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PS3 Hacked (Again)


The PS3 has been hacked yet again, this time allowing pirates to sneakily downgrade their firmware freely to earlier (hackable) versions, although directly running pirated copies on the latest firmware is still only a promised future upgrade.

The makers provide an announcement as triumphal as it is lacking in literacy:

PS Jailbreak now supports firmware 3.42, 3.50 and beyond!

Again we revolutionize the world and show the disbelievers that we are the original source. We understand what we are doing and will continue to be at the forefront of support. Officially launched today is the worlds only downgrader.

Allowing you to downgrade your new console to any previous firmware version. With a PS Jailbreak and PS Downgrade now all all 44 Million users and counting can enjoy Homebrew. We dont like new comers beeing singled out , so we ventured into the unknown once again and now brought you an out of the box USB solution.

All dealers should contact us for new pricing schedules, as well as marketing material. We have just completed a new batch of product ready to ship immediately.

Please beware PS Downgrade only installs on original PS Jailbreak devices. There are numerous inferior clones and copycats out on the market claiming to be compatable with our support. This is FALSE!!! Buy original from a trusted reseller or risk being stuck with a paperweight.

It should be noted that “PS Jailbreak” does not actually support the latest firmware – it is instead now possible to revert to an earlier firmware which “PS Jailbreak” does support, as previously PS3 firmwares were strictly upgrade-only with no downgrades possible.

The irony of the makers of a piracy tool complaining vociferously at every turn about unauthorised copies and even apparently trying to develop their own copy protection hardly bears mention.

There are some suspicions that an upcoming upgrade to the PS3’s firmware will once again break the device, but it does seem Sony is slowly losing ground.

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  • If people keep trying to hack the PS3 through the USB port SONY will eventually put out a patch that kills the USB ports. Eliminating the possibility of hacking and killing those 3rd party controllers and at the same time forcing all peripherals to be bluetooth instead of regular wireless. Don’t say they won’t because they already did something similar with the removal of the ability to install another OS.

  • I think every one is missing the point, Piracy only exists because people dont want to pay the over the top prices for games (and movie’s/music)

    The simplest and most cost effective way to cut piracy would be to make games cheaper, would you buy a pirate game at say $10 if you could get a genuine copy and support the developer for only say $15-$18 its the Greed of the company’s that cause the issue in the first place, and if there was not a profit to be made the pirates would stop,

    Suer you will never fully eliminate the issue but the gaming industry could save billions if they would stop wasting their money of copy protection that WILL be cracked and would just make things cheaper to start with, I know I would still only have the same amount of $$ to spend and would just buy more with it.

    • How dare they expect ample pay for their effort, those greedy bastards! Who do they think they are, trying to make a living and feed their families? WHAT ABOUT THE FANS?!? They should work for months and months perfecting a game with 300 hours of gameplay and 20000 different endings and then give it to me for five dollars!

    • They also need to stop wasting the nigh unlimited disc space that they have at their disposal and make LONGER GAMES with BETTER ENGINES. That’s another reason nobody wants to pay the full price, because most of the time they aren’t even worth it. 80 bucks to play a game for 1 hour and be done with it? Get bloody bent, you tosser!

  • Pirates dont pirate games based solely upon the fact that they dont want to pay, fact of the matter is, games are overpriced these days. alot of money goes into marketing, packaging and so on. As with all other forms of media, digital distribution is the logical progression at this point. Also fucking retarded DRM methods are fucking major annoyances and most people would sooner pirate a game than deal with LOL LOGINTOGAMES4LIVESTHENSTEAMTHENTURNOFFPCINSTALLNEWDX and so on. Also fuck paying for a shitty fucking game, getting home and realizing its fucking TERRIBLE.


    you niggas mad.

  • Soon we’ll see a Firmware upgrade that patches the possibility of downgrading.
    Still, having old firmware = no PSN whatsoever and no new games (since games have firmware loaded on the disc and won’t run with older versions, unless they find a way around that too… and then some games will probably just crash)

  • They did quite a good job on protecting the PS3, but when more ppl get interrested in cracking some software it get cracked, unless you make it online game like mmo they is nearly no way to avoid piracy, and on mmo they have pirate servers … that is not so much better.

