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FF14 “So Bad They Gave Players A Third Free Month”


Square Enix have announced the remaining players of Final Fantasy XIV will be given a third free month, possibly a result of player numbers having reached their lowest ever despite the game still being free.

Their announcement blithely fails to mention why they are suddenly feeling so generous (although their CEO is more honest, to investors at least):

As always, we would like to express our gratitude to all players enjoying their adventures in Eorzea.

Today, we have decided to extend the free trial period an additional 30 days. Please refer to the following for more details.

We have also added a Topics post detailing a portion of the content heading your way in the two large-scale version updates slated for late November and mid-December.

This month’s version update, tentatively scheduled for November 25, marks the first step in bringing about significant improvement to FINAL FANTASY XIV, guided in large part by the feedback you, the players, have provided. We are adamant that you should be given the opportunity to experience these changes firsthand before deciding to fully commit to the game.

The two month extended trial was about to end, which had triggered speculation that player populations would collapse catastrophically, rather than gradually as they appear to be at present.

Average daily player populations continue to plummet, standing at 24,277 at the latest count:


Square Enix did announce a very extensive patch and generally appear to be desperately trying to rescue the game, but it would appear to be a case of too little, too late – PS3 players may find their version comparatively polished when it is released in 2011, though it appears they will be joining empty servers.

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  • I actually like FF14. I was a big fan of FF11, and I’m not overly picky, so I’m forgiving towards the flaws, and seeing the improvement simply from Beta to Release, see possibilities once they fully clean it up and add in all the content that is missing.

    It’d be a shame for it to die.

    If anything they could just keep it going best they can while they do their work, and re-release a special edition for a discount once they do what they can to improve performance and content.

    • What improvement? That was the problem, they did nothing with the feedback they got during beta. People were complaining about clunky and laggy UI and nothing was changed. As if anyone would really need that feedback to know there was a problem anyway if they actually used it or paid attention to focus groups, let alone the beta period users.

      For that matter, how can you fail at making a UI when you can load up any number of competitor’s products and the accompanying user UI mods?

      They either don’t care, or they’re incompetent. Take your pick.

      Also, the fatigue system was the worst idea ever and it should have been obvious that it would be misunderstood, which makes it even more terrible. Wonder how many hundreds or even thousands of sales were lost due to people blowing it out of proportion.

      It doesn’t even serve its function. A comment on it: “The only time I’ve even hit slight surplus was the first week… I don’t see how this system was made to keep a level playing field for casuals when casuals will barely hit the first tier of surplus during a week since battle leves tend to suck for skill gain and local leves, while optional, are time consuming. Heck, most casuals won’t even do leves every 36 hours I imagine. “

      • Did you play the Beta? I felt a massive difference between release (I didn’t get collectors edition) and beta, regarding UI, Synthesis, and Menu lag =V

        I’m not trying to say it was perfect, or that it was all that was needed (they still have a ways to go, and that’s not being disputed), but if you played both and payed attention, you can feel the difference.

        I’ve never hit Fatigue myself, though I am only rank 18/phys 21-22 or so I believe.
        I haven’t been playing much lately because my link seems to have mostly bailed, and I’m waiting on a friend to begin playing. After playing alone for the majority of the Beta (getting to rank 15/phys 20 in beta) I just can’t solo, it lacks appeal, and everyone seems to have come down with IDunTalkStrangers Syndrome.

  • Yay, another 14 news!! 8D I was wondering why I hasn’t been hearing about it in a while.

    “We are adamant that you should be given the opportunity to experience these changes firsthand before deciding to fully commit to the game.”

    They mean before the players decide to fully quit the game?

    14 will be SE’s burden that they must carry forever unless a miracle happens with the next significant update as they say. Considering their capital, it’s not likely they would shut down due to one game. But still, it does feel good to see a company who’s been boasting up high over there having forgotten its roots finally being brought back to the glimpses of it(read The Banckruptcy That Almost Kill SE Before FF by anon). They deserve that punishment. For not hearing what us disappointed fans and you supporters have been complaining about their games. Sure, the stab didn’t make the kill but it ought to hurt them bad. Hope they learn from it or go get merged with Index Holdings already.

  • They should of made it F2P in the first place.

    It would be a “Great Approach” seeing a Game Company who has such a great backing do a market turn-around like this personally.

    If it was f2p, i’d maybe give it another Chance, P2P this crap without a Auction House…
    NO thanks.

  • “…significant improvement to FINAL FANTASY XIV, guided in large part by the feedback you, the players, have provided”

    What was the point of the open beta then? oh wait, you didn’t accept player feedback during open beta.

