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How To Date a Japanese Girl


A survey of Japanese women reveals just how to appease them on a date, which seems to be reducible to three simple steps.

Market research company iShare conducted a survey on Japanese dating habits in the 20-40 age range, asking women what they sought from a man when going on a date with him.

The (multiple choice) answers gathered seem to show certain clear preferences for what the man should be doing on any given date:

1. Driving (64.8%)

2. Deciding the type of date (55.6%)

3. Seeing her home (48.8%)

4. Deciding where to dine (42.6%)

5. PayingΒ  for the meal (38.3%)

From this it can presumably be concluded that the proper way to date a Japanese girl is to pick where to conduct the date, drive the girl there, pay for everything, and then drive her home – easily remembered as “drive, pay and drop.”

Men asked the same questions wanted women to decide where to conduct the date (65.3%) and where to dine (56.5%), but not much else it seems.

Naturally there was some scepticism about these requirements when they were brought to the gender equality experts of 2ch:

What are we, dogsbodies?

Are they really looking for boyfriends…

They just want slaves to do their bidding.

What do they think men are?

Walking ATMs.

At least with 2D you are only stuck with the cost of the software.

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  • Anonymous says:

    basically don’t be a mindless jellyfish. Be a man; stop being indecisive. Take a stand & decided on a date , time & location. if you really like her and enjoy her company you wouldn’t mind paying. studies have shown women still do not get paid equally for producing equal results along side males at work & it is not the ’50s anymore. escorting her home shows that you are concerned for her safety. Basically treat her with common decency and respect as a fellow human being. show at least some effort. especially if you initiated the date. lets set good examples of the male species. otherwise chivalry really is dead.

  • lol “at least 2D you are only stuck with the cost of the software” HAHAHAHA

    think the lesson to learn here is that if the women is fucking gorgeous you do everything from pay drive and drop whilst if she isnt just choose what you feel like from the 3 options.

  • It just occurred to me that in Japan, even between friends of the same sex, usually the meals are payed just by one person which may be a senpai or the one who made the invitation.
    So it’s not so strange that woman want their date to pay..

  • I don’t see what’s so bad about this. Driving is a sign that you have the means to own a car (no small feat in Japan, compared to the ubiquity of cars in a place like LA or Miami). Women also like to be treated, that seems to be the same everywhere–and it seems fairly unusual, when I treated girls in Japan it seemed unusual for them when it’s my standard operation procedure whenever eating out with any woman. I am bad with picking places, though, but other than that these are easy peasy for any guy worth his salt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its not really about it being “easy” for some guys, nor is it about anyone being worth anything, its about the whole “I have to pay & do everything, because I’m the man” thing. So then, does that mean that if you were a gay man then you wouldn’t pay for the other guy since he is a man as well? Or if you were a lesbian you would expect the other woman to pay since you were a woman as well? Not trying to say you’re wrong since you’re just as right as anyone else, just trying to see where you’re coming from is all.

  • In alot of ways i think it kinda matters who asked who out. If I asked a girl on a date i would expect to pay and such but its kinda weird if she ask you out, lol i can see it

    *you drop her off
    you:well do i get a kiss πŸ™‚
    girl: nope and ill see you the next time i want free stuff
    *your heart breaks
    *you decide life isnt worth it
    *you go in there and rape her
    *but just as you go to finish she laughs and pulls out a sword and then cuts your penis off and says
    girl: now finish b****!
    *you die and happily ever after 😐

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is that? (if i may ask…) Is it because not every guy feels that he should have to pay for every little thing on a date?… While I will agree that for the most part, i don’t mind paying for a girls dinner if I chose to ask her out, on that same token, she shouldn’t mind paying for mine if she asks me out… that doesn’t mean that I would allow her to, it just means that I shouldn’t constantly be expected to foot the bill every time we go out… What if it was reversed & the girl was always expected to pay?… I doubt (if you are a girl, I don’t know if you are or not, & I won’t even ask if you are…) that many women would feel the same as they seem to right now… That’s just like this B.S. blog I read where some blogger wants everyone to believe that men are always the aggressor in a relationship or that men are always the ones who initiate sex… This same person even stated that when it comes to prostitution, porn, & strip clubs, even when it is men being objectified, it is harmful to women… Don’t get me wrong, but if women say they want equality (which they do deserve…), then they should be prepared to take equal responsibility (As a lot of women do…). I don’t expect everyone to agree with my views, despite how “right” or “wrong” I may believe something to be… As no one should expect that from anyone…

