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  • ppl rather play F2P than P2P or B2P…i not suprise about that decrease of population….got too many MMORPG game out there and also it F2P….if SE consider to make FF as F2P…maybe alot player will play it….but it only at Dreams SE will never make it F2P….LOL

  • The future of mmorpg will be guild wars 2, and that’s all 🙂

    As expected from developpers who haven’t any knowledge about mmorpg evolution in the last 10 years, FF it’s owning itself every day, moar grind titles plz.

  • I must be doing it wrong because I have not hit any kind of playing time cap in the last 3 weeks I’ve been playing. Running around from point a to b I worry more about getting stuck on a random fence or hitting an invisible wall than “oh that rock is the same as another rock”. Two “major problems” that brought up a stink here that I see more or less a non-issue.

    The game could be more enjoyable if it wasn’t for what many others have said: laggy input, laggy and sometimes convoluted menus, random changes that worked in FFXI that should not have been messed with, and of course the “LEGENDARY CONSISTENCY” that SE is known for.

    This game has merits, but right now it (and FFXIII but I’m not getting into that) is demonizing its namesake, and needs a lot of extra polish if it is going to last at least even half as long as its predecessor did.

  • This games only saving grace is the Final Fantasy name it bears.

    Square Enix can make a decent game, but they REALLY need to fix a lot of things if they want to keep their customers around.
    I’ve played since closed beta, and it wasn’t even until launch day that we FINALLY got hardware mouse support.

  • i wish everyone would have trolled this game.
    bought it, played it for however long it was free, just to fuck with sony, than stopped, god would they have shit themselves hard if the game went from 1 million to a few thousand in a day.

    • Everyone always talks about GW2 like it’ll be the next wow, but I’ve seen nothing really exciting about it come out. It’s not like it has ground breaking graphics going for it like FFXIV did either, it just seems thoroughly average–and this is coming from someone who absolutely loved GW1.

      I made a comment right when this post was made but it apparently disappeared. In any event, this is to be expected when the game has issues that should have been fixed well before beta, and were already fixed in FFXI years ago.

      I don’t mean the fake issues that SC invented (there’s plenty of graphical variety and I’ve never once run into the fatigue system), but rather things like no AH, no way to sort your inventory, a stupid and laggy interface, and astronomically high required PC specs at a time when more people are buying fairly low spec laptops instead.

      That last one especially is probably the biggest culprit, a big part of WoW’s success is that any piece of shit laptop bought in the past 6 years can still play it well. I know plenty of FFXI players who wanted to switch to FFXIV, but couldn’t because the system requirements were too high. Asking people to make a 1k+ investment for an MMO that wasn’t even adequately playtested is asking to fail. I hope for SE’s sake they pay serious attention to what reviewers and the playbase are saying and fix them before the PS3 release, or they will have some trouble. Hopefully this fiasco is enough to get the current management brass out and some people more interested in making good IPs in like during the good old Squaresoft days.

      • SpideyPHL. There are tons of movies, pictures, interviews and the like out for GW 2. If that didn’T catch your interest, and you really call yourself a GW 1 fan, then i have to say there’s something wrong with you, not the game.
        Also, your main arguement against GW 2, so far, is “n o groundbreaking graphics”. Seriously? You base your point on graphics? Maybe you really shouldn’t pick up GW 2. Go play FF 14 for its great graphics. They seem to make the game for you. Have fun.

        • I swear people don’t read posts before commenting on them. I have seen the various previews for GW2, I’m saying none of the new features really jump out and grab me–for instance, they’re getting rid of instanced overworld areas, which was one of the big draws of GW1 for me. GW2 is still F2P, which is awesome, but it’s also adapting a lot of aspects which make it feel very generic compared to the first one, which was refreshingly original in many ways.

          Now a game I’m genuinely excited about is The Old Republic, which is not exactly a looker either, but has the same kind of strong story and soloability that GW1 had, but with Bioware style and writing. I can’t wait for it.

      • Fake issues that SANKAKU COMPLEX invented?