    You made your bed, now lie in it, Squeenix.

  • Most people try mmos and if they aren’t good wont even attempt the game again for years so losing all these players is really bad for them not just in short run..

    I mean at this point i’m not even going to come back after they release the first few patches, like i said.. In a year or so i might try it again if it’s still around.

  • One could look at it this way, they realized there mistake and are doing everything they can to make it at least worth the investment into the game by giving the additional free month. If the early adopters all bail before they can make improvements on the game, then it makes it harder for them to market the game the time the PS3 version is released.

    On the other hand, I being one of the people that has the game and so far haven’t been happy with it… I don’t know if I’m even willing to wait that long to see if the changes make the game worth having when I do have to pay a monthly fee for. Decisions, decisions…

    • might as well be like the other people here that ‘like’ this game and wait to see if you spent your 50-60 dollars (euros, yen whatever) on something worthwhile. i however quit after 2 weeks of trying to find something enjoyable with the game.

    • What’s more ironic is that every other MMOs that usually aren’t graphically superior(some even & still rely on 2D sprites, guess who?) are better than and selling better than 14.. Which has been painstakingly made with ‘superior’ graphics.

      I pity the graphics department of SE these days.

  • I’ll never forget ff7, my first ever jrpg and a game that still to this day I love,

    its a shame its been all downhill ever since.

    right now square may as well make that ff7 remake because its about the only thing that will get people caring again.

    • I swear if ff7 gets released in 2010 with 2010 graphics and its story many ppl would scream “wtf is this crap“, assuming of course it didn’t exist in 1990s.

      As for ff14, I’d say WOW was pretty shit in some areas when it first came out, tons of grind and lack of choices with classes. It got a lot better with TBC though lost some of its good in the process.

    • They should focus on making a new IP instead.

      Learn from their past games and take what worked too. I’m not saying that they should take so much as to make an exact copy, but if it works, DON’T FIX IT.

      The same thing with cars: You buy a car straight out factory expecting it to work. Then you add more to the engine by adding Turbo. You put more efficient chip to deal with oil injection to increase oil efficiency. You replace all the borderline pass shaft with carbon shaft. To make it prettier, you put some spoiler, skirting and bumper, then put some airbrush artworks all over the body.

      What S-E is doing now is akin to releasing a car with different workings but similar performance to Trueno in ’82, and sell it in 2010 with the same price as a hybrid Honda City. That’s just fucked up.

      You don’t just take out a bunch of things that worked and fun to play, and claim it to be ‘different’. What they need to do is to ADD UP on the things they’ve done.

      That wasn’t the case with FFXIV, and I’m not gonna contribute to any undeserved profit S-E thinks it can make out of me.

  • Smart move on SE’s part, as it was the first major patch would have come 4 days before the trial ended for the people who got CE, and I was already thinking of cancelling. This way people get to see how the game plays once it gets the features it should have launched with before committing to it. Hopefully it will be up to good shape before the PS3 version launches.

  • I can hear one of the anime girl characters saying ‘this is a disaster’ while reaching up and putting her hands to her face with this news. The Titanic Square Enix’s cruise ship is sinking.

  • sweet! another free month! been playing and i got to 50 already its been great meeting cool people and having fun! but the game is not all that easy and if your PC is shit you can forget about it just stick with WoW = easy lol

  • Im playing it right now… is not a bad game but haves the same handicap than LOTR, tabula rasa or Aion.

    Empty servers, grindfest, repetitive quest.

    WOW fanbase could be annoying but make you feel there is life in the game.

    FFXIV feels like an ghost town.

  • Regardless of the game that can sink of swim for all i care, i really hope they will learn from this. And if they manage to survive, they would make a game using all new EXP and passing their errors by a mile.

  • Sad that its not a success. Actualy I liked this game. Loved the world and the npcs, they had good dialogues unlike other mmorpgs these days… but yeah I hope they improve the battle-gameplay~
    (sry bad english)

  • Funny how these posts always begin “FF14 so bad…” and then get progressively worse. What will be next?

    “FF14 so bad it causes seizures”
    “FF14 so bad it broke the internet”
    “FF14 so bad the pope praised it”

    Who knows what level of fail it will reach?

      • they failed in making it pay-to-play
        pay systems like mabinogi’s or fiesta are more likely to get huge in players and income

        we’re already paying for the bludisk, we don’t want to keep paying monthly

        or the bludisk its going to be free?
        im talking about the ps3 version,for pc, better to wait for private servers,which im NOT favouring them but, hell , paying to get the disk and paying to play monthly its a lost-lost

        • Doom & gloom, the playerbase will shoot up a lot with the PS3 release. The game will also be more polished by then. Eventually there will be a 360 release and they’ll pick up another few hundred thousand subs.

