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Top 10 Things the Japanese Don’t Want to Hear About


Those aspiring to make interesting conversation with the Japanese (or at the very least hoping to avoid boring them to tears in a conversation they are too polite to end) might do well to consult the following ranking of the top 10 most boring topics of conversation to Japanese ears.

The ranking (with votes cast for each in brackets):

1. Bragging about themselves (5,237)

2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know (2,553)

3. Babbling about some geeky hobby (1,633)

4. Moaning about something or other (1,553)

5. Blathering about politics or business (1,080)

6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen (837)

7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap (564)

8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff (405)

9. Prattling about their work (316)

10. Going on about their family (278)

In light of these results it might be wise to brush up on the latest Aya Hirano gossip – ideal for NEETs and hikikomori with no job or family to speak of.

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  • >Don’t want to hear about family
    >Don’t want to hear about work
    >Don’t want to talk about movies
    >Don’t want to talk about ‘geeky’ (non-sport related) hobbies.

    They wanna make you listen to their bullshit

  • So basically, you can’t really talk about anything. You have to be skilled at talking about nothing, just like here in the west, where socialization is entirely superficial and hinges on your physical appearance rather than substance.

    There really isn’t anything new under the sun. Yowza.

  • I doubt they needed to name TEN things, but rather ONE. And these are just 10 most popular.
    Meaning that if you can’t brag about yourself, then maybe you can talk about something you dont know, about your hobby etc etc, but not all ten of them.
    Otherwise there are really not much left to talk about O.O

  • What I have to say about the list is;

    [b]1. Bragging about themselves (5,237)[/b]
    (The worse kind of person does this to the point where it would even bother someone so I see their point, agree thoroughly, enough said…)
    [b]2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know (2,553)[/b]
    (I don’t exactly get what “waffling” means but by what I googled, I don’t even know how to respond to this…)
    [b]3. Babbling about some geeky hobby (1,633)[/b]
    (In society, this can cause a person to be shunned by society all together so I agree, why take that risk…)
    [b]4. Moaning about something or other (1,553)[/b]
    (Depends on what that is but most of the time, it is something not worth moaning about even if they are doing it just to get something out of their system…)
    [b]5. Blathering about politics or business (1,080)[/b]
    (I hate politics period so I agree here soundly…)
    [b]6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen (837)[/b]
    (Agreed here, enough said…)
    [b]7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap (564)[/b]
    (Dangerously good signal that person is religious or is being brought on by something of the sort, regardless, fucking annoys me to death…)
    [b]8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff (405)[/b]
    (I personally hate hearing about this honestly but that is just me, glad to see I’m not the only 1…)
    [b]9. Prattling about their work (316)[/b]
    (this can be annoying, but I only see this happening in relationships in you know what manner…)
    [b]10. Going on about their family (278)[/b]
    (Well depends on what “going on” means…)

  • I find it funny people just use these surveys to boost their own egos about how “screwed up the Japanese are”, considering everything on this list is true, no one wants to hear about work or how evil the opposing political party is, how would you like it if someone guy was talking to you about RC Cars for an hour? If you can’t carry a conversation without these topics then you shouldn’t be insulting 2ch.

  • So basically according to this list, the best thing to talk about is abso-fuckin’-lutely nothing, just stay completely silent or even better – listen to their monologue diarrhea because surely their handkerchief collecting hobby is totally awesome and beyond your geeky one…

    …riiiiight. I think I’d rather watch a show depicting 24/7 wooden plank washing ashore in slow motion than trying to initiate a conversation with them.

  • So what can you use to make a conversation with? You can’t talk about hobbies, family, news (politics), celebrity news entertainment or anything. No wonder 2ch doesn’t associate with normals.

  • I lol at some of the Japan Defense Brigade here trying their very best to help the Japanese save face over something as minor and trivial as this and blowing this way out of proportion. Some of you sure show off your narccissistic side quite openly. Dudes need to chill.

    I’d love to see the comments if this was ‘Top 10 Things the Americans/Chinese Don’t Want to Hear About” lulz.

    • Oh yeah because people totally aren’t blowing the survey out of proportion and using it to blow stuff out of their ass about Japanese people right? If anything all the people here posting “What do they talk about” are people who don’t realize that not giving a shit about the other person you’re talking too is the exact same thing as being self-centered.

