines would naturally have, and you will notice that many of them don’t have large breasts, much less those that jiggle around.

      I find them a turn off in games because I know from experience that having large boobs that aren’t severely secured beneath a sports bra can hurt like hell while performing any vigorous activity (except sex, of course). They get in the way, pure and simple.

      But I also understand that most game developers don’t make these characters with female players in mind, only male players. And that itself makes it rather disappointing. In most cases, I just try to ignore it.

      • It differs between women, however. Although its not as common, there are women with fitter frames that have a larger bust.

        Ive never had much issue with an unsecured bust getting in the way. Bodies are unique, plain and simple.

        Jiggling in games has always been a cheesecake factor to me. Its not needed, but its pretty cheeky and fun. It adds to the cheese feel of the game for me.

    • I think I once heard the breasts in the Ninja Gaiden games referred to as “two individual organisms straining with all their might to escape the woman’s chest,” so… y’know, maybe that’s what they mean. If you have big boobs, you know that some of this jiggle is quite realistic (doing jumping jacks, for example, is essentially a contact sport for me), but sometimes it just gets to a point where it’s like… wait. That boob is trying to fly away. I see it sprouting tiny wings and looking longingly at the sky.

  • I’m a woman with D+ Cups, they jiggle. If I don’t have a sports bra on while I run, they go all over the place. Its also hard to sleep on my back, also, they get in the way too, resulting in hiting things with them. They are good to have when to store items. So when I see a game with jiggling boob’s, I have no issue with it.

    Now for Japanese woman, sorry you have small boobs, just quit haten on woman who have something for men to grab.

  • I’ll never understand why women are so jealous and perceive everything as a threat and personal insult.

    I am not threatened in any way when I see porn with some dude with a muscular body and a giant wang.

    Why do women feel threatened when they see a prettier woman or some jiggling boobs ?

    Are they that insecure ? Do they feel that inferior ?

    All I can say to that is: GROW UP and learn some tolerance !

  • I always rolled my eyes are jiggling boobs, especially in anime. They move as if seperate from their own body or made of gelatin.

    My boobs do not move that way, and my nipples aren’t always perky either. Women only get hard nipples when it’s cold or when they’re aroused…|: Give me a break.

    • Actually, I never noticed constantly perky nipples as a general issue in anime/manga or eroge. As a matter of fact, Asian women tend to have big and pointy nipples, they’re just soft when not aroused (they do get even bigger though when hard). The often visibly depicted milk vessel exits are actually rather common among Asian women too. Put in perspective like that, the depictions in anime/manga and eroge aren’t actually all that unrealistic.

      It’s true though that the jiggles are ridiculously exaggerated especially in anime. But there’s no way that’s unintentional.

  • “Finally, from the comments above it seems many Japanese women apparently have no idea how naturally large breasts actually behave (i.e. essentially as bags of water), and it must of course be noted that Japanese women are generally not known for being well endowed themselves – possibly this colours their attitudes…”

    Excuse me, but that’s a pretty lofty assumption. These women see Western films all the time, share our celebrity news, and are most certainly exposed to “real life” women from other cultures. This isn’t the dark ages.

    They may not know what larger breasts FEEL like but they certainly know how they BEHAVE: their physics are common sense (not waterbags, rather fatty tissue). Common feminine practices almost everywhere show that no one above a small-ish chest size would go bra-less and maintain such perky/lifted form as games suggest; this is even true in athletic women.

    Therefore, taking their comments as uninformed is wrong and presumptuous.
    Japanese women know themselves just as well as anyone else. Belittling their opinions and remarks just because the world-held stereotype of Japanese women is “small chests” is hardly appropriate if you’re to include their dialogue in your article.

    • I’m not sure they do.

      You could spend a long time watching American TV, film and even porn and gain no insight into how a natural chest would fair in the conditions shown in the games in question.

      As you and others have pointed out, it is not really credible for those characters to be running around without bras, but that is precisely because of the “jiggle” – which is otherwise not an unrealistic addition.

      Possibly it would make more sense to condemn it for being impractical, which is not really what was bothering the women quoted.

      And that Japanese women have, on average, relatively small breasts is a statistical fact, not a stereotype.

  • In the first video, Kasumi, second Mai Shiranui, The girl in purple swimsuit, the girl with short blue hair, the girl with pink long hair, the girl in green shirt and white pants and Ayane and Kasumi in the last part have indeed a very unrealistic movement even for big breast…

    I mean they either looks like water bags or move separately when they shouldn’t for the movement they are doing or both.

    The rest examples are fine until the last video, the girl with the school uniform looks very unrealistic.

    Personally I love when characters move realistically and I would love too see more meat and fabric physics, specially in my fighting games 😀

  • Feel sorry for the Japanese women here…
    Not that they aren’t pretty as they are!

    That’s reason #—- well I ain’t counting how they should get “Otakus” interested in them.

    If he can afford a room full of “Pirate Loli PVC figures” he can afford to buy them breast implants…or frankly to provide for them and not care about their breasts. On the other hand they WORK to pay for themselves and spend $ on “Peacocks” who’ll never carry themselves, much less them, and if they DO “Make it big” (rock star, Yakuza boss) they’ll dump ’em in a few years.