          For the PC market, it may be too late. But this third free month is a genius strategy as it allows everyone to see if the game actually gets better or not before deciding to quit, if they were early adopters.

      • Thankfully the upcoming FF XIV hentai doujins this coming Comiket Winter will only have ‘increase’ in sales…

        I thank Square-Enix for at least introducing many exotic and beautiful cum dump–er, (female) character races for the many circles of hentai artists to work their magic on…

        The game may be a bust, but the hentai potential will always be there…Then again the same could be said to every successful game (except most FPS like Call of Duty and Gears of War which never HAD one single hentai image that I could find in Pixiv…Not even yaoi…Man, I would love to see some CoD and GoW yaoi doujins)~

        • @ HouseLife

          You know I’ve been reading your comments and I have to say I have mixed agreement.

          You’re right, something about the game reeks of bad management over development; only I often find bad management more insidious than good programmers.

          You’ve complemented the CEO for realizing the mistakes, but I just can’t help but think that this game is riddled with mistakes that SE should not of made in the first place. I say SE specifically as they are by no means a start-up company.

          It seems so strange to me that a game of this type would neglect certain necessities like money based transport from the start (instead of time), something as fundamental as inventory sort, or even a more flushed out quest system.

          Consider how often game developers will come out with side games or spin-offs that are experimental. Halo ODST for example seemed less like a full fledged effort in the same way halo reach or 3 was, and looked more like an excuse to reunite the cast of firefly (not that I’m complaining.)

          I can’t help think that everyone sort of saw that coming with ODST, and thus didn’t take offense to it (trolls aside). The game had no where near the release hype as the Halo main games or Reach, and it was a fairly small game compared to it’s family. It was like they were telling us that this was just a filler game.

          In fact, when SE experimented with an action game and based off of Vincent and failed, really no one went hard on them, (again other than the occasional rabid internet troll.) It was a vanity project, an experiment that if good, would of been wonderful; but if bad wouldn’t hurt the series as a whole.

          Yet, for a 6 year, multi-million dollar project like FFXIV to have been so flubbed just confuses me.

          I even remember how they announced 14 at the same E3 that they were showing 13; how everyone’s comment was “Why? why not wait for 13 to pass by?”

          So that brings me to that X-factor you mentioned. For me I like playing one game at a time, mostly because that’s how many games I can afford to play (both time and money wise).

          Regardless of how ignoble we may be, in the end average players like myself are a great way for industries to make money. (As a developer I know you understand this, this is more a comment to douse the inevitable trolling my post will get.)

          So as an avarage player, if I have to take a risk on one game, I really can tell you that it’s not going to be a SE game in the future.

          I found the last 3 games (14, 13, 12) not all that compelling. I appreciated their refinment, but compared to FF2, FF6, FF7, FF10, shadow of the colossus, Mirrors edge, and Portal; I simple wasn’t sucked in. I just really couldn’t care all that much for the same old JRPG characters that I’ve seen dozens of times. (The child trying too hard to grow up, the ditz girl with a painful past, the often oblivious tough guy, the overly perfect victim girl, the bitch who really needs to get laid. The skankely dressed older woman.)

          For as much as I liked the black guy from 13, or the brigand from 12, they just weren’t enough to compel me to that next part of the story. As pretty and refined as those games were, I simply felt like I was playing a standard example of a very set genre, instead of a game that had it’s own design concept and world to offer me.
          (Like a perfectly cooked rice cake.)

          By contrast I finished every trophy in Portal, got the the end of 2, 7 and 10, and replayed Bioshock with three different weapon styles, just because i enjoyed doing so.

          I guess the most telling moment for me was when they excluded male Mithra from FFxiv. From the start of the FFXI release I remember people asking for those.
          As bored as I am with Emo Japanese men, I know a lot of girls who aren’t, and a lot of those girls almost exclusively play FFXI. I would never of played that character model but I’ll tell you right now I wouldn’t of given a dang one way or another if that had had them. Heck it would of been fun to have them if only to make fun of.

          Yet no valid reason was ever offered for the exclusion of such a high demanded character from FFXIV.
          -This ‘aint call of duty here, so I doubt any homo-erotic subtext would of shunned away players. (Hell as far as i care all JRPG men are gay in one manner or another.)
          -This wasn’t something they hadn’t heard of because god-as-my-witness I remember people asking for them for 7 years running.
          -Modifying a few character names and models would of been a pretty simple task, and they could of just done it for characters who already have gender neutral dialog.
          -Cat girls may be common in Jrpgs, but Cat Boys would of been fun and relatively unique.

