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14% “Will Dump Their Man If He Loses His Bonus”


A significant number of Japanese women report they will dump a man if his bonus fails to live up to their expectations.

The survey reportedly asked working women in their twenties and thirties if they would consider dumping their boyfriend if he lost his bonus, to which a total of 14% replied that would either “very much” or “somewhat” consider ridding themselves of the substandard male.

Some of the reasons given for this outlook:

“A man with no economic potential means a man with no future aspirations.”

“There’s no point in dating a man with no money.”

“It’s a man’s duty to earn money, so if he can’t do that he just lost his appeal.”

Fortunately, many women are prepared to look past a man’s bonuses – 39% “wouldn’t really” consider dumping him if his bonus failed to satisfy them, whilst 48% “wouldn’t consider it at all.”

From the women who said they would not consider dumping a man if he received an inadequate bonus came these less than reassuring pearls of wisdom:

“I’m more concerned about his monthly wage than his bonuses.”

“I don’t think about just his bonuses, I consider his annual salary as a whole.”

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