    There’s a companion to my “Old Horse” wisdom, the “Female Cat”. I actually think a similar thing happened in China, don’t know if you talked about it here, this is before I joined…

    There was (is) a guy with a “Lazy old Tomcat”. Since there aren’t that many stray cats there (dietary habits I guess) a lonely and younger female cat went in heat and started caterwauling right in front of him, 10′ away. (3 meters more or less) Well, he just sat and sunned himself. The female cat ran up and BIT him, then went back to her position caterwauling. She had to do it 2 more times before he went and mounted her, getting bitten and scratched for it, but he did so anyways.

    Japanese women had better start going “Female Cat” on Otakus or in another 10-20 years they’ll make a real “Chobits”…

    —-Insert YouTube SpacePope approved “Don’t date Robots” Hygiene film clip that the copyright parasites take down…

    • Breast implants are not magical enlargers: They need to get regularly replaced every 5-10 years. The surgery is also going to have risks associated with it, and I am not talking about the risk of it not healing in a visually pleasing manner. Fortunately, as far as I have heard, gel implants are more common in Japan than liquid bag implants: the former doesn’t deflate instantly in case of rupture, while the second one does. Imagine the mental trauma of having one ball spontaneously (and magically mostly painlessly) swelling to five times its size, and the other one remaining the same, while you can’t get the surgery to fix it for a month at the earliest. Imagine all the problems you would have every single day until the surgery finally gets done.

  • Funny commercial, full of lolz.

    I don’t really find jiggling all that attractive either, I think its more of a band-wagon “oh man I love jiggling tits! I’m not gay!” C is the highest I tolerate, and no jiggling involved.

  • Japanese women are pretty much flat~so the japanese game makers have no reference to go by…maybe if they weren’t all xenophobes they’d have something to go by. But sadly they aren’t..and so someone theorized that breast fat would move with more energy than regular body..they would move in a way more simillar to jello or water ballons*cough*imported*cough*. However..they were wrong, but players were so hypnotized by the mezmerizing jiggle that game creators continued to include bouncing boobage. As a girl growing up with video games…I’ve grown used to it..or maybe I just never noticed or care. the overbouncing and skimpy outfits are illogical..but then again it is fantasy for men. What I hate though is the fact that they spend so much time designing intricate outfits and making good looking charecters that they don’t actually focus on making a good or exciting plot for a game. This is why we have games like Dead or Alive.

    What I want to know is if guys actually care about playing a kick ass game or if they are just in it for the fake ass fantasy women with no charecter. I miss the interesting charecters…

  • what is gross is having women with no jiggling breasts complain about games with character who have it. i don’t complain about game characters having blue, green skins, horns huge muscles, etc.
    besides there is always an ugly girl character i am sure they can relate to.


    Jiggle is nice, and so is DFC. But IRL, huge ones are too much a hassle (and more likely to be fake). Either normal sized ones OR DFC are still best. Also, DFC can’t sag (IRL) since there’s too little there to sag.

    • “DFC can’t sag” is a cruel, cruel lie.

      Even with little to no bust on a girl, there is still mammary tissue under the skin, and as time passes, the connective tissue that keeps that mammary tissue high and tight will loosen and droop. The end result: bizarre bags of mostly-empty skin sagging three inches or more.

      This is why even flat girls have to wear sports bras. If they don’t, it wears out the support ligaments prematurely, causing unnatural sag.

      Comparatively, at least large breasts that sag look as if they have an excuse for doing so.

  • They have a point, it’s really unpractical and it hurts, but I think about the jiggling like those clothes brand’s adds with shirtless man, it’s just doesn’t make any sense and guys think it is annoying, but I like it, hehehe.

  • They dont move realistically, boobs only shimmer in the bits that are unrestrained and if a women wheres a bra they pretty much not gonna move except shake in the area not constrained by the bra. Its totally unrealistic boob bouncing.

    • If they’re large enough, only granny-bras can truly constrain them. I refuse to wear granny-bras, and so my boobs flop gleefully when I move too vigorously. Sometimes it’s annoying, but you learn to live with it. It’s the back pain that really sucks.

  • No one told these game and anime developers that they have to put huge breasts in these media nowa days, its all beacause a large part of the players/fans are perverts, its killing the quality of this media, and as a 27 year old male, even i find this sickening and unrealalistic, and of course perverted. Why cant they just say hey, she just needs to have an average size pair, not back breakers that most women with would gladly give up to ease there own personal pain. kids these days need to grow the hell up. This bs is wats made the idea of puting thought into plots, drama, charater designs both male and female, caring about game play. Now all it is is charaters with absolutley no thought into them, plots that often fail to be entertaing, but as long as there something for the guys to stare at its fine.wat has the world came to really?

  • “Japanese companies apparently lead the way in this area – something western gamers stuck staring at Morrigan’s rock solid cleavage can only lament.”

    Because only in Japan does people want these bouncy breasts you speak of.

  • She’s just jealous because her boobs aren’t like that.

    Stupid woman. It’s games we’re talking about. If she seeks realism, she should just get out more and stop bothering her delicate female mind with such complicated matters.

  • Naturally large breast do NOT “essentially act like bags of water”. The larger breast get, the more tendency they have to sag, whether you’re very young or not. It’s just how gravity and skin works.

  • what do they think about jiggling penises then?
    i bet they love it.

    well no shit it’s gross for them, unless they are into women that is… i mean i wouldn’t want testicles in my face when i enjoy watching anime or playing a game… unless it’s a sexy shota *drools*