          They only thing I could think is that they some how resented the idea, or thought that others would not like it. In either case their rational make me question their competence.

          Now, compiling the amount of mistakes that 14 had at release, along with the time it took to correct those flaws; I no longer trust SE Not to make those type of simple mistakes in the future.
          I can’t help think that they’ll either make different obvious mistakes that will render the game uninteresting; or they’ll depend so much on aesthetics that the game play will be refined but bland.

          This is why, as an average player, I no longer trust SE to deliver on it’s promises of quality…

      • I’m going to be the first to say a kind word to FF14 because, please, making MMORPGs is hard, specially when you target such a wide platform as PCs and PS3s, extensive testing is required, many online games spend *years* in open beta until the game can be called “complete” and even then constant content updates still require constant testing.

        That SE wasn’t able to pull this right pushes them down to *still above* average game producers, my opinion is, call me when the game has been in “open beta” for 18 months THEN i’ll care about if it is still buggy or not.

        Meanwhile I just download the pretty picture and ignore the rest of the anti FF14 articles.

        • ^ That’s exactly why they’re extending the free trial period. To give people a chance to see if they live up to their promises about rectifying some of the game’s flaws. Which says a lot.

          Like you, and anyone sane, I’d have a healthy skepticism towards whether they can accomplish it.

        • The issue is that players no longer believe SE capable of making a competent change to FFXIV.

          People like myself believe that, regardless of past success, and regardless of learned mistakes; the incompetence necessary to make so many flaws in the first place will prevent the removal of those flaws.

          Think of it like giving a quadriplegic a second chances to climb a mountain. It would take a hole lot of change to get it right the second time.

        • Name one P2P game that stays in open beta for years. This is a ploy used by F2P games to excuse bugs/shoddy translation/lack of content.

          You don’t think 18 months of development time would change anything? Considering that pretty much everyone says the game wasn’t ready to be released yet?

        • HouseLife

          no a codex like thing i believe should only be there for further background information, anything that is story vital should be explained in game in some way shape or form.

          here off the top of my head, any critical information, like wtf are they talking about, could have gotten some amount of in game story, and wouldn’t have been hard. lightning was military if i remember right, are you telling be that at no point she didn’t want to call them all together and get them all up to speed? “(something we dont know is recapped a bit), which we know (in game vital context for what the fuck is going on)” or explaining the shit to a kid, and just say the kid was a bit sheltered, like hope, i could have tolerated that twat if he was shelter from the world and knew nothing (think royalty), or hell at worst when shit was starting to hit the fan and hit it hard in the first 8 hours, a flashback to when all the complicated shit was first explained or taught to (insert character here) and there, in game context.

          see i ca tolerate a game not telling me what the fuck i’m doing or what the fuck is happening for only so long. i can go 1 or 2 hours through a game, not knowing the big picture, but give me some real tangible tasks. let me figure out the bigger picture, but DONT FUCKING EXPECT ME to KNOW what the big picture is BEFORE i play the fucking game.

          hope was VERY ANNOYING, lets make that clear. he was what, how old, ill wiki it quick… he was 14, i honestly thought he was allot younger. now lets go with how he is first, he sees his mother die. now when i was 14, and if i saw that, i could at least tell that he tried to help her, and would have held no real grudge. granted by that point in time, i already had my childhood crushed, but what hope was doing while playing the game, was the equidistant of a kid blaming a doctor for not being able to save his mom who was in a car crash.

          not only that but look at the leveling system, if you can call it that. i FUCKING HATED 10’s system, because i completely fucked leveling up multipul characters, and to re level them right would be such a pain staking task that i didn’t even bother with it, and i was apparently less than 5 hours from the end of that game.

          give me a job system thats ok, but dont fuck me with it.

          give me an item system, but dont make it so simple it may as well not be there.

          give me a leveling system please, because at leveling up through a passage way makes those long hallways all the more tollarable.

          and damnit let me chose the fucking party, and dont fuck me with my choices. forceing me to either have dps or have a healer? if i make one wrong move, we all die, if i go healer, we live but the battle is to fucking long.

          give me something so it doenst feel like you are playing the game for me.

          at points the game made me do something a way i didn’t want to do it because thats basically the only way you can, a good rpg would allow for at lest 2 options, possibly more, to make you feel like you are doing something yourself, not figuring out what the devs wanted you to do there.

          i probably went on a bit longer than i planned, but damnit i could pick almost the whole game apart (of the 8 hours) and bitch about EVERYTHING.