  • I’m the type of girl who feels awkward letting others pay for her ^__^u
    And I prefer walking home…Simple&romantic…I’m not impressed by cars…
    And am rather interested in going to small places than trendy foreign restaurants&such :/
    I’m weird XD

    On the other hand…For me the reason to pay expenses&stuff on a date would be more like a ‘thank you’ for ‘accepting my invitation – giving me a chance to impress you – and not sending me to hell right away’… ^___^u

  • Food isn’t THAT expensive…I don’t think the man should pay full, though…

    AND those who are butthurt over not being loved should stop acting like they’ve been in a relationship with every girl in the world. Deep down, would anyone believe that they’ll be watching anime their whole life, free of a partner?

  • Is this too much pressure for today’s pussified men? The list above are things that men should want to do in any situation. I, for one, am not going to be waiting around for a decision to be made while we both engage in a conversation that goes like this:

    “So what do you want to do?”
    “I don’t know. What about you?”
    “I don’t know.”


    And who the hell wants the chick to drive?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that I wouldn’t mind a conversation like that if it means that later, if i had picked somewhere that she didn’t like, I could say “well, i gave you the chance to pick where we were going.” πŸ™‚

      I think that everyone should drive their own car, that way if the date goes bad, I don’t have to drive the girl home with her whining all the way, or if I decide to go somewhere else after the date (like if i get called in for work) then she can take herself home.

  • I will never understand the obsession with cars. Why not walk through a crowded city, that way if either person turns out to be a psychopath there are others around to help. Not only that but time to talk and get to know each other along the way, there’s always a taxi if things don’t work out, and ya need a way home.

  • anyone against this list is gay!

    inviting a girl on a date does imply some expenses like it or not. what i don’t support are girls only sticking with guys to get things out of men, but this isn’t the case is a date, an invitation. you don’t invite anyone to dinner and say hey can you bring the food cause i don’t have any? unless you are the last ghost seen on the latest episode of Panty and stockings

  • The main problem, as most have pointed out by now, is that some women (especially in Japan) actually EXPECT these luxuries, and make a big deal out of it when brought up.

    Much like ‘being a gentleman’ is taken for granted by straw feminists. Double standards everywhere, I tell you.

  • This is 1 fucked up list, umm let’s see;

    1. Driving (64.8%)
    WTH for?…Is it so hard for a woman to do the driving, honestly I don’t mind but if I can’t, it bet not ruin everything cause that is BS…

    2. Deciding the type of date (55.6%)
    *sign* & she can’t do this why?…women expecting men to know what they want at this point is insanity, honestly if I do it, I just don’t want her being disgusted afterwards by my choice I mean that is what your opinion is for, is it not?…

    3. Seeing her home (48.8%)
    Of course I will do this period, no matter how the date went…just will be on my guard based on the same thing…

    4. Deciding where to dine (42.6%)
    Same as (2.), just not as irritable…

    5. Paying for the meal (38.3%)
    She *sign* better be willing to pay at least some of the bill if she isn’t absolutely unable to without digging into her non-disposable income or anything similar…

    & I actually was considering dating, even if just to do it & this hits me…

  • “Walking ATMs” lol…
    Come on, guys. The girls to watch out for are the ones who want to marry you then rob you blind, or the ones who only want to be with you when you’re buying them stuff. Transport, entertainment, and a meal once in a while? I know I have nothing better to spend my money on. More video games? Plastic figures? That’s kind of… secondary.

    • jamesownsall says:

      At least you have enough money to buy those ‘secondary’ shit.

      After putting aside billing expenses, I have barely enough to take care of myself for the rest of that month. The only otaku-standard things I have in my room are my PC and the goddamn Internet modem/router. No figurines, no posters, just the bulk of my favorite comic books I kept since I was a kid.

