My Little Sister Can’t Be This Harmful to Children



Ore no Imouto has been alleged to contain “antisocial” content which is harmful to children, and Japan’s main TV censorship body has been investigating complaints about it.

The body in question, the “BPO,” published several complaints on its website, one dealing with Ore no Imouto’s first episode, which showed Kirino’s vast hoard of eroge. The other targeted Yosuga no Sora’s noted preoccupation with healthy sexuality.

Regarding Ore no Imouto:

It is exceedingly inappropriate for anime to be showing a minor accumulating adult games and similar in large quantities.

In addition, makers of such games gave official endorsement for their actual products to appear, neglecting the needs of minors. It may be aired late at night, but it is also distributed online.

There is a significant fear that such an anime may encourage minors to access adult content.

There was in fact some suspicion on 2ch that the complaints had been by the show’s detractors as a way of getting back at fans.

The BPO (“Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization” – it seems to prefer the English version of its name and the “BPO” abbreviation is how it is referred to in Japanese) is an “independent” broadcasting ethics watchdog largely concerned with fielding public complaints about Japanese TV content, most of which seemingly revolve around indecent programming of the sort moralistic busybodies the world over love to hound.

The organisation itself has no formal powers and has a governing committee stacked with broadcasting industry bosses, and thus tends to be none too hostile to the interests of stations.

The BPO’s investigatory committee viewed the episode in question and unanimously agreed there was no significant issue with the show, coming as something of a relief to fans of the show fearing yet another crazed witchhunt against content which would barely be registered were it written or filmed.

One member could not resist getting a dig in all the same however (after watching it three times):

“The justification for a middle schooler owning this kind of adult material is deftly woven into the story, although I can’t help but have misgivings about this having the effect of promoting sales to any children viewing.”

The fact that the show is broadcast at 3AM is apparently unworthy of consideration in this evaluation.

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