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Top 10 Flaws You’d Put Up With in a Hot Guy


Japanese women asked what traits they would be willing to put up with in a man they were going out with if he was sufficiently handsome give a set of responses which might actually hold hope for otherwise despised otaku men – as long as they are not poor, of course.

The ranking:

1. He has otaku interests

2. He can’t drive

3. His dress sense is lacking something

4. He’s indecisive

5. He’s a narcissist

6. He’s girly

7. He cries a lot

8. His voice is really high pitched

9. He is loose with his time

10. He hardly ever talks or engages in conversation

Japanese women may be willing to put up with an unmanly man (if sufficiently hot), but do not expect them to put up with a man with no money under any circumstances – “he has no job” came at the very bottom of the list at 20th, followed by “he’s too tight with his money” at 16th.

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