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Ore no Imouto PSP Gets “Death Ending,” “Homo Route”


Ore no Imouto’s PSP spin-off “Ore no Imouto … Portable” is attracting attention for having rather more adventurous content than the usual generic anime visual novel, with players purportedly able to encounter a possible yandere ending and another involving a relationship with Kirino’s old man.

The details were revealed in a live Nico interview with the creators.

The interview apparently began with one of the producers ruefully admitting that “Ika-chan stole the hegemony for this season,” an unusual admission if ever there were one.

The PV shows off the game’s “cutting edge” 2D visuals:

Of the game, it is promised that:

There will be over 20 routes

The protagonist may actually die in the Ayase route

The authors had their way with Bandai, making them rewrite much of the plot Bandai provided

There is a “phone-book sized” amount of dialogue

There is a “homo route” and there may be a “oyaji [father] route”

The game itself is available for pre-orders now and ships in January.

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