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Rabbit Sitter Hunted



Internet users have been outraged by a woman posting a video of herself crushing rabbits to a pulp by sitting on them.

The video, posted on a Chinese video sharing site, shows a woman apparently petting a small rabbit in the company of her friends, only to place it on a table, put a board on top of it and then sit on the board, pulverising the rabbit.

The crushed rabbit’s corpse can be seen with its internal organs spewing forth from its mouth, the woman responsible flashing a “V” sign and evidently enjoying herself greatly.

This egregious animal cruelty has outraged Chinese net users, who have launched one of their famous vigilante manhunts, although it seems all they have to work with is the video and a suggestion that she has a Sichuan accent.

The whole affair is of course unhappily reminiscent of the kitten stamper, a case with very similar circumstances, and in both cases it seems no serious response from Chinese authorities has been forthcoming.

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