  • if Homebrew worked without restriction, people braking the system wouldn’t have excuses as they do today.

    and they would realy be called pirates by everyone.

    but damn, i really like to play NES mario in my last Gen Console, or have linux instaled o lots of funny things in the console I OWN!!!!

  • When the PS3 ultimate crack makes it to SourceForge, it’ll all be Sony’s largest lost investment in security.

    With all the effort put by Sony to ensure the PS3 to be the safest console, I’m enjoying sitting here and watching where this shows goes.

  • This is useless, if you think about it. It’s overly expensive, you still can’t play multiplayer, and any new game released for the system is probably going to require a recent firmware update to even play. The hackers still haven’t gained any real ground.

    And if publishers wanted to curb piracy, they should realize that no one has done it better (for both companies and players) than Steam. I would expect to see Steam (or clones thereof) gracing the next generation of consoles, with homebrew and piracy almost dissapearing.

  • Maybe instead of worrying about anti-piracy, sony could work on making a XMB that didn’t suck. It astounds me how clunky and akward the entire experience is.

    NXE is so much more refined, its terrible, and its jarring when moving between the two just how difficult shit like inviting people to a game or waiting for trophies to update and crap things are on the PS3.

  • Isn’t there something ironic about a “trusted” retailer that sells goods used specifically to pirate games? I wish these scumbags would just quit making things more difficult for people that want to own and play games legitimately. Don’t they realize that it’s their very shenanigans that drive prices up in the first place? Assholes.

    • the price tag went up thanks to the customers who where happy to pay 60 dollars for a 5 hours (Crappy) shooter, companys started to see customers as mindless sheeps who can be leached of its money, and are happy to pay for a half finish game, 15 dolars for dlc that already where in the game disk, 10 dollars map packs, and be beta testers of their games.

      instead of blaming piracy for everything (like the medium does) it would be nice to see who are the real people shitting on you.

    • … what? Since when did piracy drive up prices for anything? Prices for games have been the same since forever. Not to mention while piracy brings about negative changes, legit and legal homebrew makes up for that. It gives freedom to people who want to use their consoles to their fullest potential. While I don’t agree with PSJailbreak, I give them at least one thumb up for being the first to open up the PS3.

      Also, no, there isn’t anything ironic about that at all.

      • Less you forget something called supply and demand. Say for example you have 20 people. Say those 20 people all want the same game, but only 7 people actually buy it while the other 13 pirate it through some means. Now the company who made the game has an initial sales line they need to make in order to break even on production. If the projection of sales on the inital release show they won’t make the set line, they will maintain prices without lowering. Its not about “raising” prices. Its about preventing prices from dropping.

        Ever wonder why FF13 is still being sold for 55 dollars in the U.S.? It can easily be assumed that Squeenix has yet to reach the sales minimum for the U.S. release to make up for lost profits. It’s also why Squeenix can’t get themselves out of the friggin hole they dug for themselves with FF14.

        It’s not just on the pirates shoulders, but its on the gaming community in general. However it’s also the fault of the company(ies) involved for making such an expensive game. This is why Indie games are much better. Cheap, fun, and the publishers don’t have to worry about making a minimum sales number.

  • I’m for the pirates for this reason;

    It should be legal, even a “Right” to make “Homebrew” software apps for any major device like this. It should be in essence a home computer that focuses on gaming. This should be a right, nothing the company is allowed to block out.

    The reason companies started doing this is “E.T.”
    A cartridge disaster in a market flooded with homebrew games that were horrible (try anyone programming a 2600 though…) crashed a market. Nintendo came in to protect itself and then became too addicted to the power.

    But the “no 3rd party” scheme is vile. Why should any company, any business have a “Right” to protect itself from “The Market”. But, I’ve answered my own question; The capitalist only cares about “The law of supply and demand” at the moment it helps him and hurts others. When it works against him he shrieks for “Big Government socialist nanny state” for a teat of tax dollars to suck and suck and suck as long as the milk is someone else’s money, such as people he hates like everyone in the world save his rich elite circle.

    • that would be sound, except its starting to be the E.T. disaster again, go to your retail store and count how many shitty games their are (probably 60 %) and each of this shitty games cost a fortune to make, and even good old franchises are been milked to dead (tony hawk comes to mind) by corporate greedy bastard who only care for a quick buck.