      Not saying I’d consider myself an anime otaku in the first place(I’m obsessed, yes, but rather with scientific books even i can’t understand).

  • Wow, my current gf is nothing like that. She always insists (and insisted) we pay dutch, and sometimes suggests where does she want to go. Well it seems I found the right one, good luck with your gold diggers gentlemen.

  • Girl here.
    1 is…romantic XD and I think that 3 is the natural developement of 1, I mean, if he drives he’s also going to take you home, right?

    And I totally agree with 2 and 4. Not because girls can’t decide but because determination is good and no one wants a boyfriend who just goes “ok” and “as you want” at EVERY demand. It would be boring.

    5 is..well, I usually don’t make my boyfriend pay and we divide the price, I’ve actually done the opposite and payed for everything myself. On the other hand sometimes can be, you know, romantic..not as a walking atm but as doing something for your woman.

  • “1. Driving (64.8%)

    2. Deciding the type of date (55.6%)

    3. Seeing her home (48.8%)

    4. Deciding where to dine (42.6%)

    5. Paying for the meal (38.3%)”

    no kiss,no flower,no bed time or anything…

    good thing is that you only pay the dinner (and not the “privilege” to dine with the “lady”) ,
    but from my point of view it sure looks like they are seeking a butler..

      • The kiss and the flower are actually something that i’d put in the date and not “AFTER”.

        But i agree for the bed time,although from the look of it…it doesn’t seem like there will be an after to talk about. :p

        You drive her back home and say goodbye! XD

        (and pray she don’t call you “Sebastian” by mistake..)

  • Wonder what the requirements are for a yuri coupling. Hrmm.

    Regardless, these seem fairly universal. Just because some women would ideally like their date to turn out like this, doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone.

    Then again, I’m the type that would want to treat a woman like a princess.

  • LOL drive pay drop. Priceless. But it’s not any different anywhere else. I don’t see the problem here. I’ve been to Australia, it was the same. When I was in the army and in Germany, it was the same and all over Europe for that matter. The last time I was in Tokyo, it was the same. And I’m sure when I go to Kyoto/Tokyo this February, nothing will have changed. Japan so far is the only place I haven’t driven, mainly because of the language on the road signs.

  • Well… if I was asked to take a survey like this (assuming I was a part of it’s target audience), I’d mark “driving”, personally, even though I have yet to start my driving license exam things.

    I mean, would you rather get driven to the restaurant or go there in a crowded, smelly bus?

    There’s always the healthy alternative of going on foot, which I’d personally prefer over driving or using public transport, but I guess women nowadays would think it’s lame, so…

    Guess I’m stuck with my waifus after all.

  • 1. Driving (64.8%)

    2. Deciding the type of date (55.6%)

    3. Seeing her home (48.8%)

    4. Deciding where to dine (42.6%)

    5. Paying for the meal (38.3%)

    Yawn there’s nothing uniquely Japanese in that, you will find girls anywhere can want that.

  • Paying for the meal (38.3%)

    So that means that 61.7% Didn’t say paying for the meal. I know that white people are bad at math, so let me explain something: 61% is more than 38%

    That means MOST women DON’T expect guys to pay.
    Why do you always try to paint women in such a negative light?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, I felt this way LONG before that. Why should I waste my time & hard earned money on someone who is just gonna sit back & whine the entire date, then look at me like I’m crazy if I choose not to call them again since they are clearly a gold digger? If the lady would at least seem like she didn’t just expect it, that would be different. I think there was a movie once where a guy told his son (or something) that if he unlocks & opens the door for a lady, & she doesn’t unlock his door, then she is a trifling, lazy, bitch that he shouldn’t waste his time on (not his exact words, it was an old movie lol)& I feel the same about if I go on a date with a girl & I’m reaching for my wallet & she just sits there like a bump on a log & doesn’t even make it see like she might even come close to wanting to pay (at least for her portion of the bill or even just the tip for the waiter or waitress) Then why the hell should I waste anymore time on her?

  • so basically everything is on you except going to her home because if she wants that she wants some lovin to happen but everything else seems like really a walking ATM. thats why i want a independent women who has her own thing.

