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Tite Kubo: “You Can’t Tell All These Moeblobs Apart At All!”



Bleach creator Tite Kubo has courted controversy (and a significant amount of agreement) by saying the characters in bishoujo anime are all but indistinguishable to the novice eye, apparently singling out season favourite Ore no Imouto for particular mention.

His comments about late-night anime (i.e. virtually anything other than One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, or less charitably, the 95% of anime series which only 1% of viewers actually watch) come via a series of Tweets:

For once I tried watching some late night anime, but I couldn’t tell any of the characters apart at all. Maybe if you watch a lot of this stuff you can tell them apart.


It’s even harder to tell them apart in the anime packed with bishonen than it is with the anime overflowing with bishoujo… maybe it’s because I’m a guy.


I’m surprised you’d watch that stuff. What the hell were you watching?

I’m surprised myself. I don’t know the titles of what I was watching, something with an anime otaku girl heroine, and something with some Shinsengumi who looked like hosts fighting guys with topknots.

Whilst few would deny today’s moe anime are locked in the advanced stages of creative enervation, some would say those in glasshouses should not throw stones:







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