      • It’s a point too.

        While a big corporation can throw millions for development of a game while an “Indie” often does it in between sleep and a real job, the big company is answering to bosses, shareholders, bankers, etc. They are more likely to make “Safe” bets like of course “Buying a franchise to suck money from the little turds now grown up who liked this sh-t somehow, and just shit it out for it’s a turd and the turds will like it…” and anything truly “New and innovative” is to be handled like plutonium…

  • question is from me, has anyone here tryed it out? Also is it worth it considering the cost ? I mean u need to buy this jailbreak shit, buy a friggin blue ray burner, buy those expensive blueray discs.

  • Still PS3 best defense relies on the size of the games. The shear size of the bluray disk will be enough so that people don’t download it from the internet as it happens with the Wii, Xbox, DS and PSP…

    • So far any game that requires a firmware above the one that the jailbreak device requires has been hacked to work on the lower firmware. The real thing is that all these firmwares don’t add anything new and the game itself only checks the current firmware of the ps3 (which people have found ways to spoof already).
      Until these new firmware add some sort of additional functionality when programing games (like new dev hooks and such), they’re just there for fluff and attempting to get people to update their PS3s so they won’t use the jailbreak device.
      I don’t know about you but the support for 3D blu-rays (which is what the 3.50 firmware added) is completely useless for me seeing as I don’t have a 3D TV and don’t intend on ever buying one. Never mind the fact I’m blind in one eye making it impossible for me to see 3D images with the current technology.

    • One small feature that never worked smoothly, and you’d sacrifice all the good games in the future.

      Also know that the hack can still only play games that run on the same firmware or lower. Many retail games can still just be patched.

      • Other OS was not a small feature it turned the console into a real computer and actually made the motto it does everything true.

        After they killed other OS the new motto should be it does jack.
        The built in browser is trash my damn cell phone has a better browser and the media player is a joke that makes Windows media player look great.
        BTW I don’t use WMP in windows very often and prefer VLC and Zoom.

        Sony lost a lot of sales from me because of that idiot stunt I have not bought another sony product since last april.
        But I have bought stuff from vizio,toshiba and Samsung.

        • It’s only a real computer if people write software for it and guess what, no one wrote dick for the PS3 Linux OS. Thus a useless, failed feature was removed. End of story.

          And it’s not til a fucking USBDOM broke the system did a single ‘coder’ port a single emulator to the platform. Thou they’ve been able to do so since day one.

          Linux on PS3, it’s a joke and exists only to please pirates. So stop kidding yourself.

  • haha this is a never ending battle. they will keep on releasing updates to battle piracy but every update will be hacked eventually until the new system arrives on teh scene in which case the cycle restarts! i don’t really see a permanent solution ๐Ÿ™

        • You moron it’s not a zip drive. It uses a micro controller on the inside. It just uses the USB protocol to accomplish things. Do some freaking research before making an ass of yourself.

          Look for Teensy, or Atmega64 chip Is one of the flavors. This chip has been around for years and it’s purpose has nothing to do with a jailbreak. They just developed the exploit and compiled it to be run on these devices. But these devices can do so much more.

          Also to all the idiots it’s not just for piracy. in fact most people who get one of these aren’t looking for piracy. But what the hell be ignorant dumbasses like the rest of the masses just because some idiot posts a bias article about a hack.

        • Bloody hell it logged me out and didn’t bother to tell me. I am the one that just said “if you think that the lapse in quality is caused by piracy, then you, sir, are a fucking idiot.”

          and I WILL say it to your face if it can be arranged, just so you know.

        • Stop acknowledging both sides, and pick one, you wishy-washy prat.

          I side with the pirates, and will do so until the game companies lower their prices to affordable levels, and bring games back to the effort and quality of the golden age.

          I shall continue to support leeching EA games until they stop cheating people by releasing the same bloody football game every year.

