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“What Would You Do If Your Idol Got a Lover?”


A survey asking 25,000 Japanese how they would react to their idol daring to maintain a relationship with a lover seems to suggest not all are as creepy as previously suspected…

The ranking:

1. I’d be shocked but I’d still support them (6954)

2. I’d watch over them warmly (4540)

3. I’d be heartbroken (3388)

4. I might be rather jealous (2984)

5. I wouldn’t really care (2684)

6. I might stop being a fan (1822)

7. I’d be plunged into the depths of despair (1102)

8. I’d be strangely happy (721)

9. I’d start to like their lover too (465)

“Stalk and harass them” was fortunately not an option in the poll it seems.

Whilst the numbers seem to suggest those questioned would be relatively accepting of an idol engaging in natural relationships with other humans, it should of course be remembered that it may well be the hardcore fans who do the vast majority of the buying, and these individuals are probably amongst the least receptive to the notion of an idol not being a virgin princess.

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