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Microsoft “Banning Pantsu on Xbox 360 to Target Families”


There are suspicions that Microsoft is trying to purge the Xbox 360 of creepy groping sims, one of its mainstays in Japan, in order to promote the system as a family-friendly platform together with Kinect.

The developers of “Gal Gun,” a bishoujo shooting game (literally) for the Xbox 360, report having had their development schedule thrown into chaos after Microsoft insisted on sweeping changes to game, apparently banning them from showing any pantsu.

Explaining that they are engaged in frantic negotiations and modifications to try to appease Microsoft, their staff complain freely that “I don’t know if they’re trying to target families now, but don’t start saying that stuff at this late stage!”

The game in question (replete with panchira and tentacle scenes):

Sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan have always been miserable, and the console is mainly regarded as “otaku hardware” for its fine selection of hostess/idol groping simulators (the most important of which, coincidentally, has recently incited a fan rebellion by trying to appeal to female gamers at the expense of existing fans), “shooting” games (which Microsoft has lately been discouraging) and western games (which tend to appeal only to a niche audience of hardcore gamers in Japan).

Why Microsoft would think it can suddenly reverse that image at this late stage, causing a possible backlash amongst its core customers at the same time if their supply of bishoujo games dries up, is something of a mystery – though the launch of Kinect and a sudden pressing need to target “casuals” seems to have much to do with this.

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