FF14 Suddenly Popular For All The Wrong Reasons…


Square Enix’s latest update may have been a success after all – at least one of its “official players” was apparently so embarrassed at being exposed as having spent a month writing manga about her travels in the game, despite only having played a total of 10 minutes shortly after the game was released, that she suddenly launched into a 6 hour marathon session.

Mangaka Kayoko Saito drew 5 manga about the game and reported extensive travels (none of which, strangely, showed up in her play history), but her play history logged only 2 achievements over (at least) 4 minutes of playtime.

After the introduction of the history feature and the subsequent reduction of the “official players” to laughing stocks she suddenly took a renewed interest in the game, logging 14 achievements over a 6 hour play session – her first since the game launched over a month ago.


A long journey indeed.

The rest of the “official players” seem to have cashed their cheques already – they show no change, with most having given up on the game weeks ago.

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