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Square Enix: “FF14 is a Disaster, We’ve Lost Player Trust”


Square Enix’s CEO has admitted Final Fantasy XIV is “unsatisfactory” and stresses that the company is “trying as hard as it can to regain lost trust.”

Quoth CEO Yoichi Wada addressing investors:

“The FF14 service is currently unsatisfactory, we’re trying to improve it as rapidly as possible. We’re trying as hard as we can to regain lost trust.”

He also admitted that FF11 player numbers have remained stable and that they seem not to be migrating to FF14 in significant numbers.

According to Square Enix, the game has sold a healthy 630,000 copies since launch (190,000 in Japan, 210,000 in the US and 230,000 in the EU). The PS3 version is still scheduled for March.

Server populations have been in freefall since launch however, now standing in the region of 30,000 at peak, despite Square Enix extending the free trial by a month, and the reaction of players to the game has generally been negative.

Wada acknowledges the release sorely disappointed the expectations of fans, but clings to the hope that the game can be patched into a state where it can be salvaged:

“If we satisfy the users who left us, they’ll come back. On the other hand, if they think it’s irredeemable, there’s no future for it. We’ll do everything we can to recover that trust.”

Users seem to agree – in thinking the game is irredeemable. The latest figures for average server populations:


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  • thats all pple do is complain ane moan get over it u get 2 free months atleast what fcking game would do that for u and atleast they can admit they fcked up AND admit it to their core players and buyer and attempt to fix what pple payed for half the pple bitching havent even played more than 5min <.< suck it up pple not everything will be spoon fed to u

  • This is what they get for being overconfident about this new game, limiting people to 8 hrs of exp per week when the game doesn’t even interest you to playing 1 hr.

    You go online, do leves, kill mobs or make items. NOTHING ELSE! Of course it’s boring!

    Maybe they kept all the good stuff in till you need to pay to play.

    • Lol. I think the fatique system is an excuse just so players wouldn’t play too much they would be seeing all of the incomplete shit that is FFXIV

      But oh would you look at that everything slipped through even with the limited gameplay time. Who’d have guessed? 8D

  • Judging by the insane amount of down-voted comments, I’d say Squarefags are here trying to cause some shit.

    Just accept that the game is a horrible, horrible failure and go do something else. When life hands you shit you don’t eat it and pretend to like it. You throw it away and find something better… Unless, you know, you like eating shit.

    Maybe FFXV will have traces of corn.

    • ^^^ This. lol’ed hard, thx much anon

      Also, no amount of downvoting is gonna change the fact S-E is on a heavy downward spiral, whether they can actually change their course b4 smashing into the ground, however, is still anyone’s call…

  • Deibi_Manabu says:

    I remember the good old days when I saw the news about lines and lines of fans waiting outsides stores to buy FFVII for hours before they opened, with some of them even sleeping in sleeping bags all night! Also remember the times when they would show us very small snippets of info on the old classics (Chrono Trigger, FFVII) that would excite even me back then.

    I was in Japan when FFVIII, IX and even X were being shown on the little TV stands in Lawsons and 7-Elevens and the excitement inside me was strong – ah, the good old days, eh? ^_^

    Now, we’re bombarded with cheap flawed garbage and slow and pointless games. Was a fine day while it lasted, but now I shall be just playing the “good old games” and reminiscing about Square’s once-touted brilliance…shame Hironobu Sakaguchi stopped making FF games…..

  • Really I dont think the game is that bad.

    when it first launched the lag made certain elements not fun..but really its a new mmo, its not desirable but its normal.

    I went back to the game after the free month announcement, and it was smoothed out to the point where i enjoyed combat

    not like there is anything better on the market, if im going to grind id prefer the pretty scenery

    “In-game recipe book? Who needs one. We’ll just list all of the recipes on our website! Hahaha. Now Karaoke time!”

    Kouhai Programmer:
    “Excuse me, programmer who is superior to me in every way. You know this graphics engine doesn’t support alt-tab right?”

    Senpai Programmer:
    “You fool! It’s a feature. It stops them from running hax keke. Back to work!”

    New User:

  • Funny how most of us stating the irredeemability of this game gets negative points. I see fenboiz in action…

    SE got too greedy. They should just stick to making single player games, that goes to FFs in particular because it’s not known for being an online franchise. Just because FF is a household name in the JRPG industry doesn’t mean people would find it as acceptable in other genres, or even if they would be able to pull it off right for that matter(dirge of cerberus sucks)

    “In-game recipe book? Who needs one. We’ll just list all of the recipes on our website! Hahaha. Now Karaoke time!”