  • I can’t for the life of me make a Japanese friend on the internet, even when I try speaking in Japanese to them. I tried polite language, familiar language, slang and whatnot. On the other hand I could make tons of non-Japanese friends by simply sticking to English, which is not even my native tongue.

    There must be a secret formula on how to befriend these people…

  • I find it stupid that some people are generalizing Japanese people based on this article. I’ve talked to plenty of Japanese people, and they’re all interesting and willing to talk about stuff related to this. Wherever this data came from, it shouldn’t be used to generalize.

  • I don’t won’t to hear any of that crap either and I ain’t no parts Japanese. But I absolutely hate it when people talk politics and/or business because everyone says the same crap. Also more so than bragging about themselves, I hate it when people brag about their damn kids. If you don’t brag about anything or talk about the latest doom-and-gloom report and likewise be pretentious enough to “predict the news” then we should get along just fine.

  • Technically most people in this thread are just repeating #2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know. You are just assuming thats what they are because you read it on Sankaku, and on top of that. It’s more of an average, not necessarily a set in stone fact.

    I am all about #7. (Spiritual claptrap) Doing Mushrooms and LSD and talking about how deep everything is. Ahh, good ol’ stoner talk.

  • The article basically tells you that Japanese people aren’t interested in any topics outside their OWN fucking interest. Well isn’t that great? Now they can become a true nation of otakus who seclude themselves from society while trolling non-stop on 2ch. /sarcasm

  • guys,this only applies to japanese girls,but if you think about it,american”non otaku” girls show some relation to it, it’s (as the guy up here said) the way it is,and it’s true, you’re not gonna impress a girl by talking about something in particular,specially since THEY ALREADY HEARD IT ONLINE OR IN THE NEWS!.

    Try to keep your head on 2010 decade,new decade,new style,new music,new shit,new assholes,but most importantly NEW TOPICS.

    p.d THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO COLLAGE,japanese girls are all on about foreigners,so if you’re planning on getting transfered,just keep talking like an american,as american does, remember japanese love american lifestyle and all the wrong things americans do,so do it, and you’ll be in bed with 2 or maybe 3 japanese girls after a nice rave party.

  • News Flash: People are self-centered. Especially if you’re speaking to a woman. It seems odd that moaning about other countries isn’t a subject for conversation though.

    I guess things like the OnaCon are the epitome of discussion over there. That leaves a lot to be desired. Simple minded people are easier to please.

  • 1. Bragging about themselves (5,237)

    2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know (2,553)

    3. Babbling about some geeky hobby (1,633)

    4. Moaning about something or other (1,553)

    5. Blathering about politics or business (1,080)

    6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen (837)

    7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap (564)

    8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff (405)

    9. Prattling about their work (316)

    10. Going on about their family (278)

    Amazing, that could be my list too and I’m not Japanese. Just goes to show you, people just don’t want to hear anything that isn’t about them. Could be a list from anywhere.

    • No, it’s niche talk for the hardcore, most people when they go out do not want to talk about religion and TV shows and some hobby they know nothing about, if some hardcore right wing came up to you and spouted crazy government shit for 30 minutes you’d be pretty bored too.

  • You guys keep saying “Well, what do they talk about, the weather?”

    Well seriously…The 2 most overused and make-me-want-to-punch-someone phrases here are “Atsui desu ne”/”Samui desu ne”…”It’s hot, isn’t it?/It’s cold, isn’t it?” respectively.

    You guys have no idea. Obviously people say this in the US, but it’s at a whole different level here.

  • Got to love the usage of words in the translation of the poll. “Blathering”, “babbling”, “waffling”, “preaching on about”, “gossiping”, “prattling about” “going on about”, “moaning about”, “bragging about”.

    What’s common to all of these is an implicit negative connotation. For example, one can surely talk about a geeky hobby without it being “babbling”.

    All of the options either have a negative tone to them or imply repeatition or excess of words. Well, that’s nothing new, no one wants to complain about stuff for extended periods as that gets depressing. Repeating the same stuff over and over or going in loops is also rather boring, most people are not demented. Excess of words can also be tiresome, I’d know from experience as I do that a lot.

    Also, assuming that everyone cast a single vote, it means that most people are ok with the options 6-10, as they have much less votes than 1-5.

