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Power Saw Beheading Japan’s First Jury Death Sentence


A man who used a saw to cut off a man’s head even as he begged to be killed first, his only response being to tell him to “stay still or I can’t cut your neck properly,” has been sentenced to hang in Japan’s first ever jury trial of a capital crime.

The murders in question were committed by a 32-year-old Yokohama resident, Hiroyuki Ikeda, against 2 men he did not even know.

Ikeda is said to have aspired to become a drug baron, and in order to further his trafficking aspirations he fell in with a 26-year-old man with a problem – he was involved in an ownership dispute over a Kabukicho mahjong parlour, and needed two men dealt with.

Ikeda assured him he was a “man who could kill people” and that he would take care of the problem in return for a stimulant dealing concession.

He proceeded to kidnap the 28-year-old manager of the mahjong establishment and a 36-year-old “company employee” (as most media reports call him – in fact he worked at a brothel) connected to the affair, holding them captive in a hotel. He also took the opportunity to rob the manager of $160,000.

The matter was far from dealt with however, as he still intended to kill them both. He started with the manager, whose death would be particularly hideous – he was decapitated alive with a power-saw.

The court was shown the flatcar-mounted power saw used in the crime, and heard how the victim begged for his life, cowering as his captor attempted to force his neck into the saw – his last entreaties were “Please, at least kill me first before you cut my head off!” but his murderer was having none of it, merely telling him “Stay still, I can’t get it to cut properly!”

After he was decapitated, hacked into pieces and stuffed into garbage bags for disposal, his killer remarked to his accomplice that “it’s just like a doll or something really.” His defence claimed this was as he was struggling to cope with the terrible fear of police bursting in on him.

His second victim, the pimp, was marginally luckier – he was killed by being stabbed in the head with a fruit knife, and then dismembered and disposed of in much the same way.

The crimes came to light when the dismembered torso of one victim and the lower half of another were discovered dumped, and further searches turned up arms and a head. Police soon launched an investigation.

Ikeda later found himself arrested for drug trafficking, and soon confessed to involvement with the murders.

A further 8 people were arrested in connection with the case, and an international arrest warrant has been issued on the man who requested the killings after he apparently fled the country.

To what extent the yakuza were involved with what is clearly not an individual crime is not clear – Japan’s worthless mass media almost completely avoid all mention of just who was behind all this.

A guilty verdict at the trial was not in any realistic doubt, but the question of whether he would be sentenced to hang has been the subject of much speculation, not least because this trial was the first death penalty case to involve “lay judges,” Japan’s watered down version of a jury, introduced in only 2005.

Once the trial reached its sentencing phase he was swiftly declared guilty of a variety of crimes including murder and corpse disposal, with the presiding judge sentencing him to death.

It is thought he will launch an appeal, his defence hinting that they consider the proceedings to not have given them enough time.

In Japan, still largely unfamiliar with the enlightened concept of allowing those too stupid or self righteous to excuse themselves from jury duty to determine the outcome of a trial, there have been doubts raised as to whether their spineless countrymen have the guts to order someone to the gallows.

These doubts appear to be unfounded, although non-Japanese observers might still be concerned about just how independent the verdicts are with the presence of actual judges “guiding” the verdict.

Even so, a female lay judge was said to have broken into tears whilst watching the man she had just condemned to death, and there are many in Japan who would like to see the death penalty abolished altogether – having to deal with recalcitrant jurors may yet hasten this process.

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  • I seriously love your site.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my very own website and want to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Thanks!

  • Observation: if you want to make a radical change to the legal framework, whether it’s adding lay judges, aboshing juries, introducing judge tribunals, &c. it’s helpful if the first major case that comes by is guaranteed to paint the new system in a favourable light.

  • “His second victim, the pimp, was marginally luckier – he was killed by being stabbed in the head with a fruit knife, and then dismembered and disposed of in much the same way.”
    that`s what hapens when you see too much typemoon works.

  • The judgment should be a rearrangement of this topics title:

    Japan’s First Jury Death Sentence: Power Saw Beheading

    Although a lot of guys who would gladly volunteer and wimp out at the last minute, I bet there will still be a handful of hardcore executioners at least.

  • The guy brutally slaughtered two people without remorse and people are arguing about it being unfair if he was tortured or given the death penalty? Pussies. Don’t just kill, but make an example out of him so this bullshit doesn’t happen again.

    This is supposed to be the home country of the samurai for crying out loud.

  • You kill someone, you should die.

