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Aya Hirano: “I’m Used To Everyone Hating Me”


TV talent and former seiyuu Aya Hirano explains that she doesn’t care that everyone hates her, as it has always been thus.


Recently, Hirano’s transition from seiyuu into generic B-rank celebrity has continued apace, as she is now a low-level actress – she has been cast as Kaori-chan in a special live action version of Sazae-san, due to air in January.

This announcement is however accompanied by more of her twittering:

I’m often told I take too much notice of my haters, but I think if they really do hate me I’ll just leave them alone. Ever since I was a middle schooler they’ve been bashing away at me on the net, and I’m used to being bullied now so I just expect this kind of environment and pay no attention.

In fact, I’m grateful to the people who do explain why they hate me.


So don’t worry about me! If I couldn’t stand that stuff I’d have been driven out of the industry a long time ago. I’m alright!

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