  • I am a girl but I have never understood how other girls can just take from men so easily. I feel guilty if I don’t pay for myself. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and I’m sure it doesn’t for men either.

    • Thank God that there are still women like you in this world.

      Some of the girls (I call them as I see them…) want to say that they are independent and all that and still want the man to pay for everything and shower them with gifts. The balance in power (figurative speaking…) is all given up to the girl in the very beginning.

      The guys that go for that don’t understand how attraction works it’s like Sorrior said about swinging a 500 pound axe to kill the bear for dinner. A wussy bag isn’t even going to have the will to lift that axe in the first place he’s gonna end up on his knees with two kids and while he’s driving them to school and she’s at home alone…

      Using money to attempt to bribe a woman into loving you is the actually the first step in driving her away even manga/hentai understands where that concept leads.

      I’m going to Japan to find out if these things are even remotely true.

      Then again being Black I probably won’t be able to get close enough rich or not.

      I’d be better off just moving back to California.

    • Well, I can understand a bit since it was considered polite not so long ago but for the first date only. As you say, money doesn’t grow on trees. People have to work hard for it and girls can’t expect they’ll get everything for free just because of their cute smile or something.
      Moreover, it’s not just about money, I don’t understand why they expect man to do just everything. Of course different people picked different answers in the survey but still, seems a lot to me what a man should do according to this.
      And what’s with driving anyways? I don’t know but walks seems more intimate to me…

    • I don’t really agree with you, the man should pay… its just proper etiquette.

      Although it does actually seem very misogynistic and sexist, this common etiquette has been around for a good few years, back in a time LONG ago, when everyone was a misogynistic sexist…

      Anyway, from my rather lame upbringing, the man Should pay.

      I’m a Man, So if you want to date me, I’ll pay for your meal in return for the company~

      (Without your company, or anyone else for that matter, I’ll be a forever alone anyway and keep that money for future animΓ© products….)

      • That is very chivalrous of you, but women nowadays have earned the privilege to earn income fairly equal to men. So naturally I believe with that privilege comes responsibility, no?

        I do understand where you are coming from, however I suppose I can’t take proper etiquette into account when men are struggling economically these days.

        Besides, if I did want to date you, aren’t I just looking for your company as well? If you paid, that’s very nice, but I would feel as if I owe you.

        (If I didn’t pay for myself, I’d probably just buy something else just as self-indulgent anyway.)

  • deciding the wheres is a bit of a pain in the ass, but other than that I don’t think that is too much to ask for. I was quite surprised at the first one. Not that many Japanese have cars in the major cities. Now if only the did a survey on how to ask them out on a date…

        • Anonymous says:

          Just like “traditionally” women are supposed to stay at home with the kids, or women are “traditionally” supposed to date men, or “traditionally” women aren’t supposed to wear pants, or “traditionally” women are suppose to be the ‘fairer’ sex (ok so that last one is still basically true, but I’m sure you see what I’m getting at lol)

    • jamesownsall says:

      1. Cars are expensive

      2. Gas sure as hell is expensive and it’s only climbing.

      3. You’re looking at a dating how-to that almost completely leaves all the doing to the guy only. Ironic, considering gender equality is all the rage now. Do they seek ‘equality’ or ‘superiority’?

      Actually, equality has always existed. What women don’t have that men do, is made up by things they can do and men can’t. Unfortunately, shallow-minded feminists can’t see through that.

      That, or they’re plotting for superiority all along.

    • 1. Driving (64.8%)

      2. Deciding the type of date (55.6%)

      3. Seeing her home (48.8%)

      4. Deciding where to dine (42.6%)

      5. Paying for the meal (38.3%)
      “drive, pay, and drop” eh? sounds like an ordinary date to me those guys at 2ch need to loosen up a little
      Naturally there was some skepticism about these requirements when they were brought to the gender equality experts of 2ch:

      What are we, dogsbodies?

      Are they really looking for boyfriends…

      They just want slaves to do their bidding.

      What do they think men are?

      Walking ATMs.

