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Police Hunt Man for Smiling at Schoolgirl



Police have issued a warning to the public after a man smiled at a schoolgirl.

Osaka police posted the following advisory of a suspicious person:

There was a case on 08:15, December 9th, where a little girl in Takatsuki City was walking to school when she walked past a man she did not know, who smiled slightly at her.

He is thought to be in thirties, and was wearing a black fleece, grey trousers, white laced sneakers and was carrying a blackish bag.

Be sure to carry your anti-crime buzzer!

A similar advisory was recently issued by Osaka police after a man suggested to a group of children playing in the street late one afternoon that they move on – as the area was full of dodgy love hotels.

Heaven help the man who actually dares to speak to a schoolgirl; though fortunately for prospective schoolgirl predators, the teaching profession seems to offer near immunity to prosecution even for non-imaginary crimes.

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