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Kadokawa to Boycott Tokyo Anime Fair Over Ishihara


Japanese publishing giant Kadokawa has announced they intend to boycott the Tokyo International Anime Fair to protest against the Tokyo government’s extreme hostility towards the anime industry.

Shinichiro Inoue, the CEO of a number of companies in the Kadokawa group, tweets thus:

Kadokawa has decided it will not be participating in next year’s Tokyo Anime Fair – the attitude of the Tokyo government to mangaka and the anime industry simply won’t do.

Due to the size of Kadokawa’s vast publishing empire and its many subsidiary publishers, the move would see everything from Haruhi and Ore no Imouto to Gundam and Index removed from TAF (although anime adaptations of certain titles published by Kadokawa might still be present if produced by independent companies), denuding it of many hit titles and probably devastating the event, even without any other companies following suit.


Tokyo’s governor Ishihara for his part previously warmly endorsed the event in a lengthy passage published in their own promotional material:

“I’m hopeful the event will prove a place where the Japan can proudly showcase the charms of its animation industry to the world, and where new business can be pursued – it is after all one of Tokyo’s great regional industries.”

This from the man who is now leading the charge against the industry, denouncing the industry as being “out of control” whilst dismissing all critics as crazed child abusers.


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