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MikuMiku World Conquest: Argentina, Brazil, Italy & Romania


Hatsune Miku’s ongoing media blitzkrieg has racked up yet more conquests – this time Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Romania fell to the overpowering might of her charms.

Argentina saw much coverage – rag Clarin and news service Todo Noticias both covered her, with both insisting she is “un holograma 3D”:


Her offensive also saw her take neighbouring Brazil:

The BBC is also obediently helping spread her influence across the rest of Latin America by way of its Spanish language World Service – shamefully their wretched English language service seems yet to have followed suit:


Top Italian rag La Repubblica also rendered tribute unto Miku:


Finally, she seized more east European territory in the form of a Romanian news report.

It seems Miku may be on the verge of an international breakthrough…

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