    Kouhai Programmer:
    “Excuse me, programmer who is superior to me in every way. You know this graphics engine doesn’t support alt-tab right?”

    Senpai Programmer:
    “You fool! It’s a feature. It stops them from running hax keke. Back to work!”

    New User:

  • How come this site always makes up quotes. You only use quotation marks if the person actually said those EXACT words. I never see him call the game a disaster, even if it is.

    This isn’t the first time either.

  • It’s sad that people don’t appreciate such an amazing game :/ I’ve been playing it for about 1,5 week (week and half) for almost 10-12 hours every day. It’s amazing, and got amazing storyline :3 After the free trail runs i surly pay my monthly fee, i Plan to stay in FFXIV world for at last 5 months from now, and if i can afford, even more.

  • I’m not of the opinion that it’s totally irredeemable, but it’s about unplayable as it is. Right now they desperately need to add an auction house in addition to all of the announced changes they’ve made, but unfortunately they still seem to be stubbornly clinging to their stupid market wards system. If the game economy is broken, the game itself is broken, and people can’t play satisfactorily.

    I have a few FFXI players who are hoping the game is fixed by the time the PS3 release comes out, but I’m a bit dubious. Incidentally, I think the online player graph there is a bit misleading–judging from the look of that, only 1/10th of people who bought the game have ever played it. It’s bad but not THAT bad (although I’m sure I’ll get at least 2 responses completely ignoring everything else I just said and focusing on that to call me a fanboy). Peak usage numbers don’t tell the whole story.

  • In spite of the extreme ff14 bashing on this site i had some hope for that game, that squenix will hopefully be able to fix all those problems. or at least massively improve the situation right now.

    Good that i hadnt spent anymoney to try it. If the creators themselves are finally able to speak the truth..
    Lets wait some months, maybe it will become better, but i dont have high hopes therefore.^^

    Just grab all the money that is in that fukken company and make a big ff7 remake D:

    • Enough with the remakes.
      As stupid as they are, companies know that remakes would require a heck lot of money & time since if it’s the same thing then at the very least people wanted it to look awesome.

      Second, most people aren’t into buying games they’ve played already.

      Third, making money out of remakes grant negative image to companies. Especially in the long run. Fanboys support isn’t enough to keep a company going.

      Grow up. They need to make something awesome, and new. Not these new craps either. SE’s core problem has always been because they stick to the same formula & series everytime(kinda like Dynasty Warriors) & yet they expect a continuous gain. EA might not be so original but they expected the shit to hit the fan thus the diverse number of titles & genres.

      Now, I know SE don’t have quite the same capital but at least don’t just sit in the bunker thinking they’d be safe from the nuke.

        • Yep, and from what I can tell the new FF7 stuffs from anime to movies to games all aren’t as well received as it looks.

          Advent Children is crap. Sloppy story, strange lack of blood, shitty animation physics. Ask any sensible animator & they’d all agree to that. It’s just overly hyped.

  • I don’t understand why they didn’t just make something akin to an FFXI-2, like Phantasy Star does with every new goddamn iteration.

    FFXI had a solid user base, and was a damn solid game, don’t try to remake the wheel, especially if you are full of bad ideas. I’m hoping they realize those of us who played FFXI want something similar to it, and revamp things accordingly. The laggy UI, economic turmoil without an Auction House, and general lack of things to do is just screwed up all around.

  • Square Enix as a ship metaphor

    Captain the ship appears to have a leak in the poop deck

    “It will be fine just patch it with FF13 I am sure our big name will rack in the cash and cover our asses”

    Captain the patch did not work as expected it exploded and now half the ship is sinking and the players trust on the name of our company is causing us to go under

    “Fine we will make it up to them with FF14”

    “Call the Chinese carpenters to fix the ship and make sure they build lots of villages since that is what they were complaining about earlier”

    Captain nothing we have done seems to please the players, half the people have already left for the rescue boats and we are being attacked by bad reviews and angry customers

    “It’s OK we just have to patch it again till we get it right”

    Sir we are already under water I can see fish swimming in front of me what are your orders?

    “Gather all the parts of the ship we are building a submarine before we run out of customers we will call it FF15”

  • With Chinese boats going to the places they want to claim… it’s no wonder that you should not trust China.