    However, the actual topics presented aren’t really that interesting: people are more willing to hear about personal stuff or gossip than “serious” topics such as politics or generally annoying stuff like one’s hobby or oneself.

    • Because talking about you is any better? Basic social interaction is actually giving a fuck about the other person, you’re doing the exact same thing as “talk about me” if you’re not interested in them as well.

    • It leaves one thing… get them to talk about themselves. Which to them is the only non-geeky hobby… mostly very self absorbed, you see.

      Gain their confidence by listening to their claptrap for a while… its beneath them, but not beneath you… and a few hours later BAM – right in the keister.

      then leave them drunk, sticky, and without cab fare on love hotel hill in Shibuya.

      There. I just saved you years of heartache and research.

  • You butthurt social inepts, this list makes perfect sense:

    1. Bragging about themselves (5,237)

    This does not mean not talking about yourself, it means not being such a huge douchebag that you think even your shit smells like roses. I’ve met so many guys who only talk about themselves like I’d be honored to wipe their ass. Guess what most of them are below average losers and they’re utterly BORING.

    Talk about yourself sure. But show a bit of humility. A little bit of self deprecating humour is awesome. I appreciate a guy who can laugh at himself, and so does the rest of the planet. You might even meet a girl and get LAID.

    2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know (2,553)

    This is self explanatory but just in case typical example:
    “So Andrew and I went to meet Jane, and we had a blast, but of course Andrew wore his usual red tshirt, and Jane hates that one etc etc”

    Ummmmm, who the fuck are Andrew and Jane and why do I care? Why are you mentioning Andrew like I know who he is?

    3. Babbling about some geeky hobby (1,633)

    This is too subtle for the socially challenged.

    OK: mention your hobbies, see if the person is interested, EXCHANGE opinions.
    NOT OK: start talking about your favourite brand of mini ship wood glue, for 30 bloody minutes, without any intention of letting the other person talk, all while the poor victim is nodding politely, looking around the room for an escape route, and generally blanking out your boring discourse.

    4. Moaning about something or other (1,553)

    Nobody likes a downer all the time. People want to FORGET about crappy things they cannot change. And there’s nothing you CAN say if someone starts complaining about the prices of things, their chronic backpain, how unruly their kids are or any other BORING FREAKING TOPIC.

    5. Blathering about politics or business (1,080)

    Politics. Stuff we have no influence over, while rich fuckers exchange power and positions like trading cards. And there’s nothing that makes people go on long, apoplexic inducing tirades as politics. Just say no.

    6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen (837)

    Self explanatory. If you want to hold a speech that nobody cares about write a blog.

    7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap (564)

    Ugh, religion. Self explanatory.

    8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff (405)

    My GOD, do we need to hear about Paris’ diseased cunt any more? This is a good way to meet a girl whose neurons are close enough to fire signals at each other. Please don’t assume we all are idiots, or you WILL drive away someone who could actually like you and not shame you when she starts talking to your friends.

    9. Prattling about their work (316)
    It’s work. Unless you’re an astronaut, or something similar your work is boring. Nobody wants to hear about your petty cubical dramas, your shitty pupils at school, or your accounting adventures.

    10. Going on about their family (278)

    Another subtle thing. Mention something.See if they care. If they care, talk. If not, don’t. Say you have a funny uncle who always does crazy things at gatherings? Most people like hearing stories like that

    Whine about what a dick your entire family is to you for 45 minutes? NO NO NO.

    Thank you for reading and have better conversations from now on. Just remember the golden rule: see how the person is reacting.

    If they look like they want to flee – change the subject. If you’ve been talking without interruption for more then 2 minutes, change the subject. If it would bore the hair off a dog’s back, and even bore you, if someone would do the same – STOP TALKING.

    • “You butthurt social inepts, this list makes perfect sense.”

      Well, luckily the coolest motherfucker in the universe showed up – you – to teach all of us blind, dirty and socially inept peasants in the way of the “Fonzie”, amirite?

      Get off your wishful thinking soapbox, sanctimonius prick.

      • Yeah because this comment section is not filled with people using this poll to boost their own egos about how much everyone else sucks compared to them? This list does make sense and if you had actually talked to someone you’d know that.

