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IdolMaster Fans All Talk After All


Rebellious IdolMaster fans who launched a boycott of the title over its removal of several girls and addition of several hot male idols have proven to be all talk – they are apparently buying the game up in droves.

The “rebellion” saw a petition with some 10,000 signatures demanding changes and moves for a fan boycott, and even harassing seiyuu.

However, when pre-orders for the game opened the title rapidly found itself top of’s pre-order charts, beating Ore no Imouto, Tales of Graces and Last Story handily:


Only days ago, IdolMaster fans were smugly pointing out that the newly unveiled cover “shows the girls looking away from the viewer, whereas all the previous titles had them looking directly at the viewer” as if that illustrated some philosophical change on the part of Bandai (long since notorious for taking no notice of mere consumers).


Little wonder they politely ignored the fracas – the only way fans will ever see their precious idols again is through the title, and Bandai evidently knows it.



The other alternative is of course that Bandai has struck gold and it is female otaku lured in by the prospect of Jupiter who are ordering it in droves…


The game itself is available only on the Xbox 360, dated for February 24th, and only to Bandai Namco’s chosen tribe in the land of the rising sun.

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