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Vippers vs Fujoshi


Denizens of 2ch’s VIP board have outraged both fujoshi and kiddy fans of football anime Inazuma Eleven by rigging a popularity vote so a character almost as creepy as themselves is top.


Masaru Gojo, hitherto a mere background character, now reigns supreme as the most popular character of Inazuma Eleven thanks to Vippers starting a “Let’s make Kojo number 1 in the Inazuma Eleven popularity contest and make all the children and fujoshi cry!”

It seems to have had the desired effect, as fujoshi blogs are up in arms about the stunt – “This is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!” “That Kojo guy is number 1!” Children are similarly distraught, even starting an ethical counter-voting project to “bring down those worthless adults who are trying to destroy our dreams!!!”


This is not the first time the Vippers engineered such an upset – in 2008 they intervened in a Pokemon popularity vote to ensure Coil won out over Pikachu with over 3 million votes to the 83 he had previously, but were foiled when Yahoo! staff cottoned on and altered the votes to put him in second.

Inazuma staff seem less than outraged – in fact some are publicly clucking with satisfaction at all the publicity this has garnered them.

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