        • Damit, no, Emo kids are the moronic archetypes who brood for the sake of brooding. Yet again too many idiots threw around the term ’emo kid’ and now it’s come to represent ANYONE who shows ANY sadness or emotion about ANYTHING. Even reasonable god damn events like your friggan mother dying.

        • I thought Hope was actually an archetype of the emo kid in anime, of which there are many. From my experience, there are more emo kids than badass unflinching heroes steadfastly staring down at their destiny.

        • See? Now there’s a good explanation. I am in agreement with much of what you said. My chief complaint is the writing is broken down in to two things, one that works and one that doesn’t. The writing in the game itself was quite well done. The dialogue, the situations, the setting, all very well done. The issue was that in order to get any understanding of the world, you had to read that codex thing or whatever. It was a saddening and catastrophic failure in writing to be unable to weave such things into the narrative for your players/audience. In this I am completely unforgiving, however that doesn’t mean it ruined the game for me.

          Many people hated Hope, but it’s all for terrible reasons. Everyone treated him like an adult and lost perspective on the fact that he was a child in all of it. Everyone is spoiled in their anime and RPGs because they expect everyone to be a hero who laughs at danger, and Hope was a nice deviation from that for me. He gets annoying at points where he’s meant to get annoying, and if you’d played any further, you’d have watched him do exactly what you’d hoped he would and grow as a character. It really is only the impatient people like you who look at him and go ‘man he’s annoying.. what a pussy… crying cuz his mother is killed in a war and all that.’ It’s foolish to hold him to such standards.

          What I actually liked about FFXIII was that it didn’t tell me anything that happened, because I was expecting it to weave the reveal into the narrative, but it didn’t, and therein was its true major failure as I said above.

          Honestly I could trace every major problem the game had and that people complain about back to that one aspect, with the exception of gameplay. Gameplay there really isn’t anything wrong with it, except the mere fact that they waited to long to unlock its full capabilities.

          But anyway, it all goes back to it being about story. In the end, once I got over the hurtle of realizing I had a bit of reading to do in the codex of info, everything was a fun experience. I won’t apologize for its failures, but it did too much correctly even amidst those failures for me to ever write it off.

        • HouseLife

          story – ill admit that it could get better, but i refuse to call a game that takes 3/4 the game to like the story (what most people say it picks up at) good. thats i have to play a 30 fucking hour game to get to a part that may be better
          characters- ok, characters, im 8 hours in, the woman interests me, same with the long jacket guy, the little girl is ok too, but that fucking boy, god dammit do i hate him, and i hate being forced to play the fucker
          animation – never said it was bad, however it mostly is only great in the cutseens, and only the pre rendered, otherwise its hard for me to call it better than everything else.
          setting – the setting was interesting, but i spent 8 fucking hours wondering what the fuck was going on, and that didn’t help the game at all. 8 fucking hours, and i still haven’t really had one question answered.
          voice – i cant really comment here, but that little boys voice was grating on my last fucking nerve by the end of the 8 hour mark.
          writing – piss poor. you know good writing doesn’t make you wonder what the fuck is going on, for 8 fucking hours explaining nest to nothing, and than adding more what the fuck to it. ill bring up FF7 for a comparison. it may have had plot holes, but i was never, for any extended period of time, wondering what the fuck is going on.
          gameplay – i cant call this good at all. at one point i was with the little girl and the black guy, fighting robots. i wanted a healer, because thats always a nice thing to have, almost a requirement for ANY RPG, so there i am, killing it for a good 15 minutes, because black guy cant to shit dps, but some how stays alive, so anyway, i switch to tv, watch some… forget what i watched, came back after 10 minutes and it was still 1/3 of its life to go. i WILL NOT EVER CALL THAT GOOD GAMEPLAY.

          but you are right on not pulling the plug, buy can they charge people for it is the question?


          here is a fun fact, how many table top rpgs are there and how often to they completely over haul there systems?

          jrpgs do it almost every game, except some, but those some done even change storys all that much either.

          i think that if they had a battle system that works damn good, keep it for at least a console cycle, and revamp some parts to make it work out better.

          if they can make a good story that makes me want to see the end, and not wonder what the fuck the whole fucking time, than they can use the same (if its good) battle system over and over again.


