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Crazy Fujoshi Threatens Seiyuu, School with Knives


An apparent fujoshi has been arrested for menacing a school and a famed seiyuu with knives.

The 46-year-old unemployed “anime fan” was arrested after she sent a kitchen knife to an elementary school in Tokyo’s Edogawa ward.

Once in custody she revealed she had also sent a kitchen knife in an envelope to the Edogawa residence of veteran seiyuu Shō Hayami, known for his roles in such titles as Macross, Gundam, Dragonball, Bleach, Trigun and the Tales series.

After further police investigation it transpired she was a member of Hayami’s official fan club and had sent dozens of knives and threatening letters to the seiyuu, demanding he abandon some of his public appearances.

Police have already charged her with interfering with official duties in relation to the school and intend to charge her with threatening her seiyuu target.

When it comes to bizarre criminality and bad manners it would seem female otaku are no longer to be outdone by their male counterparts, although thankfully they still have some way to go before reaching the depths already plumbed by male otaku.

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