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K-ON! Girls Robbed of Instruments in Otaku Mega-Heist


Thieves have robbed Azunyan and company of their very instruments, to say nothing of thousands of dollars in cash and goods, striking the school otaku have chosen to venerate for being the spiritual home of K-ON!


Shiga prefecture’s Toyosato elementary school is of course the school which served as the model for the highschool attended by the girls of K-ON! and subsequently attracted many otaku tourists after being identified.

Its gradual conversion into a K-ON! shrine by otaku proved its undoing however, as thieves evidently deemed its collection of valuables a prime target.


Items stolen included a safe with ¥290,000 in proceeds from the sale of goods, various guitars (pictured prior to their theft) and 22 figures, along with various other goods, all of which were left at the school as offerings by K-ON! devotees.


Thieves seem not to have made off with Ritsu’s drum kit for some unfathomable reason…

The school has seen an estimated 40,000 K-ON! fans make the pilgrimage to the site, although this attention has at times been a mixed blessing, with reports of suspicious persons and vandalism accompanying the arrival of the horde of K-ON! obsessed maniacs.

The reaction amongst otaku appears to be one of profound sadness. Desperate otaku themselves seem unlikely suspects given the thieves evidently knew the location of the safe, possibly suggesting an inside job, not an unlikely possibility given the rather notorious criminality of Japan’s teaching profession.

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