    Sentenced to Death by Jury for a Crime.
    -Cruel and unusual punishment…?
    -Punishment for death is Cruel.
    -Cruelty onto those who had no sight of mercy
    -And to think he even stole money too…?
    Cry about money & tax?
    Then capture them, put them in a room with no escape, don’t feed them till they die by starvation.

    Might take 21days.
    Let them die from starvation, and give them no lights and put a muzzle on them they can’t take off.

    Go inside, clean up the remains, then cremate them.
    Dump their asses in the toilet, to collect with the shit they are.

    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

  • So he killed a pimp and an owner of a mahjong establishment…

    To people wanting revenge on this guy, would you say the same knowing the pimp has lots of sex slaves and the other guy probably creates a lot of gambling addicts?

    It’s basically bad people killing bad people.

    The outrage is kind of amusing. If it were a story about prostitutes, people would probably be asking for the death of the pimp.

    • Agreed. They need to scare the shit out of him by spinning a power saw a couple of feet from his neck hooked up to a pendulum device that lowers itself inch by agonizing inch, and just as it is about the severe the carotid artery and deal the finishing blow, the executioner should stick a fruit knife into his head.

  • I say that he should be decapitated.

    Come ON, don’t they still have tons of sword makers and (arguably) the world’s best swords?

    Frankly, it’d be cool if someone made a “Mercurial Greatsword” as a tribute to Gene Wolfe’s “New Sun” series of sci-fi novels, a no tip beheading sword with a hollow in the blade and a bead of Hydragyrum (Mercury) so it gets a boost on the downstroke.

  • Death penalty is not really a punishment, it is to kill all these psychopath so they will not harm the society and scared all the criminal not to do the crime. To get death penalty is not easy, u need to do a really terible crime to get this penalty and if innocent people get killed, it is better for them to die than living with scumbag of the earth. If u think these innocent people hv a chance of freedom after being sentenced life prison, think again. Surely the people who them in the prison will try to make him stay in the prison.

  • Sure thing there, sure thing the Judge breaks into tears at the sentence against the heartless murderer. Well, she can give him 4 years in jail then have him sentenced to live in HER HOUSE for the next 30 years on house arrest as her Husband. If she feels he didn’t deserve it, somethings after all are worse than death and living with a woman is worse than death.

  • Tears? For fucking what? That motherfucker deserves to die a slow painful death.

    How he should die:
    Skinning him alive
    then cutting off limbs ONE by ONE
    finally, blow his brains out.

    And I can say this with a smile on my face.

    I don’t give a shit if you guys don’t agree with my thoughts, I go by the belief of “an eye for an eye”.

      • i agree with you to some extend
        but even so there are more “humane” ways to kill them
        apart from the sin of killing he also obviously experienced pleasure in doing it
        i wonder if he would have still ended up with a death sentance if he simply shot them

  • I don’t support death penalties, they cost taxpayers money without accomplishing anything useful. Have the guy imprisoned for life and make him do something useful. I know that one of the high-security prisons near me provides welding services by the inmates, which generates money for the state, cheap labour (I believe the inmates get paid around $1USD/hr), gets the inmates a useful skill for when they get out (not really applicable in this situation), and leaves the inmate some money for when they get out (allowing them to do stuff like pay rent and by groceries while they look for a job, rather than robbing a bank or somesuch just to make ends meet). Just because someone is a sociopathic killer or a serial rapist doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of providing some value to society.

  • I bet they will try to blame movies again, like this:
    Horror movies like the saw movies poisons the mind, Giving them ideas or making them think it is ok to commit such acts of horrors ect, ect. Either way he better not go “insane” and get off easy!

  • I rather he be treated the same way he treated those two…saw off his limbs, torso, and then saw off his head.

    Then pour in gasoline over the corpse, start a fire, and let that piece of shit burn.

  • Such things always make me feel better. In this world full of moralists and feminazis. There are still some crazy people who are ready to kill You with a power saw. I’m just full of joy. World is such a wonderful place. πŸ˜€

  • “Kill me before you cut off my neck.”

    I find that very strange.

    As horrible as this may sound, it doesn’t strike me as much as others… I guess the “Friend-eats-Friend’s-Dick” and “Rape-For-17-Years-Because-My-Daughter-Loves-Me” Article and such were more of a shock to me…

  • Good to know People know how to kill normally in japan.
    I Always assumed they were fucked to death or comitted suicide.

    P.S It’s a saw it’s automatically gonna kill you xD

    Also Lol@ You get a death penalty for how badly you killed someone cna’t be allowed a japanese identity if you kill someone grotesquely.

    • You didn’t read the actual article from the newspaper. The full description is that he is to be “hung from the neck untill dead while being raped by an octopus, and 5 13 year old school girls in uniform all shit on his head.

