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Even You Can Find a Partner! 35% Succeed in Ota-Konkatsu


The organisers of the recent Lucky Star Konkatsu dating event are crowing over the fact that “35%” of the otaku participants successfully formed nascent otaples.

Of 40 people, 20 male and 20 female, 7 couples were successfully formed in the event, which took place amidst the terribly romantic setting of the Lucky Star shrine. Reportedly many other participants also went on to drink together after the event as well.

Whilst considered promising by some, the fact that male applicants (who had to pay $100 to enter whilst women got in free) outnumbered female applicants 3:1 does suggest there might be problems if the practice takes off on a larger scale.

With 500 applicants for 40 places it seems likely future events along these lines will not be long in coming in any case.

2ch is of course the acknowledged authority on matters when it comes to being sad and lonely:

There’s a chance hot non-otaku guys were mixed in!

They were probably all just a bunch of normals pretending to be otaku anyway.

There are hot guys who are otaku and cute girls who are fujoshi – that’s the only reason.

If they had no results nobody would go to the next events. The organisers probably did some work behind the scenes to fix things…

I’d like them to tell us what the age breakdown of the participants was. Probably all in their twenties.

We can’t say anything until we see the photos of these couples…

I thought this would fail completely but 35% is pretty good – I hope it works out in future too.

Well, the people going to this were probably all of that age. If you miss this you may be single the rest of your life.

Conclusion: you can’t really be satisfied with 2D.

So much for 2D being better than 3D…

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