        • Actually, the people I talk with mostly include subjects with some actual substance from this list, from exchanging topics from our “geeky hobbies”, talking about “boring work” and “idiotic showbiz and shows” to “rage inducing politics” and “shitty family” topics. If I wanted to talk about what color of shoes is best to wear or what hairstyle is the coolest, I’d hit myself with a brick a few times until I suffer some concussion and mild brain damage then hit the shopping mall.

    • Rough but very, very true. I agree with a lot of what you said.

      Bragging is annoing. Speaking about oneself is one thing and bragging is other. The truth is that people speak about themselves a lot, if not most of the time, and it’s natural but most of people manage to do it in a manner that isn’t annoying and ends in exchanging ideas and facts about each other.

      Speaking about other people, sure, if you have something interesting to say. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

      Geeky hobbies are fine but not if I have to listen to it like for half an hour, having nothing to say myself. I know a person who tends to speak about PC games a lot. Which would be fine, I love PC games. But he descibes every, single, little stupid thing that he did in a game he plays at the moment. For ages and ages… See what I mean? Same with anime, he tells me everything that happened in a new episode of any show he watches which drives me nuts and moreover, it spoils the fun for me if I want to watch the show later. Yes, DO speak about hobbies but as anon above says, DO watch the person’s reactions and make sure you don’t bore the person to death. Remember, it should be a conversation, not a monologue.

      With politics it’s like a “showing red flag to a bull” to people in my country because political situation here pretty sucks and people always get angry when speaking about it. Not a good idea, but still, we do speak about it from time to time and always end up being irritated. 😀
      With business, people are either uninterested or just know nothing about it.

      Religion in controversial thing to speak about in today’s world and you can easily offend someone. I’m an ateist and I’m always irritated when someone speaks about how everything was created by God and such stuff. A religious person could get offended because of my point of view, on the other hand. Very unsafe.

      Gossips and showbiz is that sort of thing which lots of people find stupid, especially educated people.

      Work is OK but unsafe ground. Not a topic for hours, nor minutes maybe, unless you’re Indiana Jones, Jeff Corvin or something.

      Family is cool but as anon said, no one wants to listen to how bad is your mother/father/etc. I have a friend like that, too. Every single time the same crap again and again and again. I like the girl a lot but damn it’s not like she wanted my help, she just want to tell everyone how her family sucks.
      Talking about family can be fun but nobody likes endless whining.

      Really, I personally don’t see a problem with the survey, too. This time.
      Some of those things of course could be discussed but only if you know a person well enough or if you’re sure the person is interested in the topic.

  • i might be wrong tough – but a poll doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone was answering all 10 answers. actually i’m pretty convinced that most of the asked answered maybe one or two answers. so there is pretty much to talk about with them still.

    • Do you HAVE to wonder? Considering who really won WWII?

      That’s the same as wondering why won’t Japanese talk about rights of burakumin or their dick size. At least, they don’t unless they’re on the Net and typing anonymously.

  • Clearly what they want you to do is concentrate everything you say on them. Talk about them, not you. Talk about their interests, not yours. Talk about things they know, not things they could learn about. They don’t want to hear anything they don’t already know.

    And they have no interests/hobbies – therefore, don’t talk about any.

  • I have a lot of problems with 6. I’m so sick of people going on and on about a show/game/movie that I haven’t seen. I haven’t seen it so I don’t care. These people tend to go on for at least half an hour without me saying anything.

  • I think I’m misunderstanding something here. 1,2,6, and 7 are understandable, as they mainly refer to times when people don’t know what they’re talking about, but the rest seem to cover everything there is to talk about in a normal conversation.

    seriously, what do these people talk about then?

    • It can be surprising but there are still many things to talk about. Maybe not that exciting as talking about your hobbies but I think people are not aware of what they are really speaking about most of the time.
      When I’m with my friend(s) we aways find ourselves talking about… I don’t know, school, everyday problems, relationships, food, shopping etc., etc. And it’s not like we sit somewhere and just started out of nowhere but conversation evolves itself in the ways it’s surprising; if you’re with the right person of course. I remember when I was talking with my friend and we started with books and ended talking about porn. How? I dunno. 😀
      I don’t really see that much of a problem with the survey.
      Imagine that you met the person for a first time, I don’t think the person wants to hear complaining, about problems in your family, about politics which is boring and lots of people get angry easily with it, money etc. Moreover, you probably wouldn’t want to reveal the intimate details about yourself to person you don’t know.
      However, I think that if you’re with a good person, you can talk about everything you want and he/she wouldn’t mind, Japanese or not.