    While this post seems to be irrelevant to the topic, but because the Final Fantasy franchise was “raped” by China, well it just shows that China will likely sabotage something…

    • FFXII was shit IMO
      the last one i really liked was X
      never started any MMO that need monthly fees or the like
      but after X they really went down (X-2 wasnt god but not that bad either so might consider it the turning point)

  • So, why didn’t they listen to the complaints BEFORE the official launch? Admitting their faults afterwards makes them look like complete fools. They had every chance in the world to not lose any trust by making the right choices.
    They wanted the quick buck and they didn’t care about their customers. I say, let them drown in their own arrogance. Sqeunix doesn’t hold any relevance for me any longer.

  • They owe us all an apology since FFXIII came out. This came too late into the phase.

    They’ve released some great games in the past, but they are destroying all of my favorite series(Parasite Eve, Front Mission) with new ‘trends’. It’s difficult for me not to wish for S-E to crash and cease to exist on the Net with all that’s happening.

    And fanboys need to wake up and smell the coffee, because we are ALL victims here. The difference between us so-called ‘haters’ and you lot is that we are voicing out as much rage as we can so it can be heard and the games will improve, instead of giving free cash to S-E and taking it up the ass.

    • Ruin Parasite Eve..? You haven’t even PLAYED 3rd Birthday, that and Front Mission Evolved’s worst problem is that it’s very short. It’s not a bad game, but it’s also not stellar. The SRPG Front Mission games weren’t stellar either, sorry to say.

      • Sure there is no real ‘forced’ physical threat to buy FFXIII…

        But how about ‘false advertising’? Hyping a well-known series that has been well known since its past game for having mass content and being a generally above- decent RPGs all-around?

  • Holy Shit Square Enix finally admits they were wrong.
    What the hell is happening to the world?


    In seriousness, it’s about damn time, but imo, it’s too late.
    They probably won’t get as many players as they did on 10/10 for a LONG time, if ever.

    Like i’ve always been saying, remove the Fatigue System, and they might boost numbers.
    MMO games your suppost to grind and want to increase game time the users play, not the other way around.

    And i agree with you DK, they did rush the game out.

    • I had no problem at all with fatigue system. in 5 weeks only hit cap on 3 of them and that was day of reset. I quit because of nearly everything else. I was averaging prob 60 hours a week on too.

    • Only the fattest of the fatties have ever been hindered by the fatigue system. During my 2 weeks playing this unfinished piece of shit for 8 hours a day, I never once encountered it, and I spent most of my time on one class.

      If you want to complain about something even though you haven’t tried the game and know fuck-all about it, stop bringing up the fatigue system. Everyone who complains about it has never played the game.

      Complain about the shitty, laggy UI, the general lagginess everywhere, the fact that every action is server authenticated, giving everything a mandatory 3+ second delay (this is probably the biggest problem of FFXIV since everything is delayed by this authentication and it makes me want to jump off the gw bridge sorry), the general lack of content, with no quests at all, and a maximum of 8 levequests (which are tedious and suck a googolplex dicks after the first 40 you do) every 36 hours, the broken skill point distribution, lack of auction house or any way to search through retainers manually, and the fact that there is no way to rank up except grind, grind, grind on random mobs.

      If they added a little variation to the world, such as adding unique trees, bushes and grasses to certain locations, it could make the world not look like copy-paste (or no more copy-paste than something like WoW).

      It’s all a big fucking shame because the game actually has a lot of potential. The combat system is interesting, if it wasn’t so fucking laggy with the server authentications, the plotline seems very interesting so far, with top of the line SE cut scenes between missions (which are too hard to get to after the first 3 missions, being 5-10 ranks apart. The game desperately needs reward-yielding quests), the graphics are wonderful, though unoptimized, and the soundtrack is one of Uematsu’s best. I am crossing my fingers that SE gets their shit together quickly, but I will not hold my breath.

      • And every one of those issues (and a several more) were brought up time and time again in the beta, across multiple threads of hundreds of posts (much of it repeated on a weekly basis). SE definitely can’t brush it off as “Oh, we didn’t realize it would be such a big problem!”, or that they didn’t know. None of the problems were fixed during the beta, and the release was rushed out.

        It was actually a major shock to many beta testers that the release was scheduled for September. General consensus was that it ‘might’ be ready by Christmas if SE actually started implementing fixes.

      • The UI is designed for consoles and gamepads. The obvious result: Complete Fail.

        They repeatedly alienated hardcore gamers (I guess those make up at least 80% of the server population). Like with the fatigue system. Or making public who does what where and when.

        Add to that the overall chinese quality of the game. Like the copy&paste maps.

        Squeenix really did everything they could – to completely ruin the name Final Fantasy.

    • Agreed, they tried to make a game catered primarily to the casual gamer to the point of punishing their REAL audience and the REAL audience of most MMORPG’s including WOW.

