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Nagato’s Apartment Featured in Tokyo Home Magazine


A detailed diagram of none other than Nagato Yuki‘s very own home is featured in this month’s issue of a Tokyo housing magazine.

The otaku taste for dabbling in architecture is well established, but Nagato’s apartment likely ranks up higher than most other such schematics.

The magazine is 都心に住む / Toshin ni Sumu (Living in The City), and the appearance of Nagato’s residence is part of an article entitled “A Home Where The Entire Family Can Relax” – a nod to the fact that, by Japanese standards and certainly by Tokyo standards, it is a gigantic familial residence.


Nagato’s apartment, or マンション / manshon (“mansion”), as the Japanese oddly call this sort of concrete-constructed apartment (the term “apartment” is reserved for shoddy wooden structures), is worthy of further study.


Not all of Nagato’s apartment is shown, and the apartment shown here is definitely on the large size, but it might be reasonable given the obvious luxury of Nagato’s building…

The ”washitsu” (Japanese-style room) above the red “Living” (living room) is obviously connected to the events of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu movie:


The living room is where the table stands; the door to the washitsu is to Kyon’s back and left.

The “DK” (“Diner Kitchen”) does explain exactly where Nagato disappeared to to fetch the plates  the oden meal – she merely seemed to disappear towards the front door, only to return with the utensils a few minutes later:


More information on the Toshin ni Sumu magazine can be found at their official website; the issue with the Nagato mansion diagram is the 1December issue.

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