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Microsoft: “Kinect Will Outsell The Wii”


Microsoft is bombastically proclaiming Kinect launch sales will beat those of the Wii, and just for good measure says it will beat the iPad too.

Microsoft’s top PR flack Aaron Greenberg is bullish on the controller’s prospects in more ways than one:

“We haven’t given any projections beyond this holiday, but this will be the largest launch we’ve ever had as a business.

We’ll definitely sell more sensors than the Wii sold when it launched or the Xbox 360 sold when it launched.”

The Wii sold just over 500,000 units in its first (US) week of sales, and nearly 3 million worldwide in its first year.

Rather less bombastically, another Microsoft figure has it that Kinect will “blow away” the iPad, a surprisingly meaningless comparison given the tablet is an order of magnitude more expensive and serves a completely different market.

Absent was any talk of its arch-competitor, the PlayStation Move – Sony has announced sales of 1.5 million in Europe during the first month, but cannily refused to announce proper figures for North America, only saying that it shipped 1 million units to retailers in both North and South America, a red flag if ever there was one.

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