      At least with 2D you are only stuck with the cost of the software.
      wow 2ch just wow

      • An ordinary date includes sex. Taking someone out, buying them dinner etc are a waste of damn time unless there is sex. That’s the exchange between men and women….women seek a man who makes enough to support her and men seek a woman to fuck. Now simple logic tells us that if one side wants what the other has (i.e. money) then they’d best be giving up what the other side wants (sex). Now I’m not a boor, not all dates HAVE to be this way but if we’re not having sex, then our date is a walk in the park to look at nature topped off with a nice drink of tap water and some scintillating conversation (in other words, no sex == no money spent). Want the fancy night out? Spread ’em.

        • What’s the point of dating for sex? It’s fun. I love it when a girl spend hours telling me how virtuous or shy she is at dinner then she comes back to my place and pins her heels behind her ears. You just can’t get that kind of comedy from a prostitute.

          As for 3 dates, it wouldn’t happen. If you don’t put out on date 1, there is no date 2. What’s the point? Human attraction happens in seconds…there is no such thing as gradually being attracted to someone. If someone tells you that what they’re really saying is “I’m not attracted to you at all but I’m willing to ignore that to get what I want” (relationship, money, whatever).

          And as for so much cash, don’t be a rookie. All guys should know that when you go out on a date you eat at home first so you can order a salad at the restaurant. This will make the girl also order a salad so as not to appear gluttonous in front of you. Do not drink alcohol….that’s something you do with other men for fun, drinking with women sucks and usually ends up bad. 40 dollar date limit…I don’t bring more money and I don’t bring credit cards or ATM card. The point of dating is to SHOW women how much money you have without giving them any.

          PS all this is from a male point of view. Females have their own agenda and more power to them but they ain’t gettin’ my money.

        • How many soaps have you watched to come up with this concept? Wait… I don’t think I want to know.

          Also, what I’m going to say now might sound silly, but what’s the point of even dating someone if all you want from them is sex? Paying ridiculous amounts of money just to get a pussy to fuck sounds extremely desperate, don’t you think? Besides, there’s a chance your money will go to waste and you won’t get any anyways.

          Let’s say a girl was modest and she didn’t have sex with you after three dates, surely you’d dump her, because it’s not her feelings you’re after and you just wasted so much cash on her, right? Pretty irresponsible, in my opinion.

    • Those responses are pretty much dating 101 – you decide, you pay. The driving part gets me since I kind of assume that in Japan those with cars are a class above those who don’t. Unlike the USA where everyone has atleast 2 (running or not)

    • I dont mind doing any of these things tbh. Its just Gentlemanly to do so. I wouldnt like it if the woman EXPECTED me to do those things though.

      Paying is an exception, I dont care either way. Depends on the couple really.

      • It’s funny because when I first started to go out with my girlfriend she out-right refused to let me pay for her even though I offered. It confused me a bit at first, but I just went with it.

      • Despite those answers, most Japanese couples go dutch. Or in my friend’s case they take turns.

        That being said I’m fully prepared to pay in a girl’s stead just because I can’t stand the sight of watching a girl go for her wallet.

      • I’m all for gentlemanly gestures. It’s more of a turn on than trying to play macho.

        I agree though that women shouldn’t expect any of these actions, but they’d be very welcomed gestures on special occasions. Personally I wouldn’t want no first-date to drive me home; what if he turns out to be crazy and now he knows where you live.

        • @HouseLife: You’re overreacting and you’re missing the point. I’m not talking about judging your every action. In a lot of dates, you’re basically alone with a stranger and need to use your common sense about disclosing some of your personal information. I’m talking about the very first date; or are you telling me letting them know your address right away is a wise choice?

        • Recent story:

          I went on a date with a guy. Eventually we went back to his place to watch movies. I nodded off but was awake enough for this….

          So he gets up off the couch, goes into his bedroom, turns off the lights. Then I see nothing for a bit. Eyes adjust and I see him crawling on the ground. He gets out of my sight so get up looking for my purse, and he is behind the couch. I tried my best not to look freaked out.

          Despite this I still talked to him. Eventually I asked him if he was going to rape me. Turns out he had a pretty abusive ex that would make him sleep on the floor…and yeah.