          great point, not really much you can add there, besides they shouldn’t let retards work for them, or talk on their behalf


          not exactly, granted in an rpg we are use to being able to do side quests throughout the whole damn thing, and if you are coming off a wrpg, any jrpg is shallow in comparison, i believe that if the story was really the focus point, than moving forward to the next objective, can be forgiven, but combat in the game was a chore, it wasnt even fun, it was like an interactive movie that punished you for wanting to figure out what the fuck


          ooo, bad comparison, morrowind compared to ff… yea…

          the death in morrowind comes from immersing yourself in the world, as much or as little as you want, and with mod support it kept it alive for YEARS AND YEARS. i believe there were a crap ton of side quests, and if you wanted to 100% the game it took all of 300+ (500+ with expansions) hours to beet, i believe 20 minutes, if you knew the hot spots and exactly what to do. you decide what you want to do when you want to and if you don’t want to play the main story and just level up and kill shit, thats your call and all the best luck to you.

          now not directed at anyone, but here is one last take on what the first 8 hours of that game felt like.

          it felt as though i was watching a movie that took place after a book that you had to read to have any idea what the fuck was going on in the movie. i hated every minute of it after the first hour and a half i played, because not a fucking thing was explained, i realized how bad the leveling system was, and at the 8 hour mark i realized i wasted 8$ on the game and will never get that 8 hours of my life back.

        • @Houselife: “because we realized a long time ago that every game is really that linear and always has been.”

          LOL Oh god not this ridiculous argument again. If you really, honestly think the linearity of FFXIII and FF1-9 are on the same level and the experience is the same, just because the story doesn’t branch and it’s not a sandbox game, then well. Talk about shallow.

        • Oh no, giving reasons for disliking it are extremely respectable and reasonable. It’s the childish idiots who call it ‘shit’ that are a waste of time and space. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve studied the psychology of language and how it affects thought, and honestly, FFXIII was a wonderful exercise in mind control. My friends and I are A) Aware of the underlying functionality of a game while separately being able to enjoy it due to our training in the industry, and B) Unaffected by articles and reviews, because we form our own thoughts on things when we get them. We’re basically immune to reviews, fan or otherwise.

          After my research and training, I recognize it really is as simple sometimes as a single person says something bad, and people unknowingly and subconsciously hop on the bandwagon of these thought processes, because it’s easier for a mind to blame than it is to accept. FFXIII was a great experiment in that, because nearly everyone I know who wasn’t party to all the Sankaku propaganda and the buzz phrase of ‘linear’ in regard to it really enjoyed it.

          It’s not cut and dry of course, but it’s about 90% of the people I know who weren’t affected by outside influences enjoyed the game and don’t understand the hatred. That’s not to say they don’t wish it had more or don’t understand peoples’ complaints, but they truly enjoyed the game as well.

          There’s nothing anywhere that says you can’t hold a game accountable for its flaws while also enjoying its experience.

        • Houselife, you say that but is it not possibly not everyone felt that way? I found the characters all rather annoying and/or 2D and the story banal. Even after slogging may way through all the supplemental material in and out of he game, by the end I found myself absolutely unable to give a shit about any of the characters, save for that one brief glorious moment I thought things were going to go BAD END only to have it snatched away and I trudge painfully through what little was left, push on more by a will to say I completed it more than anything else.

          That was my experience, from what I’ve heard a lot of people had similar ones with less will to actually complete the damn thing, and having completed it, I can’t really blame them since there was nothing about the game I found to make any of the effort worthwhile. I know you are probably going to go on about how I missed the point of yadda yadda or such and such was really deep or some shit, but I just went through that rather painful recollection just to say, if you can’t respect that other people, possibly even a majority of people, have a alternate but still just as legitimate opinion of that mess then YOU are the one who is being shallow.

        • Actually no, it’s not shallow, because I also know how those developers are allowed to talk and have perspective on the game design concepts. Again, I am one, and if you think communication between developers and fans is not monitored heavily in large companies, even through twitter and facebook, then it’s you who are mistaken. The graphics have always been good, Square’s devs know this, they won’t bank on them. FFXIII was a little more like a graphic novel, and it is shallow to hate on a game about ‘holding a stick forward for 40 hours’ when you can replace that with ‘flipping pages for 40 hours’ and you’ve got a book series.

          And don’t use that moronic argument “If I wanted to read a book, I would read a book” because everyone knows the people who say that don’t read. FFXIII was a story experience, and they even said so, so I went in ready to experience the story, and I did.

          FFXIII was something different than they usually made, they just read the barometer wrong. Every one of my friends doesn’t understand why people complained about it so much, because we realized a long time ago that every game is really that linear and always has been. The entire purpose is to maintain the illusion of depth for as long as possible, but it falters every time without question. The more recent Morrowind era keeps on trying to trick your mind into thinking it’s non-linear. Every JRPG and every WRPG are the same way in that regard, and everyone I can see who unconditionally call FFXIII ‘shit’ are in fact too shallow to realize that fact and play it as advertised.