      Wether this is his “last request” or part of the punishment is unclear.

  • I dunno

    I still don’t think a group killing someone for killing, is any better than one guy killing a group

    either way, I have no pity on him, but I wouldn’t condone killing of any kind really

    call me whatever you like, I just think it says a lot about human nature when we create rules for killing; and determine that it’s ok to kill in certain situations, but not others. ‘because if you do it in the wrong way, we’ll kill you’ kind of feels just as bad, if not worse

    • I have to agree with you on that… Knee-jerk reactions that prescribe an eye for an eye haven’t worked for the last few millennium, and they most certainly aren’t working now. We need to think so a better solution like exiling these murderers onto a sealed island where they can’t escape but we don’t need to maintain them.

    • the only way killing someone would work out would be if heaven and hell existed.

      Killing him as a punishment (idk if this is a ticket to hell) would lead to him ending up in hell for all eternity

      As I do not believe heaven or hell exist, I believe a better use of his life would be to force him into hard labor to pay off his meals/housing (and other costs) for his life imprisonment.

  • next murder case: β€œStay still, or I can’t cut your dick properly!” and the victim goes: β€œPlease, at least kill me first before you cut my dick off!”
    and, after the dick he proceeds with the head.

  • The guy deserves to die for messing up a yakuza assassination. Keep your dirty business out of the public eye. If the government didn’t kill him, the yakuza would.

    Chainsaws generally aren’t the best assassination tools.

  • He deserves to become a vegetable after what he did…

    I wish they could make him immortal, tie him to a support beam or something similar & let some giant bird(s) eat at his body & then heal his wounds afterwards each & every day for all eternity until they are tired of him & then just end his life by taking his immortality from him then…

    too bad this stuff can’t happen in real life except for the vegetable thing…

    • That would be pretty horrible if it were real, eventually everyone is gonna get made immortal and have birds eating their bodies.

      Then it will become the norm and people will just walk around with birds eating their organs. Some guy will walk into a convenience store the clerk will say ” you dropped your kidney” and he’ll reply ” It’s okay the bird will pick it”. That some how reminds me of a Junji Ito horror manga.

      Then no one will get murdered cause were all immortal.

    • To me, the biggest thing about 100% proven killers is that they shouldn’t be funded to stay alive with OUR tax dollars which should be used for something more productive.

      I honestly don’t give a crap if they suffer more or less from prison or death penalty. I care about my money first. And heinous, 100% proven killers, I feel zero remorse for.

      • Except the death penalty is MORE expensive to you than life in prison. In the US they get a fuck ton of appeals, and those appeals can take a very very long time and cost the state a ton of money and man hours. This process can last many, MANY years and you’re feeding and housing him the whole time in addition to everything else.

        The cost of just feeding and housing a prisoner is nowhere near as expensive as all of that.

        • What cost? The current system of appeals for death sentences actually costs more money than three squares a day and a concrete cell for a few decades. If we reduced the opportunity to appeal to save on costs, many more innocent people would be killed.
          Locking people up for life and allowing appeals to progress with less urgency and thus less cost is pretty much the lowest point of harm to innocents of all possible ways of dealing with murder until a robust and effective method of rehabilitation is discovered. The only reason to have capital punishment is revenge.

          On the other hand, yeah, you feel like that now, but what about if something happened to impair your rational thought processes? What if the innocent who was being put to death was you or a relative of yours?
          Personally, the fear of a chaotic stranger affecting my life is much easier to live with than the idea that the government, with all their superior firepower, might come and try to kill a loved one of mine. You can take steps to keep yourself from being murdered, you can’t protect yourself from the government.

          Besides which, look at any country’s death penalty statistics: it’s dominated by poor people, people with the wrong religion, people with the wrong skin colour, people of the lower castes. Every country has examples were the person with the right background gets a more lenient sentence than the person with the wrong one for the same crime. It’s bad enough when this results in prison, when it results in death, it’s near enough ethnic cleansing.

        • dorchadas, i look at it as a cost-benefit ratio. the benefit of eliminating hundreds (if not thousands) of irredeemable criminals who would otherwise be nothing but a drain on our resources far outweighs the cost of a few innocents. besides, there would be a lot fewer innocents put to death if certain governors would grant a stay of execution to prisoners who have new evidence to present, like DNA.

        • Anon @13:13 has pretty much the right of it.

          In a world where we could psychically determine with 100% certainty whether people are guilty or not, then the death penalty is an excellent idea because some people really are just wastes of space who shouldn’t be allowed to use up our excess oxygen.

