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Even Criminals Hate Moeblobs: K-ON! Guitars Ditched


Police have recovered the stolen K-ON! guitars after they were dumped in a ditch like so much worthless moeblob trash, the thieves only having shown any interest in the contents of the stolen safe.

Unknown thieves stole guitars, figures and a safe filled with $3,000 in cash from the school used as a backdrop for top moeblob anime K-ON!


Two days later police found the guitars, figures and the now very empty safe tossed in a nearby rice paddy ditch, along with a discarded crowbar. Police noted a number of footprints in the field.

The flagrant disposal of the items suggests the thieves were not great K-ON! fans, likely realising there was no way they could safely sell such goods.

The condition of the items is not stated, but after spending some time at the bottom of a muddy ditch it is likely they are ruined.

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