Clinic Busted for Giving Schoolgirls Coffee Enemas


The staff of a clinic have been arrested for performing coffee enemas on several schoolgirls.

Chiba police arrested a 55-year-old man, the former manager of a clinic, and 2 others for the practice of medicine without a licence.

Police found the clinic (since closed) had been offering coffee enemas on the basis that they “helped remove bad things and make the body beautiful,” having performed the procedure on at least 6 female “patients,” including 2 14-year-old schoolgirls who complained of constipation.

In his defence, the proprietor insists “we made the preparations and cleaned up afterwards, but the patients performed the enemas themselves.”

The staff operated several clinics offering “rainbow treatment” intended to allow spontaneous recovery from various ailments, as well as “ear diets” designed to allow weight-loss through acupressure of the ear. The clinics reportedly treated 5,000 customers, earning  ¥40,000,000 in revenue.

Police suspect the clinic performed other dubious procedures and continue to investigate.

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