          Dating world is scary >.>

          Anyways, I personally bring money. I don’t expect to be paid for, but really on a 1st date you aren’t going to win points by going dutch. (at least not with me)In a relationship it is different, I am certainly up to being mutual then. Granted I am American. My friend lives in Japan (school teacher) and is pretty good with the ladies. Though he does say they are more expensive always wanting name brands and what not.

          It is interesting. Men what sex, women want shineys. From a lot of the posts it seems most men don’t want to pay unless they are getting some.

          That is about enough rambling at 2:40am.

        • It’s thoughts like that that make me nervous to ask women out at all these days. I feel like as soon as I would ask, immediately the walls would go up and every action I do would be scrutinized as if I were trying to kidnap her or something.

      • When I had my first girlfriend, this is what I tended to do. She’d bring up going out somewhere, I’d suggest a place, we’d go, I’d cover costs mostly, and then I’d drop her off at home. One of our routes took us in the summer from the local movie theater, to the ice cream parlor next door, to the Barnes and Nobles just nearby where she could pick out a book she wanted (although I offered cash towards this, she would pay herself, but I would still offer out of courtesy). We had a good relationship for about a year, and we’re still on very good terms with one another (my going to college is what ended it).

        • Actually 9:12, I was a Junior in high school, at seventeen. =P She was a fifteen year old freshman.

          The main reason I hadn’t had a girlfriend before that was due to being an overbearing creepy guy. Once I figured out that half-stalking someone saying how much I loved them wasn’t the way to make it work (though it took eight turn-downs between 7th and 9th grade), I got it right on lucky number nine.

        • most of the girls around me are destined for the same thing, 08:35.. Don’t take me wrong, it’s just that I can name at least 10 of them without hesitating.

          On the other hand, @08:17,
          You remind me of myself! πŸ˜› Except, of course, that means you were around 18/19 (human years..) when that happened~~

      • This is all just a projection of what women seek in men. No matter who they are or what they are, there’s a perception that is constantly present in the female human psychy, and that is that they seek a man that can provide protection and stability however that occurs to them, and on a date, that’s how it projects itself. Even successful, strong-willed women seek that in men, but it manifests itself differently for them.

        Relationships are like miniature versions of civilizations. Once a person is prosperous, it starts seeking more exaggerated and exotic aspects of life. But if they’re not as successful as they want to be, basic needs are sought first and foremost.

        Being the one to take charge on the date and have a plan is a basic manifestations of the masculine spirit, and whether they understand it or not, women respond to those aspects of the masculine (‘sacred masculine’ energy, not macho bullshit, although that too is an extension of the energy in certain forms). The spirit is constantly in motion and represents the masculine, the soul is a stable force representing the feminine. They both balance one another.

        • I figured you as a someone who claimed the brain is the reason we perceive reality would have understood what I meant by science having personality due to humans being the ones who practice it. Whether you call it a concept or not, no matter what the circumstances, it is humans that perform it, and will never escape personality in our race. Therefore, science has personality due to the very nature of humanity. Whether the definition does or not is irrelevant in its practice.

          As I said before, I do hope that the right scientists are in control who can constantly say “I’m wrong? COOL!” But the reality is, they are still human, and that will come up innumerable amounts of times.

          As for metaphysics’ definition, honestly if the word philosophy fits, then by definition it could work, but let’s face it these days philosophers aren’t respected (outside of history books) and metaphysicians have been ridiculed because we can’t point to obvious things that the layman can perceive as to why we know what we know. We, like scientists, always strive to perceive and know more, and use science for it most of the time as well, but there are also other explorations that science admittedly cannot follow yet and won’t for quite a while. So in that regard, calling it ‘philosophy’ in modern times comes with connotative baggage I must admit.

          As for reality existing outside our mind, that’s easily proven. We are in fact doing something right now. Whether it’s an illusion or not, it still exists, therefore we exist, therefore this world is A reality whether it’s called an illusion or not. Regardless of if the entire planet and us and our typing here is an illusion, it’s still happening in one form or another, and nothing can happen if something does not exist. “The world is an illusion” is basically metaphysics 101, but it gets nobody anything except the possibility of going further. Unfortunately most don’t go beyond that and then pretend they know something ^^

        • Science can be applied to humans, too. After all, according to scientific realism we’re but complex machines.

