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I know, I’m a no name but I need to say something to this compassion talk but I need to say something about asking and not asking for help or to talk to someone. I’ve suffered from dysthimia since high school and I get those moods where I just beat myself to hell. Happened at work for me and I just broke down, it happens and I can’t control it. I got lucky and had an amazing co-worker that saved me that day. Later that night I felt worse and in my mind thought no one would want to listen or hear about my shit. So what did I do? I did nothing and sat there in my own despair. It wasn’t until that co-worker called me just to check in on me. I know I could have called or texted her at any time to say hey, I feel like shit but deep in my mind, I told myself I couldn’t do that. It’s hard, very hard when your own mind is fighting against you with it. You can say ‘well, they choose not to reach out’ when they really want to but something inside is reversing that choice.

Heh, lots of text. My point is don’t make a blanket statement about their choice and what not. Yeah, a lot of them are jaded by others around them but certain people, like myself, can’t help it. Heh, I was perfectly happy that day before, nothing really brought me down. Each case is different, some people need help forced, some need to seek it, some find it on their own.

I think I rambled too much on this. Sorry if I am hostile at all I don’t mean to be. I understand what you mean about people needing help and more of those in despair like that need to seek it. We need to change our society views on those needing help so less of this happens.

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  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    Not really, when you hang yourself with enough pressure applied you lose your consciousness pretty quick due to the lack of oxygen getting to your brain (or instantly in case of a long drop when breaking your neck).

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    did he pretend to kill himself or did he threaten to/attempt to and back out? there’s a big difference.

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    what’s stupid is joking about suicide in the first place.

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    thank you. i really hope this incident serves as a wake-up call to some people. honestly, if they thought the guy was a troll all they had to do was ignore him. maybe next time they feel like telling someone to kill themselves as a joke, they’ll remember that they may actually have someone’s life in their hands.

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    houselife, you are so goddamn full of it. circumstances may TRIGGER depression but they do not cause it. depression is not “i had a bad day, wah,” it is a chemical imbalance. it is hereditary. it is not caused by upbringing or “weakmindedness” or whatever bullshit you want to use to judge people who aren’t as SUPER FUCKING AWESOME as you. you “decided” to cure your cancer? you’re so certain you will never get cancer again? well since you can predict the future, why don’t you go ahead and bet on …

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