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Aya Hirano: “My Agency Forced Me To Do All This!”


Aya Hirano is accusing her agency of high-handedly changing the entire direction of her career without ever bothering to consult her, and she voices her disgust at them for the chaos they inflicted upon her fans.

As ever, the latest diatribe is delivered by way of a series of tweets:

I even wrote this in my Yomiuri column, but with the changes at my agency there’s not a single member of staff in my current team who had anything to do with my past music or even knew about my anime roles. That’s my biggest worry. Everything I’ve done up to now is being negated.


The sudden change in my career direction was forced on me against my will. “Forget everything you’ve done up until now and start from scratch!” I really have to wonder just what my 5 years of work as a seiyuu were in aid of.


What I hate the most is the upset this caused to my fans. Why they suddenly thrust this upon them with no followup, why they never said what direction they wanted me to go in, it’s an insult to my fans I can’t forgive.

At this stage the response is less than supportive:

Stop making excuses!

You’re the one who went along with it all!

There’s no way her agency told her to make herself into a celebrity slut character…

Her lifeliners are such idiots they’ll probably buy this.

Sounds like she’s quitting her agency.

Blaming everything on your staff now? Bull.

Rubbish excuse. She’s just pouring oil on the fire now.

All this despite the fact it she was the one who actually said that stuff on TV, not her agency.

Now she’s even making enemies of her agency…

If you want to be a seiyuu just change agency!

She’s just desperate to reconstitute her lifeline.

She must be at an impasse in the talent world. The lack of demand is starting to bite…

Otaku are… My illness is… My agency are…

Please don’t go back to being a seiyuu. Stay a talent on stupid variety shows forever.

So she is an angel after all! That damn agency…

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