        Then Artefact must also own IGN, PC Gamer, Gamespot and GameSpy.

        Get the fuck outta here man… You can complain about a repetitive article, but you’re defending a game that everyone out there is cussing on.

        gb2yourbelovedFFXIV. Oh WAIT… you are getting bored of that binary shit too don’t you? Your ego’s just too high past the ionosphere to admit it.

        • As Thoreau said, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds.” Don’t assume me to be a hypocrite because I’m not completely agreeing or disagreeing with what you think should go hand in hand. As a longtime FFXI player, I wanted to like FFXIV, but it’s got too many issues. At the same time, the things SC liked to parade around as big failures were misrepresented–the fatigue system and the “repetitive” environments being the biggest examples. It’s the same thing with FFXIII, SC and the posters here love to complain about it, but the fact is it sold just as well as or better than any previous FF, and although they made some bad decisions, it’s certainly better that they’re trying to evolve than stagnating like the rest of the Japanese game industry.

          Back to the topic at hand, I wanted there to be talk about FFXIV’s flaws because they exist and are myriad, but I would rather they be things that actually exist and matter. These are things like the ridiculous mess of a game economy, the sluggish and backwards interface, the problems having cross-regional servers make when you have xenophobic Japanese and westerners interacting, etc. The high specs were at least mentioned with the ~4000 dollar FFXIV pc they were pushing, the game’s specs are way too high to allow enough people to play it.

          I don’t know what post you were reading, though. I was saying FFXIV deserved its bad fortunes because they fucked up and explained my reasoning. Of course, on the internet people tend to skim anything that doesn’t end in two sentences and call people idiots.

  • where one fall, another rises. I have not played FF-14 nor will i do it. But from all the pictures/screens and videos on youtube i can easily tell it is the most good looking game out there and they must have spent ALOT of time on that graphic. BUT GRAPHICS DOES NOT MAKE THE GAME FUN !

  • people knock chinese made products all the time and rightly so, but still they have made some great products like the gamecube and if any of you have a DS, DS lite, gameboy ect guess where it was made. check the back of it and find out friends.

    • that guy is somebody who plays mmos as a casual player(even thoughme might not accept it) and if you really watch it you start to understand why he play ff xiv…
      he played WoW and thought it sucked… he didnt like the pvp part… he like going with groups for dungeons….
      He likes the crafting System in FF xiv… Seariously who the hell wants to spent so much time just to craft some items?

      all he does is making himself look stupid. Just a fanboy who cant really look at some facts…

  • Wait just a minute, they can only play one character a week for 8 hours, then they are all playing WoW and LOTRO while they are waiting on their 8 hour time out to end. So the data keeper that works for normal online MMO’s does not work with this one since it has to be set to 1 log in a week. The data above does not compute with the built in anti-fatigue program built into this game.

  • err, the lost is not that huge really..

    I was expecting it to go down up 90% because of the shitty game and poor reviews. But hey, they only lost like 10-20% here. Not a big deal.

    MMORPG usually lost more than half their players once they converted from Free to pay after their Beta end.

    I am grinding my teeth rightnow because I want FF14 to fail so bad Square-Enix went bankrupt.

    • I was expecting a mass drop of players when they realise they don’t have the right specs to play the game properly.

      Sure, owning FFXIV gives me reason to update my graphics card and CPU (And finally get Windows fucking 7 (Vista is shitting me up the wall), but I really think it was stupid of SE to make the game specs so high =/
      Not every nerd in the world can afford high end shit until it drops down in price. I earn $7.20 an hour for gods sake! Fucking trainee wage -_-

  • How does Square Enix’s NOT EXPECT to lose people?

    As long as the Fatigue System is there, they i will start losing many people when they can’t level up any more for the week.