          I shall continue supporting the piracy of Square and Capcom, until they start to treat their old series with respect and stop using well-known names as bully pulpits to launch their experimental bullshit. The next Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire had better be traditional RPGs with massive world maps, at least 20 dungeons to explore, and the kind of awesome music that they had in the 90s. In other words, no more Dragon Quarter and

          The same goes for Bethesda and Bioware, until they make a decent RPG again. Actually, for all the lousy ones they have been making lately, I want to see a spectacular one…one that will make Morrowind look like Doctor Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde for the NES. The next elder scrolls game, for instance, had better be more like Morrowind and less like Oblivion.

        • LOL, I absolutely LOVE how mad the writers are in this post. They have yet again been proven wrong. Earlier this year they praaaaaaaised the cr@p out of Sony for having an unhackable device, and now they yet again are saying negative things about these hacks.

          SINCE WHEN was a hacked to be boo’ed?? I don’t get this at all, this is the exact same thing as say ooohh I love my iPod Touch but being able to fully customize it and being able to control what it does is just HORRIBLE.

          To these authors I just have 1 thing to say:


          You again tried to get in Sony’s good graces but what you should be doing is just doing the news, this is a GOOD thing not a horrible thing! Now the customization and new home brewing can begin; its just like being able to unlock the PSP when it didnt have a browser, to let it have one. IMAGINE the possibilities of this hardware being used for things OTHER than gaming ๐Ÿ˜€

        • i see shitty rippoff, more because of how the industry sees gamers and their needs, they see now that gamers only what “photo realistic, brown spectrum graphics”, and that type cost a lot of money, so instead of taking chances making a good nonripoff game, they make call of honor 2999, with little or non improvement or change, not realising than that doesnt guaranty a success, so when the game flop, they blame piracy, and the next time take even less risks.

          gamers here play a big part of this, instead of buying the same game over and over and over again, they could buy and support new ip with differents game types. If you buy only fps the industry will only make fps.

        • i think the shitty copys its more because of how costly games have became, its a really investment to make a game (if you want it to have top line graphic (which in the minds of the directors, its what it sells)) that to take such a chance its a big risk, so they prefer to play it safe making ripoff of games that sold well with little to no inovation, so not to scare people.

          gamers here play a big part, if they stop buying shitty ripoff and actually started to buy games that take chances and defys standar conceptions of video games, the industry can improve, if not well lets enjoy call of duty 90000, and its ripoff “call of honor 90000”

        • You are correct, but that too is missing another major aspect that the shitty copies of the good games are caused by the piracy to begin with. Few companies will take risks anymore because of this, since the profit is too uncertain these days based on the state of the industry. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The clones were made because those games actually sold, and the simple truth is management will not allow anything too extensive because they want a quick return because there’s no guarantee it will sell even if it is a good idea. Investment in risky ideas is at an all time low for many reasons, some obvious, some not so obvious.

          Now above and beyond all of this, things are changing one way or the other. It’s very difficult to read how much of the change is cause, and how much of it is effect.

        • i put this in another post (didnt realise it was a post from 2009 :P).

          the damage piracy makes in the idustry is overstated, so to distract from what really hurts it the industry.
          Publishers (usually they take 70-80 % of the profits)
          Stupid graphics levels (in itself not a bad thing but when you spend millions in that aspect alone ignoring the rest like gameplay of bug testing, its stupid)
          Oversaturation of shitty copys of good games (for every call of duty 4 (just an example) we have 20 shitty “realism” shooter (haze, call of duty MW2, etc..),
          Really short games with absurd prices (60 dollars for 6 hours and no replay value no thanks)
          DRM, millions to make really intrusive DRM that screws more the paying customers than the pirates (this is specially true in pc).

          also piracy is the developers easy way out when a game floped badly, their games didnt flop because its crappy gameplay, game breaking bugs, shitty story, etc.. it floped because of piracy

        • As I said, I acknowledge both sides, and the reality is very much more complex, as I acknowledged. I wasn’t getting into the legal dance of piracy and its affect, what I am sick of is the platitudes that are spouted by people in defense of piracy as if they’re Robin Hood. That was what my comment was about.

