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Fujoshi vs Seiyuu


The refusal of an excited fujoshi audience to even acknowledge female seiyuu whilst the same crowd hysterically greets their male counterparts with an ear-splitting shriek of enthusiasm has been noted with some disapproval by fans.

The event highlighted as an example of this phenomenon is the Tales of Festival 2009, an event centred on Namco Bandai’s Tales series of RPGs, which have long proved popular with female gamers for their high levels of bishonen content.

As can be seen by comparing the audience reception of male versus female seiyuu, the fujoshi present seem less than enthused by the efforts of the female seiyuu, snubbing them completely:

One observer on 2ch summarises the difference in reaction between the sexes:


Male seiyuu: Domo!
Ota: Wooooooooo!!!
Female seiyuu: Domo!
Ota: Woooooooooooooooooo!!!


Male seiyuu: Domo!
Fu: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Female seiyuu: Domo!
Fu: …

Another observer puts it more succinctly: “Whichever gender they are seiyuu fans are a creepy bunch!”

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