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Sony Still Losers After All


Game developer Tose’s proclamation that the PS3 had finally taken the lead in the current generation’s console war has proven false, and the company has issued a grovelling retraction.

Their apology is suitably humble:

“At KYOTO CMEX 2010 our CEO presented a lecture entitled “The 30 year history of gaming.” However, there were errors in the data used and we offer our humble apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Famitsu for their part quietly deleted the offending slides, although it stops short of actually apologising (although in all fairness, it did not endorse their accuracy, only publish photographs of them in passing).

Tose refrain from providing any other numbers, but other sources show the Xbox 360 with a lead of several million units sold.

Recently published statistics have shown the PS3 managing to outsell the Xbox 360 by some measures, but not by enough to close the modest lead Microsoft still enjoys fully – leaving Sony still stuck in third place loser position.

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