    • GODDAMMIT! YOU CAN FLIRT TEASE! PRAISE WITH TEASE, BEING COCKY ABOUT SOMETHING! GOD PLEASe…dammit! We’re man! man chases women,then women chases man! what’s with the online geek pesimism,this applies to any girl in the whole fucking world!.

      1.-Say Hi!
      2.-“oh! did you stepped on a frog?,oh…sorry those are shoes?.
      3.She replies with something else, not necessarly bad,and even if she does you make a comeback(don’t drooll or weap,THINK),try to make a comeback like “COM’ON! you been talking like forever since i stepped on a train geez,can we have some quiet time?(then you make a slight smile)

      4.-hey it’s being weird talking to you,can I have your number,email whatever tech you geek into?

      5.-wheter the outcome,bad or good out come, never get stingy or stubborn trying to fix the
      outcome,or trying to push the conversation further.

      SHE DOESN’T KNOW YOU,SHE’S GETTING CURIOUS ABOUT YOU,SHE WANTS TO FEEL CONFORTABLE WITH YOU, after that the She touches you makes a signal of confortability,then you move on to more teasing and repeat the steps all the way to first base.

    • 5 is actually mostly Universal, but you wouldn’t know it from growing up in the US. America is a very politically charged nation. As it was born from revolution and by extention the idea that a Central government is always bad, we are a very politicaly charged nation. The Federal Democracy basically garanteeing that the individual States never agree on anything, Politics in normal conversation became commonplace in the US.

      In most other countries, people try to keep it out of normal conversation. It’s not a subject for polite conversation (which is the way it should be IMO). Japan is actually in the majority here. It’s the US that’s the odd one out.

  • But… but… number 3 is what I can only talk about! D:

    Now honestly I don’t actually mind any of these topics as long as they’re used in moderation. More than once I thought meeting another girl gamer/otaku would be great since we share the same interests only to be turned off when all they can talk about is naruto or kingdom hearts.

    • Believe it or not, Taiga, most Japanese people seems to hold a steady respect for foreign culture. It’s always the hardliners, true racists and the political right that go on about some Japanese superiority and racist attitudes towards foreign nations, foreigners and immigrants.

      Funny thing about the way Japan kind of has an air of xenophobia and slight racism all around is because the government dating back to the feudal eras and during the days of WW1 and WW2 were pushing an agenda so they can find excuses to invade and take over foreign lands. As always, politics seems to overshadow how the actual civilians feel about it. And sadly, many civilians buy into that propaganda.

      Sadly, something similar is happening in the US with the Tea Party trying to represent the vast majority of Americans who do not share such extremely nationalistic, racist views.

        • I think the key to most of it is that one has to pause and let the other person talk. Instead of drowning on about a show the other does not watch ask if the other has seen it and if not leave it at “oh well it is really good you should watch it” or something like that if one goes on too much one is just pleasing oneself.

          As one tests out topics one has to see if the other shares one’s interest if the other does WIN if not move on. One only has a problem when one doesn’t notice or care about the other not having knowledge or interest in the area of chosen conversation and one continues to talk at the other.

          This mostly happens when one is egotistical or just has a social impairment such as autism.

        • Alidan – Indeed, most of them would require specific circumstances to work. However, the third one – talking about whatever both parties have in common – is almost a sure-fire method regardless of the circumstances.

          None of the options on the list actually deny this. The “geeky hobby” thing wouldn’t matter if both parties shared it, and making sure not to talk more than the other party would take care of the rest. Bragging and moaning can be avoided without much trouble, I’d assume.

        • Let’s see, that leaves:
          1) Weather
          2) Food
          3) Sex
          4) Quantum Physics…

          Oddly enough, the first three are even more cliche than the top 10 list. So I guess if I want to enthrall my Japanese partner I should talk about quantum physics?

        • if you are a man trying to chat up another guy, he would probably like being complimented on his clothes then asking his advice on interesting stuff in the city like what they do for fun and stuff.
          if you are a man trying to chat up a girl, all you have to do is flirt. girls like you to talk about them and listen to what they say.
          either one should do for a visit to the country. after all if you are visiting from another country you probably aren’t looking to be life-long buddies with the guys and probably not looking for a wife among the girls.

