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Aya Hirano: “Stop Following Me If You’re Just Bashing Me!”


Aya Hirano’s latest episode sees her skirmishing with her 60,000 followers on Twitter.

The exchange came about after her followers started rubbishing her for saying she was no good at ad libs – she was criticised even for responding.

Soon she felt the need to bash back:

To the people bashing me or the ones saying not to become fully of myself just because I’ve been on TV a few times.

You know you can stop following me?


I’m calling myself a seiyuu because I want to be a seiyuu. There’s no rule which says a seiyuu can only be a seiyuu, is there now!?

Not the first time her creepy otaku followers have been a cause of irritation to her and doubtless not the last.

Of course, one of the first responses to this episode on 2ch is “You know you can stop being a seiyuu?” Others repeat their unkind speculation as to how long it will take her to appear in an AV.

Meanwhile the extra publicity seems to have earned her more followers, although their interest in her may be less than flattering.

It seems Hirano may wish to avoid the sort of direct and unmanaged contact with her “fans” occasioned by a Twitter account – at least if she is intent on making odd remarks about her sex life on every other TV appearance.

Lifeliners or those looking for sport can find her Twitter account here (incidentally, Sankaku Complex’s Twitter account resides here).

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