          But, since we have to live in this world, the death penalty sometimes leads to government murder of innocent people. I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s a bad thing.

        • “Yeah, you feel like that now, but what about if something happened to impair your rational thought processes?”

          That’s how the “what if it was your loved one” thing sounds to me. My dad raped my mum, and my emotional reaction is that he should be torn limb from limb, but I know that the law isn’t perfect and I can’t be expected to want to have any mercy for that man, even though he could be rehabilitated. If you support the death penalty, you support killing innocent people, because no legal system is perfect, and the death penalty doesn’t do a damn thing to bring murder rates down.
          It also doesn’t save money, because if you have enough appeals and DNA testing to prove everything beyond all reasonable doubt, it costs a fuckload more than three squares a day and a concrete cell for a few decades.

        • Klingengeist says:

          Yes, i always wonder how ppl being against death sentences react if one of their loved ones would be killed without reason.
          How fast will they cry for death sentence?

          If you kill somebody without any real reasons just for fun or profit, you should also lose your right to live.

          Their lives are lost forever. They wont get a second chance. So why should he?

          The only problem i see with death sentences is that jurisdiction isnt without errors and even ppl seemingly guilty can be innocent even though the facts make them look guilty.

          Btw US law is fucked up too like the jurisdictions in most (every?) countries.

        • I think it would probably hard to love my father if he did kill someone randomly with a chainsaw, but if it hard some sort of reason then it would probably be easier. Also I if someone killed my father or a loved one I’d probably hate the person, but I wouldn’t care if they got the death sentence or not cause that won’t bring back the dead and I don’t really care much for vengeance.

        • And before someone retorts back with the whole, “What if your father was the murderer thing,” you’ve got some real problems if you think you’d still love your father the same way if he killed someone with a chainsaw. Your father was more messed up than you think.

        • yeah anon, we are all pro life , no death, and all that
          but if for a moment you halt and think, if one of those 12 raped children, was yours? or if that chainsawed man was your father?

          What would you think?

          Perhaps i sound harsh, but life imprisonment here does not exist, and if such person would be realeased after, i dont know, 30years , what would go thru your mind?

          maybe, maybe

      • What’s the big deal about death sentences? People die all the time. I could understand the fuss if it wasn’t completely clear whether he did it or not, but there seems to be no doubt in this case.

        • “Whether in prison for pot or murder, the idea still stands that having them do something for the betterment of society is beneficial, both for us and them. Should they get released after a long time, for example, exploration of various potential jobs while imprisoned is more of a feed back into the economy than just sitting around without learning marketable skills. The prison school idea for example at least offers a conduit.”

          There are plenty of law abiding citizens that are in need of jobs and want to contribute to society. Why on earth should we give a cold blooded murderer a second chance? In what world does he disereve one? The victim will never have a second chance at life, so I think it would disrespectful to give one to the criminal.

        • The 13th amendment of the United states constitution states “1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
          2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

          I think we should take advantage of the legal slave labor, as long as the labor being forced upon the convicted doesn’t conflict with cruel and unusual punishment.

        • HouseLife

          lsd, pot, and a number of other drugs, should be able to be taken recreationaly without prison terms.

          you get people who drink and drive, which is as bad as most drugs, even the psychedelics.

          its when you make the decision to drive, and or hurt others is when the law should crack down hard.

          we could get rid of over half our prison populations if that were enacted.

          and if its not, i see most drugs as no different than beer. if we cant have one than we shouldn’t have the other.

        • Whether in prison for pot or murder, the idea still stands that having them do something for the betterment of society is beneficial, both for us and them. Should they get released after a long time, for example, exploration of various potential jobs while imprisoned is more of a feed back into the economy than just sitting around without learning marketable skills. The prison school idea for example at least offers a conduit.

          Really there’s no blanket solution for any one inmate, but at least some version of recognition that these people are only getting worse when they have nothing to focus on can get things moving.

          And for the record, yes, I think pot arrests for minor amounts are extremely stupid, but LSD and serious mind-altering drugs while driving cars and such IS pretty stupid, so no, they shouldn’t just be legal. I trust in that the majority of people are stupid, sadly, and I’ve seen what stupid people do with too few restrictions.

