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Japanese Broadcasters Demand Ad Skipping Ban


Japanese TV broadcasters are demanding makers of video recorders remove the ability to skip ads from their products.

The chairman of Japan’s top TV broadcaster industry association, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan, threatens makers of devices which allow ad skipping that “We’ll not turn a blind eye any longer. We’ll start tough negotiations with the makers about this.”

The broadcasters are annoyed that Japanese manufactuers such as Toshiba and Mitsubishi are providing consumers with the ability to skip recording ads in PVRs, or watching them on discs, which they say “endangers” the broadcasters.

Mitsubishi and Toshiba have not commented on the demands.

Whilst Japanese broadcasters might be able to bribe or cajole domestic manufacturers into removing the features (in the US broadcasters have managed to bankrupt some device makers with lawsuits), without any ability to ban the devices outright it would seem non-Japanese manufacturers would simply step in to fill the gap.

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