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4,500 Rally Against China – “Freedom & Peace in Asia”



The leaking of the Senkaku ramming video the state tried to suppress has prompted yet another flag waving march through Tokyo in the name of “freedom and peace in Asia,” apparently larger than previously.

The demonstration took the form of a peaceful flag waving procession through central Tokyo, including Ginza. Just how big the demonstration actually was is not clear, but published estimates in the Japanese media are higher than previously, at 4,500 or so.

The demonstrations appear to be rapidly gaining an air of respectability in the face of Chinese provocation and government incompetence – not only did major rags actually cover the procession, but an LDP diet member and former defence minister, Yuriko Koike, attended and gave a speech.



The tone of the demonstration also took on a more international perspective – placards challenged China’s efforts to dominate Asia, and Tibetan and Vietnamese dissidents addressed the crowd in Japanese.

The media is stressing a more mainstream participation in the demonstration after the leak of the videos, saying for the first time housewives and students were participating (although this is probably a fabrication as plenty of female participation was visible even in the first event).

The obligatory carefully selected quote, in this case from a 34-year-old Chiba housewife attending for the first time:

“I wanted to attend before but with the leak of the video I’m furious with China. The government too is outrageous, how dare they try to hide a video like that – I had to attend.”

It seems Japan’s grossly incompetent government has done more to harm long term relations with China by its subservient toadying than any anti-Chinese government ever could have done by deliberate action.

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