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Top 10 Marriage Destroying Remarks


Japanese asked what remarks they think most likely to instigate an immediate quarrel between husband and wife provide some classic and most probably universal lines.

The ranking for a wife’s utterances to her husband:

1. ***’s husband’s earnings seem really high

2. Why haven’t you had a single pay rise?

3. ***’s husband always does it properly

4. I’m more tired!

5. You’re so insensitive

6. It’s easy being a guy and not having to do the housework, isn’t it?

7. I’m working as well!

8. Are you doing your job properly?

9. You’re going drinking, again!?

10. Bringing up the kids is a husband’s responsibility

Unsurprisingly, a list dominated by remarks accusing a husband of not providing materially for his family (or more accurately, wife) – a very traditional cause of matrimonial conflict indeed.

The ranking for a husband’s utterances to his wife:

1. Being a housewife is real easy, isn’t it?

2. Remember who puts the food on your table!

3. I’m working

4. Bringing up the kids is a wife’s responsibility

5. I’m more tired!

6. My mother always cooked this properly for me

7. If you’re at home then at least do the chores properly

8. You’re so insensitive

9. I’m busy with work

10. Is that all you cooked to go with this?

For women it appears a man denigrating her housekeeping is just as galling.

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