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Top 10 Things You Hate a Girl Doing on a Date


Japanese asked what kind of behaviour they find intolerable from a woman on a “goukon” (a group blind date normally held at a bar) supply a helpful ranking of dating faux pas.

The ranking (with votes in brackets):

1. Acting like a little girl to seem cute [“burikko”] (8684)

2. Constantly checking her phone (5455)

3. Being a bad drunk (2762)

4. Being bossy (2757)

5. Not going along with the mood (2010)

6. Only talking about herself (1153)

7. Not talking (1093)

8. Not paying (963)

9. Being tight (255)

10. Dressing badly (232)

The corresponding ranking for men.

See also a similar ranking for one-on-one dates.

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