      People argued with me over and over and over again on the fact but the proof is in the pudding. I hope those whining about the hardcore player enjoy their failing game.

      • heh, you can say they tried to cater to casual gamers, but it was fail to everyone, not just hardcore.

        You are vastly underestimating the level of crappiness this game reached. In EVERY phase of the game.

        UI? sucks
        Targetting – biggest fail
        Content – there is none
        World – cut and paste
        Tradeskilling – heh
        command lag – deal breaker

        The only thing even halfway worthwhile was the class system, and being able to switch jobs easily. That is not enough to drag this one from being a bottom dweller.

        And, oh yeah, as a casual gamer, I ran out of things to do. Thats not catering to me. Thats punishing me for trying to play this thing.

        Good riddance

      • The problem is your hard core players represent a minority of the available gaming market and are also the ones who demand the most from any MMO. They do the most damage and pay the same rate as a casual gamer who uses your servers for a fraction of the time.

        It may not have been carried out the best of ways, but there was some logic to going after a market not already dominated by games like wow… unless you plan to be in competition with yourself for FF fans.

        • same anon who responded first,

          Life is a balance, if you cater solely to the casual player the game better not feel the way FF14 does and plays. The intended audience does not play the games you make as much as the hardcore audience.

          World of Warcraft is a similar situation. It was a type of game that attracted the hardcore crowd, but it catered equally to both casual and hardcore audiences which is why it has the amount of players it has today. The warcraft name only got it attention, but the game itself is what kept players coming back.

        • Indeed. Just like another Anonymous poster said, hardcore players are a necessary evil. Casual gamers, by definition, don’t have time to spend trying out how class/boss mechanics work. Without hardcore players you can’t device boss mechanics that require you to try again and again to find out a way to handle them. The result would be unbeatable encounters, or “tank&spank” bosses that don’t grant the player the feeling of being successful because they did something right (by following the strategies made up by high-end hardcore players).

          Likewise, hardcore players are required to give games social and economical aspects more stability. If all players were casuals, it would become increasingly unlikely that any of their in-game friends would be online the same time as they are. Hardcore players provide the important social context to casual players. Also, if we assume that hardcore players are any better than casuals on average (which would be the case if there’s anything to learn), the average skill in group of players is higher if there are hardcore players around. Their presence allows groups to “carry” weaker players that couldn’t otherwise do the content (without tuning it to the point where players feel challenged).

          And the final aspect, game economy. If it is possible to gain in-game currency by playing more, hardcore players end up becoming wealthier than casual players. That creates a market for “luxury goods” that take much trouble to obtain: Without hardcore player’s increased buying capacity, creating such goods wouldn’t be worth it. In addition, a casual player that spends limited time playing the game would usually much rather actually play than do business. Hardcore players are much more likely to stockpile items and sell them when supply decreases, lowering drastically the item price spikes and decreasing the likehood that supply of certain item runs out.

        • if there is no hard core then the encounters wont get downed at later levels. i have played mmo’s since eq was in beta and i have played every major game since. they may not like the hard core but without it the casuals will never get the downs because u will never have anyone to lead the first successful raids and then post vids on how to do it.

        • All that resulted in only casual gamers being left on the servers. Playing a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Leaving after some weeks. Following the hardcore gamers who left already. Resulting in empty servers.

          Well done, Squeenix. lulz

    • Im still playing Ragnarok Online, they renewed the system recently and its a nice breath of air (no more grinding needed to level for example).

      FF11 was never even once in my to play list ^^;

      • They’re just trying to cover their losses. They denied it was bad for as long as possible, and now shit has hit the fan and they know everyone knows that. Right now they’re just trying to save as much face as possible, as well as try to incite hope with what is most likely a futile attempt to save a failed game.

      • Ragnarok Online is still a keeper. I’ve been playing for 6 years, and the recent renewal completely refreshed the game and made it new again without ruining it. In fact, I’d even say it made it better.

      • As much as I dislike what FFXIV is atm, I was really hoping they would improved the flaws and make the game actually playable. I have friends who play it, and I was going to wait and start up when the PS3 version came out, but only if they made the game good. I’m not going to toss money at them if I know the game is a stinker, like it currently is.

        How my friends can play that copypasta world is beyond even my understanding.