        • Anonymous

          im sorry but no, you have to take motive into consideration too with these kinds of crimes.
          husband kills man who was fucking his wife, guilty, but lesser punishment because its highly unlikely he poses a serious threat to everyone, and he had “reason” to do it.
          man kills woman to steal her purse, to because he got pissed about losing his money gambling, or because he got drunk and she pissed him off, well kill him because he is human trash, not worth keeping alive.

          and lets put it this way, im 100% for the death penalty, because some people are unrehabilitateable.


          in america, the majority of our prisoners are in prison for victomless crimes. take drugs for example. people who just get high are put in prison, now i know that some drugs like pcp should have a 0 tollarance because of its effects on people, but pot? lsd? hell if you want to say that they are in prison because of a potential risk, than lock people who drink alcohol up to, they over drink them selves to death, and drive drunk and off themselves and others far more than people who get high do (lets put it this way, the use of drugs in a lifetime is actually higher than people who regularly get drunk)


          you have to give them more benefits than the shitty cells they have now. a low cost apartment costs what, 16-17 grand a year? why dont they work that off?

          lets put it this way, if you can guarentee that you wont be raped, or killed in prision, than a the very least 70% of them will gladly work for the equivalent of 30000$ a year, for work outside of prison that may make them up to 60-70k a year. you get cheap labor, you get criminals making money, and you give them a skill for when they get out, and possibly help them with finding a job, something may cant do so they return to a life of crime.


          please, don’t talk about rapists without qualifying them as real rapists.

          and to another point, anyone who shows remorse for what they do, and i mean real remorse doesn’t deserve to go to prison in most cases. someone i knew did something stupid, it got him heavily injured, and some they knew killed, he had to go to prison. accidental death like that, he had to go to prison where he will be raped, beaten, and at worst killed himself, i just cant understand considering it was a poor decision by both of them.


          i though of this for a few moments, and i came to a conclusion that i probably could, under the right circumstances, lets say that there was a guy who fucked kids (10 and younger) killed 2 in the process (internal bleeding he caused) and had over 40 victims, and he had an extreme fear of dieing, i do believe i could torture him to death in ways that make what our government did to its war prisoners look like fun.

        • well it depends on whether the death row inmate can appeal his death penalty.
          if they can then they can “rot in jail” just the same by filing appeal after another costing the taxpayers even more money through appeals and keeping them alive in jail

          if you are looking for a cost effective way it is either to incarcerate for life or death penalty with no appeals process
          the latter would be very undesirable because of the possibility of putting to death an innocent man

        • anyone who thinks criminals actually spend their time “thinking about what they did” are deluding themselves. someone who can calmly decapitate a living person with a power saw is beyond redemption and a waste of resources in any position other than “in the ground.” i can’t believe a juror would actually weep for this sick fuck.

        • @08:25

          Consider what you’re saying, killing someone in a swift painless way is barbaric and uncivilized. But locking someone in a 6×8 box, inside of a larger box full of the worst people on earth; and basically left to fend for themselves socially amongst this jungle of rapists and murderers for the rest of their natural life is more civilized? If anything it sounds worse.

        • Agreed. I’m in the middle sometimes I honestly believe death is the only option. But sometimes I want them to suffer for years thinking about their horrible crime. But I will say Tax payers having to pay for murders, rapists, or any other top level crime is absolute bullshit.

          If they killed someone and are sentenced to life, Make them work for every day they live in that cell. Fuck good people paying for some scum. He should be cleaning toilets with his tongue, servicing the guards if they need a release, digging holes just for the fuck of it. Anything to qualify them as working so we don’t have to pay.

        • Considering our current prison population, there is much that can be said about making them do something worthwhile for society with their time which they obviously have in abundance. I’m all for a punishment being to hand them responsibility to earn their place in prison by doing things for other people to make up for what they’ve done. Cleaning highways, making things that can be sold, etc. It makes much more sense and in a well-established system can actually pay for itself and more. I know they’re worried about people getting weapons from this work, but it merely requires a search after having done the work. Hell, let our prisoners make half the shit that comes out of China. Talk about cheap labor.

          The issue though is ‘for-profit prisons,’ which is nothing short of slave trading and everyone involved in that concept needs to be decapitated in the way this man’s victims were.

          And only a thoughtless moron would say that rape and murder cases should lead to death without question of situation or context. Thankfully stupid internet comments don’t govern due process… yet.

        • I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment. I know a lot of people do think that having someone locked up forever is a worse punishment than death but I just think it’s a waste of time. It costs so much tax payer money to keep each individual criminal accommodated in a prison for a life sentence. If we’re going to keep someone in prison for life I say we at least make them work hard labor to pay for their stay, or if they refuse let them starve to death, their choice.

        • so true.
          at least if your keeping someone in prison
          at least there crime is a drug thing or stealing
          but rape, and killing crime prisoners should just die
          because they could do it again IF they ever get released.