          The negative affects I’m talking about go far beyond sales as well, but that’s a much longer point to make. What truly scares me is not us 20 and 30-somethings who grew up with the internet and have a ‘code of conduct’ about piracy and downloads in some form, it’s the new generations that scare me if they can say ‘oh just download it’ without the upbringing we had in a world where everything wasn’t a click away to steal it. The problem is that the companies can’t adjust to the piracy BECAUSE of the piracy and the simultaneous demand for obscenely expensive and detailed games. The risks in making a shift can easily decimate anyone but EA, who makes too much to care anyway.

        • It is negative for the industry, sure, but it’s nowhere near the numbers they like to toss around. Copyright is completely out of date and there have to be regulations which lessen both extremes, piracy getting out of hand AND sueing a random schmuck for millions, just because of revenge and “making an example”.

          Doesn’t it strike you as strange that there’s still a certain equilibrium between people who buy games and those that merely download them illegally? If we take the industries projections for granted then it does seem weird that there are still people who actually buy games. You’d think that every single person with internet access would just pirate stuff left and right. Yet, that’s just not the case.
          If something is good and worthwhile, it will be bought. Piracy will never vanish anyway.
          As a guy “in the industry” you should be fully aware of that.

        • If Sony put as much effort to an enjoyable experience as they did anti piracy their efforts would have paid off more.

          A lot of people may have purchased the Xbox instead simply because it can play backups.

          As for those who do pirate and those who do not it’s very rarely if ever black and white.

          Most are people who play backups or pirate some of the games but still end up buying many of them.

          I know people who pirated the fuck out of the 360 and Wii and they usually have two consoles one chipped and one unchipped.

          They did still sometimes buy games.

        • Not quite, the longer they can prevent it being widespread, the more money they make for themselves and their developers (the important ones). It’s reasonable for them to give it the old college try for the sake of the devs at least. They’re the ones who get screwed through piracy, not the publishers. Publishers get all the money and then can say ‘oh well, not selling’ and shut down the devs while getting whatever sales there are. It’s a simplification, but that’s basically how it works.

        • Pretty much yea. They put up a good fight keeping this out for as long as they did but once the avalanche is started it ain’t stopping till its hit the bottom. PS3 town is at the bottom of the hill too so the avalanche is really gonna hurt.

        • The less than 1% thought about pirates buying the games is completely false. The assertion by certain companies that they would translate 1:1 for sales is also false, but the 1% thing is just as made up a statement for pirates to feel better about stealing games.

          I am in the games industry and have seen both sides on several occasions. Trust me, some of the sales would exist without the piracy. It’s also true that in rare cases piracy leads to sales as well, I’ll acknowledge it, but I’m sick of people making up lies about how piracy isn’t affecting things negatively.

      • No one has been banned yet.

        What Artefact failed to mention is the price of PSJailbreak which is almost as much as a PS3 on the secondary market itself. Might as well just buy an older PS3 that is still running on any firmware 3.41 or earlier and upgrade it to 3.41 if needed.

        • LOL, I absolutely LOVE how pissed off the writers are in this post. They have yet again been proven wrong. Earlier this year they praaaaaaaised the crap out of Sony for having an unhackable device, and now they yet again are saying negative things about these hacks.

          SINCE WHEN was a hacked to be boo’ed?? I don’t get this at all, this is the exact same thing as say ooohh I love my iPod Touch but being able to fully customize it and being able to control what it does is just HORRIBLE.

          To these authors I just have 1 thing to say:


          You again tried to get in Sony’s good graces but what you should be doing is just doing the news, this is a GOOD thing not a horrible thing! Now the customization and new home brewing can begin; its just like being able to unlock the PSP when it didnt have a browser, to let it have one. IMAGINE the possibilities of this hardware being used for things OTHER than gaming ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Also artefact failed to mention that this device has a hell of a lot more uses then pirating. Yes you can pirate on the PS3 now and quite easily if you keep up with the scene. But you can do far more then just pirate. I hate when people throw out news but it’s biased even before they get the article done and published. If your gonna give bias journalism don’t freaking post the news. Considering it’s not hard to find out what this device is and where to get it from. As well as where to get the Jailbreak or it’s millions of clones which are 100% better then the original.

          But ooh well people who aren’t in the scene will of course just call it a piracy device because they aren’t smart enough to research the fucken thing.

      • I’m pretty sure that’s what PC used to do, you know, before giving up.

        All things are eventually going to get pirated, you’ve either gotta jump on and get free stuff or support the devs you love.