        • rofl

          Houselife, that’s really ironic, you calling people “shallow” who hate on a game that’s basically just pressing the control stick forward for 40 hours, all for the sake of Squenix being able to show off their purty graphics (the developers themselves admitted this). Newsflash for you, dude: that’s the definition of shallow right there.

          FFXIII was a piece of shit.

        • @HouseLife

          i honestly can’t see XIII as a success in any way, not that the game failed in every aspect but it simply didn’t excel in any point, you could say the story and graphics were good but we all seen better for each, of course, everyone is entitled to his opinion but the FF series always catered to its fanbase and target audience, this time they tried to change it to a more streamline version with the hopes of catering to a lot more people, with what costs? now everyone doubts of SE and the only people who enjoyed it are not the same who usually supports them… so in the long term it’s a lot worse than it seems…

          how can i trust a company that excuses their game from not having cities because it’s too hard and takes too long to do in HD when every other company doesn’t seems to be bothered by that? thats just PR talk, sand to our eyes… they really must surprise me in their next FFs to win me back, after 13 and 14 i’m ready to forget about SE

        • Yeah, there’s pretty much no denying this one’s a catastrophe. They will now be banking quite considerably on Agito and VS XIII I bet. Thankfully they’ve already confirmed they’re going back to some of their basics, so at the very least we can assume reasonably that they will be more palatable for the fans. The only thing they could do wrong here really is get TOO spooked and try to do absolutely nothing new with the games, which would basically be just like FFXIV, and that safety would bite them on the ass.

        • The game didn’t sell anywhere near 1.5 million copies. Direct from S-E as of a few weeks ago they claimed 650k units worldwide.

          There is no way that they have recouped the development and marketing costs on this game in just 2 months, with no subscription revenues. Name one MMORPG that turned profitable in that period, there are none.

          re: using the same engine, it is obviously not exactly the same and required modification. As FF14 is not a single player game it would also require network and server code. As it was released on PC only so far, they also had to port the engine over to DirectX.

        • Just because you can’t call it anything more than that doesn’t mean it was a piece of shit, it just means you’re too shallow to actually recognize it for what it did decent and/or right, such as story, characters, animation, setting, voice, writing, and yes, gameplay. That and you obviously never even continued the story-based game (which was its selling point and purpose) to see it for what its purpose was. That is your problem, not the game’s, since hundreds of thousands of people beat it.

          Now the fact that all those aspects could have been better is indisputable, but the same is true for every game in existence to varying degrees across the board. So being unable to give credit where credit is due is the mark of a lazy mind, and a waste of everyone’s time.

          And anyone who is dumb enough to think that SquareEnix has anything to gain by just ‘pulling the plug’ on a giant MMO really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s like if your kitchen caught fire on a house that’s nearly done being built and because of that all the onlookers are basically saying ‘eh, you should let the house burn, it obviously sucks.’ If it sounds stupid, that’s because it is.

        • Anonymous

          i have said this before, but kenect may just have software and firmware problems, and if that is the case, there is a damn good chance that by next year there is a game worth picking up and playing for it.


          ok, lets go this way, the game sold what, 1.5 mill? at what lets say 60$, and lets assume that half that cost has to go somewhere besides the devs, and that even if alot of it was made in china, there are some things that cant be made there and had to be made in japan or a first world country.

          so lets say its total net so far is 45 million, and ever server is a net loss of 5000-10000 a month, possibly more (this is based off of everquest, which has a server density of about 1000 for any given server, and still manages to pull profits out its ass).

          now that all said, i believe that they are making a loss as of now with the game, and were hoping to recover more money with monthlies, otherwise they wouldn’t be as desperate as they are now to keep it alive.


          not necessarily, they need to re tweak the game, as many of its problems come from systems in the game already, and once they get the fundamentals fixed and solid they can revamp zones, and invisible walls, and than they would have a half way decent game on their hands.


          ff13, was a piece of shit, and i cant call it anything more than that, with its broken systems, i believe no leveling at all, and holy shit did i hate that games implementation of a job system. from what i hear, the game picks up after about 20 or so hours into it. and i couldn’t find the will to play it anymore after 8 hours, seriously FUCK THAT GAME, all it had going for it was that it was pretty.

          that being said, the story, was probably good once it picked up and if you knew even half of what the fuck they were talking about, or if you find rpgs to hard to play in general.

        • @ Anon 6:47 Well broken down, except the one X-factor which is their reputation being tarnished by the release of such a thing. It wouldn’t be so bad, but while FFXIII was a commercial success, enough shallow people thoughtlessly call it ‘shit’ even if it was actually quite well made, so the perceived lack of trust from their devoted fanbase is the real loss here.

