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That’s why I specifically said “at times”. To say that the whole of the internet is a shithole is a blatant lie. The internet, as you said, brings people together who would have never met and finds new hobbies for people who never would have had them otherwise. I would have never become an Otaku if not for the internet, and even if I did become one anyway, I would have almost no one to talk about it with. Thanks to the internet, I have found many an Anime or Manga that entertains me endlessly and get to talk about them with people thousands of miles away from me. The internet provides a voice and a forum (literally and figuratively) for people with obscure hobbies and for people who have trouble communicating in the real world.

However, on the same coin, to say the internet is all flowers and honey is also a blatant lie. There’s 4chan, 7chan and their ilk, 2ch, and even this site at times. Trolls, spammers, flamers, self-important pricks and others in a menagerie of douchbagery. But as you said, the internet is massive. If you find one site’s regulars not to your liking, find another, there’s bound to be one.

Ultimately, what this guy should have done is just gone somewhere else for advice besides 2ch (like an actual practicing therapist). Yeah, this guy was being stupid, but it’s still a goddamn shame that it had to come to this. Because it really didn’t have to go this far, it could have turned out much better. The death of someone who has done no wrong is never something to celebrate. Yes, he was being an idiot, but depression makes you do stupid shit. Once again, it really is a goddamn shame.

If everything the internet had to offer was thrown together, it would be a giant blob of grey. It would never be black or white. The internet can be the most open and accepting place on earth, or it can be the coldest and most close minded. Often times within the same site. If people act smart, there is a place for everyone on the internet (however to act smart is too much to ask of some). It’s the best and the worst, and everything inbetween. It’s just a matter of finding where you fit in.

In the end, I wasn’t saying the internet is bad, I was saying that this is a reminder how cruel the internet can potentially be.

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    …Debuman?… (although I don’t think it’s the same guy, but the timing is kinda eerie) Just a reminder of how cruel the internet can be at times. What a god damn shame.

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