        • ok 1 by 1


          1. Joke – you are thinking of an american joke, and also, you dont open with a joke unless you are already talking to them or know them… at least i never see that used.
          2. Flirt – taking a guess i’m a man for this example and there is a woman. now on the 1-10 scale of looks and money, unless you are a 10 in money and at least within +-1 of the woman in looks, they find that peobably more annoying than if you went up to them with the opener of “so how about this pm, what you think about this [random policy]” and it also end up in bragging to try to get laid.
          3. Talk about whatever both parties have in common – this would involve at least 3 of the above, and possibly bragging
          4. Talk about philosophical stuff – if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? thats all that really comes to mind that is also easy to type.
          5. Have a completely random conversation – HI my dick is itching, so how is that hamburger, and what would the world look like with a purple sky… would our skin be blue…


          ok im going to go through that list with my opinions on each topic with 10 being what they want to hear most and 1 least.

          1. Bragging about themselves (5,237) people who do this to often need a special place in hell.
          2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know (2,553) ok this is really annoying
          3. Babbling about some geeky hobby (1,633) ok HOW THE FUCK IS THIS WORSE THAN 10,9,7,5 and 4?
          4. Moaning about something or other (1,553) i dont know about any of you, but i know im most uninteresting and entertaining when im bitching about something that i know allot about, almost like a comedian that knows what they are doing.
          5. Blathering about politics or business (1,080) jesus middle of the road huh? not bad not good.
          6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen (837) ok…ok…ok… people would rather listen about god, than listen about some stupid shit on tv?
          7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap (564) holy shit… how the hell is this not number 1, only more annoying than a guy screaming he has a huge dick
          8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff (405) ok, this is probably the first thing that i would find interesting, grated i hate pop culture.
          9. Prattling about their work (316) seriously, people want to listen about you pushing papers, how stupid your fucking boss is, and how you whould run it?
          10. Going on about their family (278) who the fuck wants to listen about your family unless you have a more fucked up family than any cilbrity (wow thats spelt wrong)

        • alidan 17:19

          While Artefact pointed out the fault in premises, even if all of the topics on this list couldn’t be used, you could still

          1. Joke
          2. Flirt
          3. Talk about whatever both parties have in common
          4. Talk about philosophical stuff
          5. Have a completely random conversation


        • Sorry. I should have elaborated. But yeah, even laughing or emoting while watching something is sometimes not done if a crowd is too sullen for some reason. Strange as it is, even in mixed martial arts events or boxing or pro wrestling events, the crowds can get uncomfortably quiet so sometimes you have entire events where all you hear are a few rabid fans making noise. What you get in Japanese crowds in public usually is a murmur. That will probably sound strange to westerners.

          I get that people should try to be respectful in public venues and all, but the Japanese seems to take it to an extreme sometimes. While in most western nations, things can get pretty rowdy and it seems people have no qualms about talking or chatting away or emote quite a bit. This is actually why I watch movies at home instead, but I digress.

          It is just that it gets silly if you have something like a stadium full of people, and with some events, it is DEAD silent. The funniest ones I’ve seen to date is a stadium of 40,000 being near dead silent. I guess that’s why they have cheering teams willfully make noise on baseball stadiums. Or it’d be dead silent in some matches..

        • Shippoyasha

          please elaborate on this section

          “…Japanese due to talk random crap and have fun. It can get intimidating if everybody in a room (or even a theater, sports event) are largely tight lipped.”



          i get what you mean in your post but i had to pick out talking in a theater? i mean loling i get, crying i get too, but talking? if we are thinking of the same thing i really don’t get it.

        • lol Alidan. That is kinda true actually. People sometimes are too scared of ‘standing out’ or causing inconvenience so sometimes, you can get a bit of a communications block with many Japanese people.

          That said, I’m actually one of those people… In Japan, being silent in a crowd is normal. Over here in America, I’m apparently a super-introvert… It’s not like that in every prefecture or cliques of people, but I find it that Americans tends to be way more open about conversation than just walking up to a Japanese due to talk random crap and have fun. It can get intimidating if everybody in a room (or even a theater, sports event) are largely tight lipped.