          Thankfully the CEO recognizes that and was smart enough to comment on it directly. Having done that, he has stemmed the flow of negativity considerably for the fanbase by at least acknowledging that that is what this has cost them.

        • Everyone is talking about how much money is losing on FFXIV. They are more than likely not losing as much as speculated. Since the engine itself was made for the Fabula Nova Crystalis series of games as well, they are in most ways trying to milk as much money as possible by competing in another market segment. Especially since, most of the game’s design was apparently done in China were respective labor is significantly less than in Japan. Everyone that bought a copy of the pc version and everyone that will buy a copy of the ps3 version will ultimately have made the endeavor more worthwhile for SE since the game had a significantly lower production cost compared to FFXIII which has been seen as a commercial success.

          In short: SE just trolled the world of MMOs and made money while doing it,

        • There was an article somewhere a friend sent me that was written by a player trying to explain why some people actually did enjoy the game. Objectively I was glad I read it, as really if I break it down (having not played it) it seems the fundamentals of a classic MMO are there, with a stronger base for more expansion unlike FFXI. The issue is they just released an unfinished game, which was quite foolish of them. The other major issue is the market was saturated with ‘classic’ style MMOs and they’re about 3 years behind for that having passed.

          Being a developer myself, I’ll bet you anything the other devs were having conversations at lunch about how stupid the management was that they’d release the game now. It’s obviously a management decision who had no concept of anything game related.

        • @Darkrockslizer
          You got to be the pretties pile of shit I’ve seen…

          Now, back on topic…
          So, if they give away a third month for free, does that mean the ratings for the game suddenly will jump up?
          Most likely not.

          Do gamers care about games with bad ratings?
          Most of them do not.

    • Funny there exist people like you…

      The usual response to many trolls, that many defenders of this game label the ‘haters’ as, is to ignore them. “Don’t feed the trolls” have always been standard operating procedure against trolls.

      Yet defenders like you keep defending it: Come here all the way from the comfort of your fucked-up Eorzea to fight the ‘haters’. If the haters are truly trolls that bash on the game for no relevant reasons, YOU too should move on and let the haters do their hating. BUT you still come back for more.

      Must felt REALLY good eh? Every hard stroke S-E is giving to your asshole? You must be cumming with each and every stroke.

      Faggot. Go back to your precious FFXIV and shut the fuck up if you think a majority of haters are trolling without relevance.

      Or maybe YOU are the troll here?

      • Well if I am a troll you failed to “not feed the trolls” your self. For the sake of not starting a fight thou I’ll not say anything to provoke you or anyone else, yes what I called haters was not called for, I’ll say sorry to those that didn’t like it and edit it out, but I still stand by my like for ffxiv, it’s no where near great, hell it’s down outright boring, but I don’t hate it, I’m simply waiting for SE to get it to ffxi grade work. IF they get it there, if not I’ll likely stop playing mmo’s as I have no plans what so ever of starting an mmo thats been running for years already, way to hard to get into the games grove at that point, is why I have so much hope for ffxiv, just want something to do on an mmo where I’m not on step 4 and everyone else is on step 262 and ignoring me.

        The only problem I really have is this site has been going at lest 1 to 3 post every 2-5 days since the game came out, stop beating a dead horse already! I’m pretty sure your not going to make any less people play then altready are at this point so mission finished, go home.

        • What they did?! They fooled me into paying 50 bucks by making me think that the standard version is any significant improvement over the free beta, that’s what!!

          To make things clear, as shitty a game as FFXIV is, I don’t ‘hate’ it. I hate the lead devs and the management for turning what otherwise could be a good MMO made by a new engine(Crystal Tools) into an equivalent of someone’s diarrhea shit bottled nicely in colorful, sealed bottle; still shit.

          Oh wait! For you to ‘entertain’ me this far… seems I got trolled. I’mma shut up now.

        • To tell you the truth, I don’t know which one are you really.

          A brainwashed/obsessed fan?

          A troll?

          An employee of S-E with PR division?(It would seem crazy, but it’s hard to overlook the possibility due to persistent ‘defenders’ existing in every FFXIV-related forums on the Net that has people complaining, even with legitimate reasons. Not just the ‘NO U’ type, but the ones who continue to attack complainers by assaulting the way they argue to make the complainers look stupid, thus turning many such threads into arguing ABOUT arguing)

          And I’m torn between letting you sheeps enjoy getting fucked in the ass by S-E(human rights huh?), and seeing fellow bros waste their money only to regret it later WHICH will lead them to complain on the Net and attract ‘defenders’, and cause the cycle to repeat itself.