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I have to agree. It’s not like people were walking half naked on streets, at work etc. And I’m sure that if he finds a girlfriend, maybe she’ll be shocked at first but I don’t think it’s a matter for break up. And those one night acquaitances (damn, what a difficult word) couldn’t care less.

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  • “I Got An Ita-Tattoo, Any Questions?”:
    Impressive but kind of…. I don’t know. BIG. >..< I like tattoos a lot. If I was brave enough, I would like to have a BIIIG dragon (my chinese zodiac) tattoo all over my back but I'm afraid that I would regret that when I get older. I also heard that some employers are not fond of tattoos much. ^^" However, if that makes him happy, good for him. It's quite nicely done and still can be covered with a shirt if necessary. And that's one nice otaku back there. ^^

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    I know it won’t help if I just tell you: “Don’t worry.” But work isn’t usually as scary as it seems to be. I’ve started working just recently so I think I know how you feel. Being a student all my previous life, only having an occasional part-time jobs, it was very stressful to find a real job after school and I still do hate job interviews with passion. But I believe it’s the same for everyone. Or more or less everyone. I won’t lie. It may not be easy to find the job you like nowadays or to …

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    Well, there are some guy characters. Almost no admirable guy characters these days, though.

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    Isn’t it? And it’s also rather cute.

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    @ Anonymous 21:53 I see. That’s kind of you. I’m glad there’re still decent people around. As for the comments you mention. Some people just lack empathy, I guess. It’s sad. But I believe there’s still a lot of kind people in the world these days. I commute to work by tram or bus everyday and people there always give their seats up for elderly, pregnant etc. The world isn’t as bad as the internet makes it look like.

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    I’m not defending anyone. I’m just saying that it shouldn’t matter who you are. Someone, ANYONE, should have got up and let the pregnant girls sit. When I see that the jerk sitting next to me isn’t lifting his butt, I lift mine. If I don’t like something, I say something. It’s that simple. But all the people just pretend not to be there instead of giving up their seats or at least sticking up for the girls. And I don’t care if it’s a cultural thing. However, what I also don’t like is that …


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