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Top 10 Things You’d Rather Not Tell Your Boyfriend


Japanese women asked to rank the things they’d really rather not have to reveal to their boyfriend yield up a list of just the sort of things likely to give men nightmares.

The ranking:

1. I’m actually quite hairy

2. My room’s a garbage dump

3. Without makeup I’m a different person

4. I can’t actually cook

5. I have quite a bit of debt…

6. There’s actually quite a bit of padding in my bra

7. All my accessories are gifts from my last boyfriend

8. I’m really not very good at saving money

9. I’m a closeted otaku

10. I sleep in some messed up positions

Terrified men can at least take solace in the fact some women evidently do realise they will at some point have to appear before their boyfriend sans makeup and pads.

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