Top 10 Parts of Your Body You Have a Complex About


Are Japanese women really more concerned about the size of their breasts than anything else, as so many media tend to portray them as? A ranking of which body parts survey respondents most commonly feel they have a complex about answers the question – the content of the first few items should come as no surprise, although their order might.

The ranking (with votes cast for each item):

1. Legs (2437)

2. Breasts (1818)

3. Stomach (1658)

4. Nose (1145)

5. Eyes (1013)

6. Hair [head] (771)

7. Bottom (662)

8. Mouth (510)

9. Arm (180)

10. Ears (66)

Sadly for those seeking even more detail, the surveyors were evidently too polite to delve into a woman’s more intimate anatomy. At least it is clear that most women are not overly concerned about the shape of their ears…

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