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Aya Hirano: “I Stripped Him & Played With His Nipples”



Aya Hirano’s latest revelations include her admissions that she appeared live on stage singing no-bra and that she engaged in some illicit nipple fiddling on an incapacitated companion.

The video:

Her singing:

The interview highlights:

What was your worst childhood episode?

I got into a fight with 3 boys and I was kicked in the crotch – it really hurt! I went home crying and my father went to their houses and shouted at them.

What were your worst drunken antics?

There was this guy who apparently couldn’t take his drink and I took his top off and went for his nipples… I used a magic marker to draw sun rays coming from his nipples

What was your biggest screw-up at work?

I was appearing live and my chest felt a bit funny. It seems when I was getting changed my (strapless) bra fell down my chest and I ended up wearing it like a belt, so when I was on stage I was singing no-bra! It was pretty embarrassing.

Her stalkers unkindly remark that this was probably because she is so flat.

Her other major episode of late relates to her ongoing Twitter implosion – Yu Darvish, a 24-year-old Japanese baseball player of Persian extraction, complimented Hirano on her voice in a Tweet, which she immediately picked up on and thanked him for, upon which he asked if she would become his follower.

Hirano’s “lifeliner” fans politely explained to him that as she was a seiyuu, she was not supposed to follow any males (in fact she has never followed anyone) – Darvish expressed his regrets for her and left it at that.

Lifeliners were thus shocked when Hirano suddenly decided to become Darvish’s follower, making him her first followee ever. Darvish appeared worried that this was a slight to her fans, but she was having none of it. The two began exchanging private messages shortly after this.

A lifeliner who took this as a sign that she was now going to be following people then asked if she would be kind enough to follow him as well – only to be completely ignored for not being at least a minor celebrity.

Darvish’s latest Tweets express frustration with his becoming a target for the jealous remnant of Hirano’s lifeliners – presumably he did not realise what he was letting himself in for.

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