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Hatsune Miku Set To Gain English Voice


Hatsune Miku appears to be on the verge of gaining an English version, providing her fans are dutiful enough in fulfilling her wishes.

The announcement of sorts comes by way of an address given to Vocaloid fans at a recent US convention, with Miku creators Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki suggesting an English version will be forthcoming if Miku’s demand for 39,390 likes (the odd number is the result of Japanese wordplay: “miku” and “sankyu”) on her Facebook page is met.


As gathering likes on Facebook is akin to catching flies on flypaper, the statement can basically be taken as an announcement that there will be an English version and the decision is already something of a fait accompli; certainly making a business decision based on Facebook likes is not something which anyone would expect from the decidedly canny businessmen at Crypton.

Crypton have in fact been talking about the need for an English version since 2008, so her recent burst of publicity may well form the momentum for an imminent announcement.

Facebook users wishing to accelerate the inevitable or simply bathe in her exalted virtual light can proceed to her profile here – with over 33,000 likes already it seems it will not be long in coming.

Just whether this will be a success is another question of course – Miku’s success so far is essentially the result of an extremely strong community of (Japanese) artists and musicians, rather than any central group under the control of Crypton, Yamaha, Sega or others, so her dual nature of both being a virtual idol and a creative tool may yet complicate her establishment overseas.

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