          While scientists certainly have personalities, science itself is just a concept. Every new person that picks it up will make a new form of ‘science’ based on their own experience and beliefs – it doesn’t mean it has a personality.

          Now here’s something I don’t understand. Science, and especially physics, is always conducted with the mindset that “tomorrow we may find that today’s science has been completely wrong”. Paradigm shifts happen. Scientists should accept that – normal and ‘average’ people might not.

          As for your definition of metaphysics, I’m not sure I follow. The ‘philosophy’ part doesn’t mean it has no practical value, nor would it being a part of science change that. It’s philosophical for many reasons, one being that it isn’t empirical in the sense science is – metaphysics are explored by thought alone, like philosophy in general.

          Just to confirm:

          “Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world,[1] although the term is not easily defined.[2] Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:
          “What is there?” and
          “What is it like?”[3]”

          -> That’s from Wikipedia, and pretty much in line with the other stuff on Google. Is this how you use the term? Many of the terms don’t seem to fall under metaphysics (well, in a sense “everything” does) so I want to confirm that.

          Lastly, we can’t know whether ‘reality’ exists outside our mind, so whether we literally affect it is a matter of belief. After clearing the jungle of concepts that’s all that seems to remain. On the other hand, the rest of the last paragraph is more or less what I meant with “constructing” reality.

        • I wasn’t determining personality, just preempting a common assumption for clarification. And it’s not necessarily ‘right,’ but potentially more ‘practical.’ The trouble is practical language in this regard turns it into a study on animals, when humans have higher consciousness that we’re discovering is governed by many things which aren’t attributed to other animals.

          ‘Forced to admit’ is not quite INcorrect, because science does have a personality, since it’s done by humans who have personalities. There are hold-outs who are shown evidence over time where they may reluctantly agree. It’s wonderful to believe in the true scientists who relish the evidence, but sadly most are not. Much like any other human, constantly changing beliefs takes a massive amount of mental endurance, not just intellect. They are literally analyzing things that defy our current understanding of physics, and there are many who simply use that as an excuse to ignore new ideas, because it hasn’t entered their perception yet that perhaps we’ve been incorrect about aspects of physics all along.

          Metaphysics isn’t philosophy, so much as an analytically assertive form of science. Philosophy denotes it has no practical use, when in reality “metaphysics” is simply a new name for things that have existed for thousands of years. Religions just did a wonderful job of calling it magic and making it synonymous with frivolity and/or evil. Renaming it for modern times is simply a conduit to reinsert it into society again.

          And you talk of ‘constructing’ reality with our brains as if you think I’m talking about something mental. Not in the slightest. I am literally saying that the human perception and intention literally shapes multidimensional reality around us based solely on our presence, and this has started to be proven through smaller experiments now, but yet again has been known for several millenia that that’s how the world works. It’s perceived through different filters and fears, but it’s always been known in some form or another to the initiated minds of the past. The term Alchemy refers generally to that concept. Even prayer does this. In science, you can find it in the Placebo effect for a simple example. It’s simultaneously incredibly simple and incredibly complex how directly humans shape the proverbial world around them.

        • You needn’t make assumptions about my views. We can’t really determine another’s personality across the internet, since they could be typing the opposite of their thoughts for all we knew. I’m not closed to new ideas, nor do I assume metaphysicists are hippies.

          We construct reality within our brains; that’s no news. But I’ve never heard of any proof of the ‘Aura’, and all supernatural experiences could be just brushed off as symptoms of ‘incomplete sanity’, as in hallucinations and the like. Any elaboration on this?

          On another note, metaphysics being ahead of science sounds peculiar. I haven’t studied its development so I wouldn’t know, but as it’s a branch of philosophy it can hardly make progress without fundamental changes in human brains/thinking.

          “Forced to admit” sounds off, too – it’s not like science has a personality, nor are all or most proponents/believers of scientific realism the same. I’m also not sure about calling anything under science ‘spiritual’ or metaphysical – if something has been confirmed empirically, it ceases to fall under those two by definition.