        Piracy can’t be stopped, but if they’d like to try, hit the sources, or just ignore it all together.

        Lack of online play is a deal breaker for me, plus, I’ll still support the devs I love by buying their games.

        • Bond Travolta

          i have no idea if you are being sarcastic or not in that comment, but ill reply this way.

          with internet download games like those off steam, you pay the same as a retail release buy for less content than the retail release, and for that reason alone the game should be at the very least 20$ cheaper.

          i believe walmart and others take a 7-14$ cut of a console game, i’m assume the same margin for any pc game. and without packaging or discs that need to be made, shipped and what not, games should easily be at least 20$ cheaper new online than they are in stores.

          steam i know takes a cut, and we cant figure out where that cut is, but we are thinking between 10-25% thats anywhere from 5-12$ off a pc game, im guessing that its closer to the 10% range though.

          games should be cheaper than they are.

        • @anon 11:19

          “instead of trying to fight against pirates they should be trying to give us reasons for not wanting to pirate something”

          ^This. Or rather, reasons for us not wanting to buy pirated products. If I’m to say, developers need to decrease the prices of games down to the pirated games’. I don’t know elsewhere but living in a less convenient situation those original prices are just over the top that only the richest can afford, and definitely not for casuals(how ironic seeing the family friendly casual games approach by devs lately).

          Though, if they’re that scared that such a ‘reasonable’ pricing would drive them out of business out of not making enough profit then the pricing itself is a fair defense mechanism in itself, whereas they can rely on their cash-wise available consumers to keep them going on. Because as everyone knows it people who could afford these stuffs without risking their budget would never buy a pirate anyways, similarly those who could never afford the original would never buy them anyways unless with said lowered price.

          Just keep steady on the anti piracy mechanism just so mass piracy wouldn’t occur soon the game’s released and don’t spend millions on a drm that troubles the paying players while the pirate consumers could walk the park with cracks they can get for free. Devs, go spend that money on actually making a good game. On a vaguely related note, stop spending so much money on ads either that certain games are even released incomplete and stop selling them as DLC when those incomplete parts came around.

        • i’m the same anon you replied to

          i hate drm too, i already passed 3 good deals on steam solely for the fact it had drm, one of those deals was a collection of crysis and crysis warhead at a very good price, another one was dark void: zero (a retro-like game), this one cost like 2 or 3 โ‚ฌ and it seemed pretty good, but i still passed because it had drm… yes a 2 ou 3โ‚ฌ game had drm -_-

        • Anonymous

          ever have a piece of drm cripple your system forcing you to reinstall windows?

          i have.

          you know how i fixed that?

          i pirated the game, because they stripped the need for that kind of drm.

          you know what i found ironic, the viruses some game publishes have claimed are in pirated things, have fuck my computer less than there so called drm.

          i buy off steam, but i read everything, and if i hear any kind of drm besides a code for the game is in it, i pirate the shit out of it.

        • At the Anonymous who made the comment about no online play.

          You can play online with a jailbroken downgraded PS3. There’s already ‘hacks’ which allow you to do this. Just look at Black Cops.

        • we could be discussing about reasons for piracy for years, that really doesn’t matter, but you said it right, piracy can’t be stopped, thats why i hate most of anti-piracy deals, they usually only hurt the legit consumers

          instead of trying to fight against pirates they should be trying to give us reasons for not wanting to pirate something

          i’ve been buying games on steam like crazy, some i don’t even play, yet i don’t feel bad at all for buying it, all of them were cheap due to steam promotions, i’m not suggesting every company should be turning into steam, only that it’s possible to please everyone into buying their games

        • This news is pretty old. You do NOT need jailbreak to perform any downgrade anymore! They decrypted the firmware (first time) and changed the code to accept ANY version you want on that uber-undated-and-dead-PS3.

          No need jailbreak at all!

          Probably is time to get a ps3 now. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • I do love the devs, of corse, but in my opinion they’re producing too much games nowaday. With so many games I want to play, there is just no time. nor money. Therefore I will pirate for as long as the quantity of games prevails over quality = forever.

          And yeah, using my fresly soldered jailbreak right now and pirating the shit out of PS3.