        • I agree, I still play just because the battle system is so fucking awesome compared to most/all MMOs. And the people in my Linkshell are fun as hell. But after doing the same stuff over and over again is boring and gets old pretty fast. They need to stop, look at other MMOs (at least FF11) and see what they are missing. They need story line, quests (not fucking levequests, ACTUAL quests), NMs (soon supposedly), entertaining things to do like PvP or some kind of minigame, CHOCBOS!, end game stuff, Auction House of some kind (the bazaar thing sucks my balls), and I think they need to fix the way we party. it seems so pointless and a hassle to get a party. I duo/solo pretty much all the time.

        • Anonymous

          have you ever played a western fantasy game? and im not talking about the realistic ones, or the ones that are heavy on violence.

          at the very least in almost any western rpg the enemies make sense, allot of the ff ones the enemies look like little more than random pixels.

          and so you know, the more distressful ones emulate a eastern art style without having the retardedly abstract eastern enemies. you dont believe me, play ff 10, and just wait for the floating symbols that are water, earth, lightning, or something else element, those are fucking retarded and there are allot of enemies like that.

        • anon@02:23 Who Squeenix are? A bunch of retards, obviously.

          BTW, this is about consumer satisfaction. Squeenix said they want to satisfy the players who left, didn’t they? I don’t expect this to happen.

          Patching FF XIV to make it good? lulz
          More like developing a new game. Won’t happen, either.

          Irredeemable is the right word to describe it all.

        • i wrote the above when i was REALY tired.

          “i believe that i could patch that game to a point where it is at least tollarable. however it may not be fun exactly any more.”

          should have been

          “i believe that i could patch that game to a point where it is at least tollarable. however it may not be final fantasy exactly any more.”

          there are probably more mistakes, but i still firmly believe that if square passed the game off to an american company, you know, not a eastern developed mmo, that the world they created could be salvaged, with the major patches above, and through HARD work, remaking the land, and possible adding a magic junction system, where you port form point a to b within the zone and it doesn’t cost anything. if you want to do major ports, than it does, like in most mmos, but in game currency, not whatever its tied to now.

        • Schrobby

          i believe that i could patch that game to a point where it is at least tollarable. however it may not be fun exactly any more.

          first off, i would have a casino in the game, and make some games like poker, use a real, non refundable currency and give out gift cards for people to redeem, but they play against other real people.

          have ingame sections for in game casinos, they will mostly be a money sink, taking out 2/3 the money they get. but if you are lucky you may get a 1 mill jackpot, but the odds are you would likely spend 3 mill to get that 1 mill.

          look at other games. like everquest, and figure out how the fuck it lasted 11 (going on 12) years.

          first a bazaar zone for player shops.

          second, a solo encounter shouldnt take more than 30 seconds at low level to kill

          at high levels, a monster should take more than 20 seconds for a full group, but should butt rape almost anyone 1 on 1 (there are classes in everquest that can solo high HIGH end mobs, but there is little point besides the hay mom look no hands effect)

          every class should be able to solo, not effectively, but solo none the less, game breaking solo levels are only meant to be implemented at the end of the games cycle because people don’t play and groups may take hours to get, even on good days. and by game breaking, i mean takeing 20-50 monsters, all hitting for 1300-2000, and killing them all at the same time and in less than 5 minutes (called swarm killing)

          make classes distincitve, and allow armor drops to be decent gear, but damnit what falls off a name at a simmilar level is always better.

          have at the very least 10 things a player can do at any give time, such as

          -killing for exp
          -killing for progression (a multi quest arc)
          -killing for quest (generally has an item, or some payoff)
          -killing for task (faction and exp only, possibly small amounts of coin)
          -collecting items for tradeskills
          -collecting items to gear up, or place in gear
          -camping new equipment
          -skilling up certain abilities
          -leveling up items

          thats all that i can think off right now, im sure there are more, and yes at points in everquest i was doing all of the above at the same time.

          the foundation for an mmo is there, good graphics, and a system that is passable.

          fix the glaring flaws, incorporate key features of everquest, wow, and eq2, along with aspects of crappy ones like runescape, and you would have a fairly decent mmo on your hands

    • Yeah, FF14 isn’t the first one to be yet another MMORPG that sucks – the problem is that this particular one was made by Square Enix, so everyone kinda had their hopes high.
      How did they manage to screw big time in the first place?
      How did they succeed in making FF14 a total-catastrophic-epic fail?

    • well wow wasnt that good when it was first released . They had no pvp grounds , etc . Still square i dont get how they couldn’t foresee the consequences of releasing half-baked crap . Its like hitting a mountain and be surprised about it .

    • I‘m glad Square Enix finally noticed their failure.
      Now i just hope they use the rest of their time with Versus and Agito and release the damn games already!