          Arguing against spirituality in general wasn’t my point, though. The point’s that for “worldly” topics such as this, using scientific language is the best. Isn’t that right?

        • Depends how far into science you get, since science is now being forced to admit and seek out the more metaphysical aspects of reality. The Aura is now proven, the chakra can be seen by many people now and have been known about for thousands of years and hasn’t changed in its purpose or description, the fact that humans now control their own reality through their perceptions is now accepted by science.

          Metaphysics has been at least 20 years ahead of science constantly, and anyone familiar with metaphysics looks at the new scientific discoveries and are left going ‘it’s about time… we’ve known that for generations… not to mention certain cultures have lived by that knowledge for centuries…” My father is also an AP Chem and Physics teacher and is also very understanding of the metaphysical presence in reality, so don’t think they’re all ‘hippies’ or whatever you might perceive.

          If you’re one of those who don’t make a distinction between religion and spirituality, then that requires further explanation, since there is next to no similarity between the two. One’s political, one is much more.

        • Having all the money in the world would suck – you think people would still think it has value? Of course not.

          I agree with 18:25’s main point though – if you have a significant amount of money/power, you’ll get lots of girls asking you out. Zero confidence or not, doesn’t matter. Sure, having confidence would be a turn-on for the women (eww) but if you don’t have the money, some won’t want to date you.

          On another note, while I respect you (HL) for the various good posts you’ve made, what the heck were you smoking when you wrote the last paragraph? @07:22, “sacred”, “spirit”, “soul”? You can’t be serious. I thought this discussion was at least quasi-scientific, so what’s with the pseudo-science?

        • “…my ‘macho bullshit’ term still stands…”

          Well, I wasn’t trying to make you take it back or anything. I just wasn’t clear on your perception of the concept, but since you elaborated I understand now, and it’s what I tried to express by ‘pretentious masculinity’.

          I would just like to reiterate my agreement with your ideas, good sir.

        • I may be verbose, but that’s not my intention. I take the Treebeard approach. I never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say. Whether people find it worthy to read is another matter.

          I just consider the internet full of trite enough statements that it’s worth spending some time to attempt to rebirth intelligent discourse here and there.

        • i would actually want to do all those things on the list. i would love to be a gentleman to the girl, right up to opening the door for her and seating her in a chair. if i like her that much where i would be dating her, why would i not want to do these things?

          if you are unwilling to spend money on a woman or to do things like what is listed in order to make her feel happy and loved, you better get used to dying alone

        • Macho, at least the original concept, may have been based on being a balanced masculine figure, but the idea of macho now has been synonymous with bullshit in my perception. The preening that has been brought into the ‘machismo’ concept is just a childish perception of boyish toughness layered onto an older, more… well… more respectable concept. So technically my ‘macho bullshit’ term still stands, as those who are basically bullshitting while pretending they are actually being macho are, in fact, the issue with the concept as a whole in current times.

        • “…not macho bullshit…”

          Not that I disagree with you, but are you perchance equating macho to violent or pretentious masculinity? At least that’s what it seems to me.

          Being that I live with the culture that spawned the concept later adopted by americans, I would like to point out that a ‘macho’ is an exceptionally masculine man, comparable to ‘GAR’ in netspeak.

          The original concept may now be diluted, however, due to the influence of american media.

    • I just need someplace to keep my penis warm on a nightly basis… the warm, tight, juicy sensation of a young Japanese girls vagina fits the bill perfectly. And fucking shit NO TALKING, want only moans and screams of pleasure. FUCK. FUCK YA. hard cum.

      • At first I agreed, but as I read “moans and screams of PLEASURE” I changed my mind. You want to please the woman? Disgusting.

        The desire to sexually please a female and the sexual pleasure of a female are the two biggest turn-offs of all. Unfortunately seeing them as turn-ons is more common, due to most other men being weak, pussy-whipped wimps.

        Those repulsive “men” have ruined so many “stories” in all kinds of porn. Can’t even read a doujin unless I know the text isn’t a turn-off, which it usually is. Same goes for audio in videos. Don’t wanna hear any “ah, give me more” shit.

        … But I digress.