        • I guess there’s still talking about the one you’re talking to, and of the events that have happened when you were together. So you can’t really talk to someone new to you about anything but the weather.

        • in all seriousness, the fuck do you talk to them about?

          geeky hobby? thats every fucking hobby there is. and if its not geeky? than its bragging about yourself.

          see my anime hobby… dont like that? how about computers? no, well fuck… how about we talk about how much we excersize, and what you can do with it? what thats bragging too?

          ok how about the pop culture than… the fuck you mean you dont want to hear about it? ok how about world news? i see its all pop culture or politics…

          than the fuck you want to talk about? you want me to talk about you, because that way its not bragging? well… GO FUCK YOURSELF

          if anyone never understood why there are 3 million (some figures) neets and hikkis, than they need to look no further than this, because by the logic in this poll, there are 3 million of them, but the rest are sympathizer, who understand them.

        • Yeah, I was thinking the same… it’s just a litany of them not giving a tumbling fuck about anything modern or contemporary or about the person whom they are talking to.

          Following this logic, the only thing they want is the person who they are talking to to talk to them ABOUT them. How ironic, considering #1.

  • So this reduces what we can say to them to what, nothing but praise and [high-name] + sama?

    “Bragging about themselves” basically is code for “Shut the #uck up”, because if applied in talking, whatever you say is in fact related to you and is therefore bragging which is boring to them. God… why teach people to talk at all? I can only understand from this poll that they only want “YOU” to talk about “THEM”. No wonder there exists otaku and hikkis.

    • I think there’s a huge difference between talking about yourself and bragging.
      When you brag, you just want to show off how awesome you are, how great is everything you do, how amazing you look, how perfectly you do at work/school etc.
      When you’re talking about yourself, e.g. what you like to eat, what music you listen to, what you do in your free time, etc. That’s not bragging in any way and thus is perfect topic for conversation.
      Personally, I like this part of conversation the best because there are so many things to talk about and you get to know the person you speak with better.

      As for otakus and hikkis, I fail to see a connection here.
      Being an otaku refers to having a hobby. I have a hobby for the sake of having that hobby, not because of having no one to talk to or something.
      Hikkis are people that isolate themselves from society; yes, they usually say it’s because of how people are nowadays but basically it’s because they are mentally ill or refuse to socialise and work, or both, and refuse/are lazy to do something about it.
      I can’t speak for everyone but I have my own experience with hikkis and the “people are so mean” argument is usually just a lame excuse.

  • This list is the formula for how to be the most annoying person in existence. These conversations would be forced and can only be ended using the following means: Slap or punch to the face followed by I don’t care stfu gtfo my face!

    1. Bragging about themselves
    The only time this is an exception is if we’re having intercourse during your bragging time or engage in intercourse immediately after.

    2. Waffling about somebody you don’t even know
    An exception only if we’re stomping out said person at the time of waffling.

    3. Babbling about some geeky hobby
    No, stfu instead of babbling about some geeky hobby how about we do this geeky hobby so I can beat you at it and shut you up.

    4. Moaning about something or other
    If it isn’t about how deep it is or lick here again no one wants to hear you moaning.

    5. Blathering about politics or business
    Are you a politician or a CEO of a major Japanese video game company who is suffering from a major foreshadowed failure, if so stop blathering and do your damn job. If not apply means at the top of post to this persons “body”.

    6. Going on about a show you haven’t even seen
    There is no exception your getting slapped.

    7. Preaching on about some spiritual claptrap
    I’m not sorry you were brainwashed in life so all I can do is tell you I worship the evil in your beliefs and that being said have to “finish you” to keep you from ever preaching again.

    8. Gossiping about showbiz stuff
    Again no exception ignore walk away followed by 180degree turn at 10mph backhand slap.

    9. Prattling about their work
    Just wait til you get drunk later tonight we’ll let you know how much we care about the slave company job you’ve been prattling about.

    10. Going on about their family
    If I’m not having casual sex with your sibling get ready for a intentional statistics influenced accident when we go out later tonight.

    These are just some ways to deal with annoying people not to be limited to verbal or physical punishment anything out of this world you can think of is accepted.

    • I don’t know, maybe I’m too old fashioned but there’s no need to be impolite. Yes, most of it are either boring or annoying topics for some or lot of people, but that still doesn’t give you the right to treat the person like sh*t.