    If they remove it, i can bet more people would play, but until then, Square Enix = FAIL

  • Square, please just fire all the idiots who you acquired when you merged with Enix. Bring back all of your old school designers, and let them build games the way that they and the people who love Final Fantasy want them to be made. Furthermore, apologize to Maestro Uematsu for being douche bags, and perhaps he will come back and do awesome music for you again. Stop emphasizing graphics over gameplay…use some of that insane disk space to build worlds and tell stories and stop filling up a 50 gigabyte bluray with nothing but pretty FMV scenes. Bring back turn based combat, even if you just revert to the final Fantasy IV-IX version of this, or expand upon the system you used for X. Go back to being the RPG company we used to love, so that we can forget this era…let it become the RPG equivalent of Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, and find your inner Christopher Eccleston.

  • I’ve enjoyed the game so far in spite of its biggest flaw– the interface. Honestly, the overriding thing screwing the game at this point is the interface. It’s laggy, wretched, and slow. They fix the interface (by moving stuff back client side and forgetting about their anti-botting bs) and they’ll start getting notably better reviews, it’s hard to review something well when your entire method of viewing and interfacing with it is overwhelmed with lag even when no one is around. People expect a triple-a title to launch with as much polish on the interface as blizzard had… there is no way they could have actually play tested that interface or paid attention to anyone who did.

  • I wonder, if they just stopped calling every fucking game them make Final Fantasy, and just tried to make a god damned game worth playing, would it actually help?

    Just because the game is called fucking Final Fantasy doesn’t mean it will be fucking great.

    I’ve seen oodles of WW2 games in my time, and some are good and some suck donkey balls. And just because one was great doesn’t mean the company can do no wrong.

    So why does SE think they can just do endless bloody FF games?

  • Not trying to be Internet Psychic here, but for some reason, I don’t think the December patches that FFXIV Defence Force have been saying as their saviour will do enough to repair all the things people(translation: BETA TESTERS, FREE OR PAYING) considered broken and making this pile of binary shit playable.

    Just looking at the list of ‘problems’ the patch is suppose to fix, it still doesn’t address core gameplay issues. And patches usually aren’t made for that, as patches are meant to close ‘holes’ of the core, and add up to what’s already there.

    The reality here is, FFXIV is rotten to the core.

    1. Recycled race(change their race names and VOILA!)
    2. Over-recycled props and terrain
    3. Crafting system that is cumbersome
    4. All the little things that make MMORPG players feel convenient and have been standard in other games in this class(What the fuck did you learn from FFXI, S-E? HOW ABOUT NOTHING!? SO YOU WERE CODING THIS GAME WITH YOUR FEET, BLINDFOLDED AND HIGH ON PCP THROUGH THOSE ENTIRE 5 YEARS!?!?!?!)

    To truly fix FFXIV, you’ll have to redesign the whole shit and recode it, which means they might as well make a new game.

      • FFXI as their first time was understandable. In its recent form, it might not be the app that would beat WoW, but it has all the decent elements.

        Why can’t S-E integrate said decent elements into FFXIV from the get-go? I understand the ‘different FF, different game’ they’ve been holding to until now, but some standards must be obeyed.

        MMORPG players mostly play MMORPGs expecting to grind ridiculously strong muppets over 60% of their time. S-E could have at least make it easier for them through those tiring grinding by giving players easy access for everything, as have been done by other companies with their own games.

      • monsterhunter as actually interaction with the enemies, you know, slightly exciting combat. Dodging, several ways to attack that have noticeable advantages/disadvantages. hitting an enemy in FFXIV is like hitting a wall. you stand still and mash light attack = win. grind this way for 1 million mobs, solo, and congratulations! you win a non exciting endgame!

  • Did they redefine collapse the other day or something?

    That’s a fairly gentle slops adding up to at most a 15-16% drop off just eyeballing it.

    I’d also wonder exactly who put together the graphic. I’m fairly sure you’re supposed to keep your increments on the x-axis constant instead of jumping between 1-5 to give a real semblance of progression.

      • THEY WILL.

        Rumors are running high on possible port of Versus XIII to 360. True or not, the idea is very plausible if FFXIV, being an expensive project as it is, takes away so much of their capital and the shitty results cause them to get littl return. Porting VsXIII would mean wider audience, which will translate to higher sales, with resulting controversy that will only make more people want to buy it, ‘good game’ be damned.

