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Compassion exists, but you do need to earn it to some degree these days. We all run into serious issues now and again, and the reason so few people feel compassion for suicides is that in many cases most of them didn’t ask for help. It literally is all you have to do sometimes and many, many doors open up. I know that depressed people often have difficulty doing that, but really if you don’t ask for help, there’s nothing anyone can do, and at that point all that’s left for those who could have helped is to blame themselves, which is useless, or move on. It’s not meant as an insult, but suicide is simply those who have failed at their lives. Many people have failures, but they never admit defeat. Suicides are those who admit defeat, even when faced with an entire world of things they could do if they’re dying anyway, they still choose to be defeated.

That’s why those of us with perspective cannot relate, and WILL not relate.

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  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    You are correct to a degree, however what you describe is the exact weakmindedness I meant. It wasn’t meant that they are weak people, but a weak mind is birthed by not being taught perspective. Ironically you chose a disease, and at age 25 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I sat and watched the old people waiting to die in chemotherapy while I recognized thanks to my upbringing and the logic I exercised through my youth. The tumor was cut out, but there was still cancer in my lymphatic system …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    Money is only money. Uneducated people have found their way into strong positions before. Compartmentalized education is actually detrimental to business thought. You really don’t understand just what being driven is, do you? Granted most scenarios where a man finds himself on the street are because he made bad decisions, but really if you never stop, there really isn’t anything short of death that WILL stop you. A mentor of mine did an exercise where he was dropped off in the middle of nowhere …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    That makes very little sense… mental illness isn’t what causes suicides. It’s inability to recognize possibility. Depression is caused by surroundings and events, and thus can be handled because of them. 99% of depression cases aren’t real depression, just as ADHD doesn’t really exist, it’s actually caused by an actual physical inability to focus. I worked for a man who cured kids of ADHD left and right. It’s easy. Do the finger test your doctor does where you have a child follow it with …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    You seem to have put a limit on what I said. I didn’t say if you put your mind to it you can get a job that pays well and makes you a productive member of a thankless society. I said that if you never get stopped by fear, you can accomplish anything that you can seek without being halted by that fear. I never stipulated anything as shallow as some type of desk job. I mean that things you probably haven’t even thought of yet are available to you. I won’t even give examples, because you and I …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    Honestly, yeah, that’s still possible. Money’s only money, and for a few million you can hop a Russian rocket into space and be an astronaut. It’s hard concept to get, but it is very very true, as long as you don’t put limits on yourself and aren’t stopped by your own fear and certain hurdles you’ll obviously run into, you can in fact do things you never thought possible. You just have to never stop, and that’s what fear does, it keeps you from acting.

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