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Top 10 PlayStation Games You Want Remade on the PS3


Japanese asked which PlayStation era games they would like to see updated and remade for the PS3 give a list unsurprisingly dominated by JRPGs, although the title which narrowly edged in at the top may well be something of surprise…

The ranking (the bracketed number is the percentage of respondents who included the game in their responses):

1.  Final Fantasy VIII (100%)

2. Final Fantasy VII (99.2%)

3. Final Fantasy IX (91.2%)

4. Xenogears (28%)

5. Valkyrie Profile (27.2%)

6. Parasite Eve (25.6%)

7. Ghost in the Shell (24.8%)

8. Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu: Art Truck Battle (19.2%)

9. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (15.2%)

10. Dino Crisis (9.6%)

It would appear the majority of Japanese gamers concur in thinking the Final Fantasy titles of the PlayStation era represent the heyday of the series.

Yet for reasons no sane person can know (perhaps involving towns), Square Enix has repeatedly scotched hopes of classic Final Fantasy remakes, apparently some of the most desired remakes the world over.

Possibly the ruination of the franchise in the Wada era will prompt them to finally reconsider, although considering the reception many of their latest games have faced, fans may have to prepare for the worst should they finally relent and go through with a remake.

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