        Though I don’t think I’d care for VsXIII. Looks like a game made for fags.

  • Such a shame, the game was promising at the start. And not just another Lineage 2 copy. Especially liked the battle system, well everything else sucked really hard.

    *Waits for Phantasy Star Online 2*

    • Then you get to play PSO2 for a couple months before they shut down the non-Japanese servers.

      Yeah, I’m bitter about PSU. They didn’t even have the decency to release a final expansion so I could finish the story in single-player mode.

  • lol, dosen’t this mostly apply to pretty much any MMO out there?

    Expansion release / Game release = population jump

    give it 2 weeks to a month odd later, then you’ll find out the amount of players who’ll actually stick around.

    and given that ffxiv’s in “open” beta right now, you’d better find out the numbers after the patches in nov/december =p

    • This is sankaku though.

      When it comes to FFXIV something normal becomes headline news and even mundane things like “towns” having similar designs or having to pass identical bushes every 5 minutes becomes a tragedy.

  • I hope squaresoft goes bankrupt! rather have them stop making games than trying to do “remakes” or alternative versions like the thousands and thousands of side stories of kingdom hearts.

    • Well, YEAH, but 7,000 players out of 43,000 in three weeks? That’s a 16% drop, even after they added an extra server. And most of the servers have less than 2,000 players.

      Between the generally lackluster reviews and the fact that more than a few of the remaining 36,000 players will leave once their free trials expire, I’m guessing that the FF XIV servers will go dark well before the end of 2011.

  • I hope someday will squaresoft revive of this shit and ban enix back to where it came from, so that we can enjoy beautiful games ( and especially final fantasy) again.
    since the fusion of both the quality was steady declining in rates of fun and awesomeness of the games.

    • This isn’t about one company being better than another. Squaresoft and Enix both made excellent games in their prime. The problem is that when they merged, they got big. Big companies have to have a completely different management architecture to function effectively – one where a professional management caste (for lack of a better term) handles the day-to-day operations of the company and makes most (if not all) of the important decisions. It goes without saying that the professional management caste has no idea how to make games. That’s not their job. Their sole purpose is to trim costs. And that is why they fail. One need only look at the General Motors of a few years ago to see a similar tragedy. GM was making mediocre products for years, and they were unable to make meaningful change until they went bankrupt and were forced to become smaller. Now their new Buicks are actually better than Lexus equivalents, something no one would have predicted five years ago. The failure of Final Fantasy XIV might be a blessing in disguise for Square/Enix, because it will force them to “trim the fat” and learn how to be a videogame company again.

  • Numbers will shoot back up again after the big patches are released and 90% of players complaints are addressed. The cynics always seem to ignore that fact. LOL FFXIV IZ FAILING!!

    Well yes, but mainly ’cause it’s still broken. If it’s still failing in, say, December after the big improvements have come out, then that’ll be a reasonable indicator. Until then these numbers are pretty much meaningless.

    • It can make a fine MMO, you just can’t have lazy retards making the thing tho.

      FFXI redone today by the same designers based on what they learned would have been a very good MMO.

      FFXIV seems like it was made by 1000 typing monkeys.

      • Agreed. The proper formula to making a good MMO involves sticking with the MMO for many, MANY years.

        That’s how Everquest and Eve Onling are still going and getting teh monies despite their age and the presence of alternatives.

        Making a sequel MMO so soon will only serve to divide their own consumer base up and won’t get them many new subcriptions.

        They wouldn’t even need to redo a whole game. Expansions are what really keeps an MMO going.

        • Are you guys broken in the head?

          Eve was released in 2003. I’ve been playing it since late 2004.

          It’s been going for well over SEVEN years.

          Whoever thought it was released in 2008 is a buttmonkey.

