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2D > 3D = False


Creepy otaku losers sworn to 2D over real women are being accused of showing their true colours – an otaku-oriented dating event held at the Lucky Star (Washinomiya) Shrine was so massively oversubscribed that 20 men applied for every place, despite the $100 fee (for men), and there were even 6 women for every place.

Organisers claim applications for their “Lucky Star Otaku Konkatsu” event greatly exceeded their expectations, with just over 500 applicants for 40 places.

This yields a ratio of 19.3 men (386 in total) and 5.75 women (115 in total) to each place.

The organisers, the local chamber of commerce, say applicants come from throughout Japan, and that interest “far exceeded our expectations and surprised us greatly.”

Just who gets the chance to meet a rare 3D counterpart of the opposite gender will be determined by lot – although with $2,000 in sales and almost $40,000 of otaku money left untaken, follow-up events seem a distinct possibility.

Just as with the first announcement, there is no small controversy:

What percent were winding them up though?

It’s a lie!

Doesn’t that just show the relative proportions of otaku men and women?

Weren’t you guys saying how gross 3D women are?

It’s either fake or there were some limited edition goods included.

Isn’t it obvious all men, not just otaku, want a wife? It’s just they don’t marry for want of a good woman in modern times.

Don’t generalise from one event to all otaku you filthy journalist!

They just want sex, they’re otaku after all.

Just because you don’t want to eat rotten meat they call you a herbivore…

They were just lured with the promise of a “souvenir.”

You guys surrendered!!!!!

They just hired fake female attendees with all the money they made off the guys.

If that souvenir consists of original Lucky Star goods…

You guys! What you’re saying and what you’re doing don’t match up at all!

Maybe we could have debu-katsu or gamer-katsu, something for every type?

I don’t care who it is as long as they can do an anime voice. The rest I can leave to my imagination.

However much you fuss about it, you can’t have sex with a 2D character!

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