        • everquest also had far more in game support and events until luclin. up till than one of the bigger draws was people gm’s would take the role as a enemy and players would over come them, and there were allot of smaller events like trying to kill a gm to gms attempting to solo mobs in the game that players couldn’t take out with full guilds backing them up (mayon mistmore) and also had an accomplished end game.

          this has however changed sense luclin where gms only deal with bugs now and when players have a major in game fight over shit happening. its also been for raid players mostly for a while now too, as the group content while high end, nothing changes mid game anymore, so there is very little incentive to reply the game up.

          and even sense id like to say luclin (the 3th expantion) but i think it only really came into play during gates of discord, or during omens of war, where players had to aa (alternate advancement) instead of gaining levels. now back than raid took 800 aa to get into the good guilds. back than getting that much aa could take up to 3 months of playing and a year casually, and 400 was necessary for grouping.

          and they kept on one upping how hard and much aa you need to be a viable character.

          now they have a broken system, where aa is more important then level (a level 60 could easily go toe to toe with equally equipped level 90, and if the 60 has just 50-100aa (for level 60 its recommended to have 500, and for 90 2500minimum he will win)

          the only reason this is ok and the game is still going is because most of the people have at least 1 character they can play in close to the end game.

        • @alidan Well, expansions are one of the many forms of on-going support. Generally they roll these things out when there’re gonna be large changes in the game.

          Patches and in-game events are fun, but there’s a limit to how much those can achieve.

          And Eve Online has been around since 2003! It’s over just over 7 years old now, and still getting major updates and expansions.

          FF11, not so much. The last of the 4 major expansions was in 2007. Since then they’ve only received 3 smaller add-on scenarios.

          Eve Online has had 13 major expansions to date.

          Everquest has had 17.

        • i want to correct you there.

          expansions don’t make the mmo keep going, its player base, and developer support. by developer support i mean fixing bugs and putting out seasonal events or just events.

          a community of players who all know each other (at lest the high end do) and aren’t pieces of shit looking for e-peen

          and most importantly, the core game. everquest, has an amazing core game, especially if you know how little or how much it changed.

      • I think the “Roll Play” in RPG was most likely taken from the Movie/stage Play terminology were one played a roll. No mater how much they wanted to in most plays/movie the actors couldn’t change the story set by the writers for there character. Just as we the players cant change the story set by the programmers for our character in a “JRPG”.

        So these “WRPG”s where you get to decide the story/make your own store are not the “True RPG”s, they are IMHO further from it than other RPGs.

        I think the reason western game makers are trying to say that “JRPG”s are not RPGs is because they want to keep/clam the fans of RPG as there own, while expanding there player base to those who had tryed “JRPG”s and didnt like them.

        IMHO “WRPJ”s these days are action games with stats, not as RPGs.

        • u might be correct in your analysis, but i think the debate of what truly is an RPG or not should stop all together.In fact it debating any game for falling into any genre is quite pointless.

          genre is a synopsis, not a definition.
          you go to a book store, walk to the genre/section you would generally read, but that doesn’t mean the content of the books are all identical in format; there’s always some variation, be a plot twist or a hybrid of two or more genres.

          same should go for games. What matters isn’t what genre it’s in, it’s if the game is fun to play. as along as a game is fun to play, it’s a good game.

          obviously, the last 10 years, square enix has been focusing way too much on graphics and have been lacking in game innovation, ironically, it is this type of “genre-typing” that keeps JRPGs going any further than what they were.
          on the other hand, those who pick on JRPG in the west will likely run into that trap soon after they get too cocky on their own.

      • And that’s exactly what we want if you want to generalize it like that. I find it hard to believe the XBOX generation is so pointlessly out of it when it comes to story. They’re the same people who are like “If I wanted a story, I’d read a book” when they haven’t read a book since they were forced to by their teacher in class. We CAN read a book, but we want to see these magical ‘books’ you speak of from the perspective of a hundred artists with talent we alone will never ever possess.

        RPGs have varying levels of gameplay, but people don’t treat them correctly. You are in it for the character, story, environment and atmosphere. The gameplay will be there in multiple forms depending on the game, but to claim they’re an ‘interactive story with stats’ as if it’s a bad thing is counter intuitive. …and incorrect for that matter.